Butlins 2012

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  1. jp_euph

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    Butlins 2012

    Is this contest happening?

    4barsrest have the testpiece announcment ....

    But its not mentioned in the list of contests?

    Is there a web page i have missed?

    If it is happening, is their a known entry deadline ?
  2. mikey.smithy

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  3. John_D

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    The dates (Jan 20-22) and the test pieces were announced at this years Butlins contest in January.
  4. jp_euph

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    Thanks for the conformation, and the date of contest.

    Yes, I did see the test piece announcement (link on my original post).

    The question is now, when is the deadline for entry....

    It would be good if the area pieces were announced before the deadline....so we know the 3rd section haven’t got Blitz or alike before we commit.

    (Disclaimer – Blitz for the 3rd section area was a joke)
  5. Chris Hicks

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    The pieces were announced at the last butlins contest, so should leave enough time for the pieces to be worked up! Only remember the top section is Un Vie de Matelot
  6. Chris Hicks

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    Sorry ignore me, misread your post, didn't read the area teat piece part of the post!