Butlins National Mineworkers’ Champion Section Results

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  1. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    [IMGLEFT]http://www.themouthpiece.com/images/news.gif[/IMGLEFT]Butlins National Mineworkers’ Champion Section Results

    Fresh in, and directly from our roving reporter Ian (Woodenflugal) who is at the competition and has called in - here are the results of the Butlins Mineworkers Championship Section:

    Best Soloist in Entertainments Section: Kirsty Abbots – Carlton Main
    Most Entertaining band in Entertainments Section: Aveley & Newham
    Contest Results scores (Set test, Entertainments, Aggregate score)

    4th Place: 189, 190, total=379 - Desford

    3rd Place: 185, 195, total=380 - Redbridge Brass

    2nd Place: 193, 187, total=380- BT
    1st Place: 192, 191, total=383 - Ransomes
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  2. Fridge

    Fridge Member

    Congrats to everyone at BT for winning the set test piece!! An awesome piece of music to win on.

  3. MRSH

    MRSH Supporting Member

    North Lancing
    Way to go Redbridge. 4 points in front on the Entertainments. Pity about the set piece - wonder what happened there :dunno. But 3rd is a fantastic result. Well done Melvin and the band. :tup
  4. davidquinlan

    davidquinlan Member

    New Southgate, London
    Most Entertaining band in Entertainments Section: Aveley & Newham

    Woohoo :)
  5. Seedhouse

    Seedhouse Active Member

    Goooooooooooo Ransomes! So happy for you... :D ;) and I had to miss going because of an exam tomorrow morning... GRR! :-(
  6. Mrs Fruity

    Mrs Fruity Member

    North East
    Well done Graham O'Connor and Ransomes!!!!!
  7. Mrs Fruity

    Mrs Fruity Member

    North East
    Well done Graham O'Connor and Ransomes!!!!! And especially well done on your double (championship and first) you "wily old fox" Mr O

    oops I appear to have done the double (post) too!!!
  8. jimortality

    jimortality Member

    Castle Donington, Leics
    Well done to all at Ransomes!!!!!!!! a great result for the band! I knew me retiring would bring you more luck!!!!!!!!! I suppose if I stop supporting Forest, they might stay up this year!!!!!

    Jim B
  9. rutty

    rutty Active Member

    Beeston, Nottingham
    I had a listen to the first two bands on Saturday - what a piece of music! I thought that Carlton Main did a pretty good job of it so there must have been some blimmin' good performances on the day. Kirsty Abbot did a brilliant job in the end chair for Carlton Main and I wasn't suprised to see her winning the soloist prize.

    Well done Ransomes - commiserations to the rest. I'll be spending the weekend there next time so I'll have the chance to listen to a few more bands in 2006. Looking forward to it already :)
  10. Lauradoll

    Lauradoll Active Member

    Come on BT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. MajorMorgan

    MajorMorgan Member

    Rayleigh, Essex
    Full results

    Full results came through to me via text message late last night - I presume they are accurate!


    1 - BT
    2 - Ransome
    3 - Mount Charles
    4 - Fishburn
    5 - Desford
    6 - Aveley
    7 - Carlton Main
    8 - Redbridge
    9 - Dobcross
    10 - Thoresby


    1 - Redbridge
    2 - Carlton Main
    3 - Ransome
    4 - Desford
    5 - Aveley
    6 - Thoresby
    7 - BT
    8 - Mount Charles
    9 - Dobcross
    10 - Fishburn


    1 - Ransome (2nd + 3rd)
    2 - BT (1st +7th)
    3 - Redbridge (8th + 1st)
    4 - Desford (5th + 4th)
    5 - Carlton Main (7th +2nd)
    6 - Mount Charles (3rd + 8th)
    7 - Aveley (6th + 5th)
    8 - Fishburn (4th + 10th)
    9 - Thoresby (10th + 6th)
    10 - Dobcross (9th + 9th)

    I guess consistency was the key to Ransome's success! Well done to all.

    Enjoyed the photo session after each band's performance on Sunday. Our 2nd trombone player had his individual photo taken three times - once with his trombone, once with a cornet and once with a pair of drumsticks. The poor guy with the camera was oblivious.

    Great weekend - hate to say it, but from the point of view of organisation, facilities and general 'pleasantness', Butlins have left their blue-coated North Welsh rivals in the shade....
  12. nickjones

    nickjones Active Member

    North Wales
    Well done to BT and Mike Fowles..

    I dont think you can compare the Mineworkers to Pontins , am sure there is enough room in the banding calender for both Pontins and the Mineworkers.
  13. bassinthebathroom

    bassinthebathroom Active Member

    Yup, Congratulations to Melvin and RB. Just a pity you couldn't have been a few places up on the testpiece... next time then? A good result all the same. :D :D
  14. MajorMorgan

    MajorMorgan Member

    Rayleigh, Essex
    How can we not compare the Mineworkers to Pontins? Two brass band weekends, lots of bands across all sections and both taking place within the razor wire perimeters of holiday camps (sorry - 'Family Entertainment Resorts').

    I agree that there is room for both contests - I have many a fond memory of Prestatyn in October (not been for a few years though). I just felt that the whole setup was much slicker this weekend.
  15. rutty

    rutty Active Member

    Beeston, Nottingham
    The facilities at Skegness are far superior to Prestatyn. I was pleasantly surprised to see how good the camp is there. They were a bit surprised at the quantity of booze being consumed though if the scarcity of Worthington's on Saturday afternoon is anything to go by.

    Perhaps the roughing it in Prestatyn is part of the appea. Both contests are excellent Brass and Booze fests and I hope I make it to Pontins this year too :)
  16. Andrew R

    Andrew R New Member

    Is is it true that Aveley and Newham are officially giving up banding and have applied to join the Thurrock Choral Society??

    .... seriously I thought it was a very effective moment although i'm convinced Andy Platt was miming!!
  17. yorkie19

    yorkie19 Active Member

    MajorMorgan - of course the text was accurate!

    Aggreate scores are as follows:

    1- Ransome - 192 + 191 = 383
    2 - BT - 193 + 187 = 380
    3 - Redbridge - 185 + 195 = 380
    4 - Desford - 189 + 190 = 379
    5 - Carlton Main Frickley - 186 + 193 = 379
    6 - Mount Charles - 191 + 186 = 377
    7 - Aveley and Newham - 188 + 189 = 377
    8 - Fishburn - 190 + 184 = 374
    9 - Thoresby - 182 + 188 = 370
    10 - Dobcross Silver - 183 + 185 = 268

    Looking at the tied scores, I'd suggest that in the event of a tie, the higher placing went to the band with the better score in the test piece.

    Can I just say thanks to everyone who has been in touch to congratulate the band. I'm over the moon that we won although I'm sick as a parrot that I was 2/3rds of the way back to York when I got the result, and as such missed the party that followed.

    We couldn't have asked for a better start to 2005.

  18. WhatSharp?

    WhatSharp? Active Member

    Well I and my family had a fantastic time at Butlins this weekend. There were good points and bad points but on the whole it was a great experience.
    On the plus side the accomodation (though admittedly I was in gold) was super with eveything you could want, also there was plenty of variation in food. The pool was great (though some heaters in the changing room wouldn't go amiss) and generally the kids enjoyed themselves.

    Downside was the variety of beer (either Caffreys or Worthingtons, not much choice there) and they were pretty expensive even compared to your local London boozer. I would have thought that Butlins would reduce the prices slightly given that they have a captive market. also quite a few of the facilities for the kids were closed though we still found plenty to do.

    I would like to thank the NEMBBA for a fantastic contest, you are a credit to the brass band movement. The contest had a friendly atmosphere and the relaxation of rules (keeping to the spirit rather than the letter) was fantastic, no one seemed to complain and all the bands seemed to be in a good mood. Speaking to a number of our band on the Sunday I am sure that YWDB will be putting in an appearance again next year and lets all help this wonderful event grow.

    Oh an well done Ransome , I was lucky enough to hear your entertainment set and it was fantastic (though how my daughter managed to fall asleep during Pines of Rome I'll never know!).
  19. MajorMorgan

    MajorMorgan Member

    Rayleigh, Essex
    Didn't doubt you for a minute Sam - just covering my back - you know how it is!

    Thanks to all the Southerners out there who have congratulated us on holding our own against a tough national field this weekend. Two points clear on entertainment is amazing for us - check archived Yeovil results for the last couple of years to see what I mean!
  20. IckleSop

    IckleSop Active Member

    Weldone To All!
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