Butlins 2014 results.

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  1. RedOctober

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    Anyone got any results from Butlins yet? I was checking out 4bars earlier, but there didn't seem to be anything. I thought people of tmp are bound to know!
  2. Bryan_sop

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  3. RedOctober

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    Ah, wonderful. Thank you for that, it's finally up on 4bars. I shall take a look
  4. RedOctober

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    Well, congratulations to Flowers on their win :clap: they seem to be doing very well at the contest over recent years and at other contests too. Of course having David Child's at the stand must help a great deal! Sad for Wantage A, they seem to do consistently badly and word on the grapevine was they were going to do well this year at Butlins. Perhaps it's time they invested in a new MD??
  5. Mello

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    Not being there I cannot judge, BUT remember the old adage that Mortimer used to say when he heard people talking like that -
    Players win Contests Conductors Lose them ......BUT .......be sure it's not the other way round !

    Just food for thought ......
  6. RedOctober

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    its a nice adage yes. But when you come consistently last contest after contest, you have to question the leadership. Imagine it happening in one of the top bands..
  7. sbandsman

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    I sat through all but 2 bands (First and Last) yesterday and, to me, some of the placings were a little bemusing.
  8. RedOctober

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    So going by what you heard yesterday, how would you have places the bands? And which results did you find bemusing? I wasn't there, but was a bit shocked by the Woodfalls result.
  9. damarocto

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    I heard the lot and must say I agreed with the winner!!! But!! I dont see the point anymore of any band trying to do something different!!! They aint going to win any entertainment prize anyway!!!!!!
  10. Tubawolves

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    I totally understand your view point here damarocto and I can only give you an insight into the feedback we have had over the years re entertainment contests. Firstly these are the personal views of adjudicators we have sought advice from after having disappointing results:

    1: First and foremost it is a brass band contest where playing is of the utmost importance. If you don't play well all the visual work counts for very little (in terms of adjudication). The harsher critics might say the visuals interfered with the playing side. Therefore we concluded the playing has to be first class before considering the visuals.

    2. It is so easy to believe any visual work audiences enjoy (no matter how much work goes into the preparation and execution) makes it the most entertaining. Again we have been on the end of stinging criticism in terms of our attempts to entertain through visuals. They might as well have said don't bother with the slap stick until you can get your playing in order - well actually they did!

    3. How much emphasis should we put on the playing against showmanship? A well recorded red letter day occurred at Spennymoor when Fodens played an absolutely brilliant programme (some said perfect) with little choregraphy - they won the playing by a mile but got beat by the so called entertainment mark. Spennymoor (now BIC) changed it's marking format after that to ensure slapstick/visuals would never be able to beat the playing mark.

    Unfortunately this is not an exact science but it has been made clear to my own band playing of the highest order entertains adjudicators more than anything else. That is not to say we have it right but it serves the band well - we believe there is no point having adjudication if you are not going to listen to it.

    The last point to underpin the point is the entertainment adjudicators summing up from Sunday:

    Full of power and excitement with great percussion. I am spellbound at some of the fantastic playing. The power of the band leaves nothing to be desired, well played!
    Initially when I looked at your programme I thought it was a little corny but you WON ME OVER

    Simply brilliant!!

    But as I said I have uttered the same words as you on many occasions so understand your point exactly. It is after all a subjective view.
  11. Accidental

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    The band in question have played 8 contests in the last two years and Butlins is the ONLY time they came last...
    Perhaps you should check your facts before you start sh*t stirring?

    And yes, I realise I'm probably just feeding a troll here, but hey ho!
  12. BigHorn

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    The first and second places were not bemusing. It was the general consensus that both bands were head and shoulders above the rest
  13. RedOctober

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    My apologies, I shouldn't have said last place. But there results are consistently low. They really only do well at SCABA Autumn Contest were there is generally an easy field. Most other contests entered, they seem to come consistently low. It must be very frustrating for the players, especially at Butlins where word on the street was they were going to feature in the prizes.
  14. marc71178

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    So having said you weren't there you're now talking about the word on the street there. You are a pathetic troll.
  15. RedOctober

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    I had friends there, do you have any of those... I'm merely talking about what they (friends) were saying. And can you stop stalking my posts please? It's kind of creepy.
  16. damarocto

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    I agree with the points that you have made tubawolf, but I think that the contest would be worse off, without the efforts of EYMS and wingates ect. I thought that EYMS also played with lots of quality! It would get rather dull if all the bands did the same thing. Most of the bands dont have the resources of the top few and doing the same thing wouldn't have the quality to compete.
    By the way I didnt agree with the second placed band, as I only had them 4th or 5th Imo.
  17. The Godfather

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    I feel that I must comment on the results in the 3rd section.As my band didn't play until Sunday I had the opportunity to listen to most of the bands who took part, including the band which was placed first. I have a number of friends scattered around those competing bands and I heard some excellent playing throughout the day. Now I know the we all complain from time to time about results and why the men in the box got it wrong, but in my opinion,and this is not only my opinion, they were a mile off the mark with the1st place result. Is there something peculiar about the box, the curtains surrounding it, or even it's position which during certain performances prevented those gentlemen from actually hearing what was so obvious to so many others in the hall? I sincerely believe the many of the competing bands have genuine cause for complaint concerning this placing. I intend no disrespect to the winners or to their MD, some of their members were equally surprised by the result. Of course we who dispute the decision may be entirely wrong, I simply want to know what the rest of the fraternity think, there are a number of the bands featured on soundcloud.com brassbandvoice. Please listen in and let us misguided few know if we, or the men in the box should be given the lethal injection.
  18. Ianroberts

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    about time the lower sections where mentioned on here, allmost makes you think you have to be championship section to be mentioned on here, havent a clue about your result though as I was on me way home by 9:30am on the sunday sorry.
  19. stevetrom

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    the results are always correct.

    thet are the views of the adjudicators, therefore they are correct.

    you/I might have different opinions but we were not asked to adjudicate, when we are our opinions will be the results.
  20. The Godfather

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    You miss the point my friend. Obviously these were the views of the adjudicators, and in their opinion were correct. I simply ask you to listen to what is on sound cloud and then offer your opinion.