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Discussion in 'Deputies Available' started by andyfake, Nov 28, 2013.

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    Given my irrational desire to spend a January weekend in Skegness, I have this habit of tarting myself round anyone who is a player short for the Butlins contest. Last three years: Dodworth and Kippax on sop, Uppermill on front line.
    Happy to play any position outside top section (don't want to play Sunday!)
    Not expecting any "fee" or anything and I usually share accommodation with friends who go as spectators, but if you want me to travel a long way to any rehearsals, I'll need petrol expenses.
    My registration is held by a second section band and it would be easier for me to be "borrowed". However, last year I ended up registering with Uppermill because they needed help for the Area as well and I wouldn't be averse to a similar arrangement this year.
    I have to stress I'm not after a permanent position anywhere - too many orchestral commitments - but I'd be delighted to help anyone out for this one, provided we can arrange rehearsals etc.

    Please PM if you're interested
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    All sorted now. Thanks Dodworth - looking forward to it!

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