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    Thanks Chris, we are obviously delighted. Congratulations to you guys, so consistent for a number of years now, we really hope to see you in Birmingham come September.

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    Mike, Can I add my congratulations to those already posted by Chris and echoed by the Flowers Band. You played exceptionally well over the weekend and were deserved winners - well done all - enjoy your victory, well deserved :clap: Lets hope we do meet in the Open but a lot of hard work between now and the Grand Shield. Best wishes for the area, play like you did the weekend and you will be very difficult to beat.
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    Some fascinating insights into the Championship section results, the Entertainment element creating some intense responses!
    Again we have the old chestnuts re: programme choices, being aired.
    On a personal level, to be able to listen to a recognisable tune and quietly tap my feet, is a big plus on my being 'entertained' metometer.
    Watching bands play-out their programme, i.e costumes/dance routines etc, not so much.
    Anything 'heavy', I would suggest is played at the band's peril, perhaps only entertaining the true 'Anoraks' of our hobby. (No offence meant, if it is your choice of fine wind-resistant attire!)
    Contrary to the argument for recently published works appealing to the masses, I have found that the more established and recognised 'classics', prove more popular at entertainment contests.
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    Just watched Wingates on YouTube. Longest 'warm up' I've ever heard! Had the advantage of being able to turn it off by the time the shaker guy had done his lap of honour.
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    Big congrats to Winterman and Drig, and also to Morecambe who almost did the near impossible ;)

    Really happy with our result too.

    Ad undas, assignati ad ignem.

    To the waves, assigned to the fire :cool:
  6. Pauli Walnuts

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    Have you got a link to that? It doesn't show up when I use Wingates as the search! I missed their performance.
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    The piece Wingates played was very different, contemporary and innovative and the band should be awarded for daring to be different so we aren't forever stuck in a rut.

    Episodes... was the 2012 Derwent Brass commission by Paul McGhee (who shortly after won the European Brass Composers Championships!) and whilst isn't for everyone, the work shouldn't be knocked - needless to say switching off before it has even ended means you have missed a very exciting ending. Perhaps the various recordings from Butlins don't do the wonderful work of Paul justice, so for those who weren't aware, or didn't hear our performance of it at Wychavon - here is the soundcloud link. (The mic is very directional so you can here the impact of the piece more clearly but doesn't do a massive amount for the tone of the band)


    At Wychavon Phil Harper, who was adjudicating, really enjoyed the piece and indeed it won the award for most entertaining (in addition to 3rd overall and best percussion).

    Well Done to our friends at Wingates Band! :)
  8. Pauli Walnuts

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    As an original work for brass band, I love it! As a potential Entertainment contest winner, I think not. Phil Harper may well have liked it enough but you can see from the responses here and from comments I heard from people who did hear it, that expecting to win with it was a tad ambitious!

    I am reminded though of the effect Chromascope has had on some audiences over the years - it's the sort of work I would like to see more of and would be ideal for getting the attention of the wider classical world. Can you image a BBC Prom with this work, Chromascope, Cloudcatcher Fells and similar? It would do more for the standing of brass bands as a contemporary art form than a dozen "Brassed Off's".

    Out of interest, is the choreography detailed on the score or was the put in just for this contest?

    Well played though Wingates and if nothing else, you've introduced me to a stunning work.
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    Well done to Mossley on the triple and to Boarshurst on the double!
    Had a really good weekend :D
  10. mr_nismo

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    Some choreography is, but most isn't. At both contest performances both bands have done something different with the choreography, lighting and introductions, etc. (stage layout however is detailed on the score - as with all of Paul's work everything you need from stage layout, intro, rehearsal texts, are very thorough)

    i can't find the public link to Wingates performance on YouTube yet, when I do I'll post it
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  12. Pauli Walnuts

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    [video=youtube;7eS7L2LHm-0]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eS7L2LHm-0&feature=youtu.be[/video]Thanks - Laserbeam Bass kindly gave it to me:
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  13. Anno Draconis

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    I'm no longer associated with the band, although I've many friends there, so this is solely my opinion, but:

    I think the band's main aim with this piece was to create a stir, and get people talking. I'm pretty sure they knew that some people were going to loath it and some were going to think it was great, and they were hoping that their gamble in performing it would have been one of the hottest topics of post-contest discussion, even if they didn't trouble the prizes.

    I don't think they picked it thinking it was a sure fire entertainments winner. I'm pretty sure that's not how Andy Berryman's mind works! I also think that they're aware that competing directly with the likes of GUS and Desford on a more traditional programme would have been a very tall order, so they took a punt on a completely left-field idea. I can't tell you how much I admire that. They didn't get the result they wanted, but nobody could accuse them of trotting out the same old stuff as everyone else. I think you'll see Wingates doing more of this kind of stuff over the next few years, and personally I can't wait.
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    :clap::clap::clap: Well said Mr Baker Well said!
  15. mr_nismo

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    Absolutely :)
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    OK well arguably this was a complete success then.

    Only for a very specific definition of "contemporary art form" which isn't necessarily a desirable outcome.
  17. Absolutely agree. Someone has to do something different. Well done Wingates.
  18. Pauli Walnuts

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    Would you rather we retained the image we have then?
  19. Bass Man

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    I certainly enjoyed it, I thought the playing was of a high standard and the choreography worked well; top class mate. I also really enjoyed Wingates performance, hats off to Paul McGhee for an excellent composotion and well executed by the band. I said at the time that it would be one of those Marmite performances that people either loved or hated, and I loved it!
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    Hark back to 50 years ago when all of todays 'classics' were brand new, innovative and exciting works which at the time would have been just as controversial as the piece Wingates played.

    The likes of Ray Steadman-Allen and Eric Ball were pushing dissonance to new limits, why are we in this modern day and age so opposed to change as a movement?

    .... and in the meantime we sit and tap our feet to hootenany, the chicken run theme, mr jums etc etc