Butlins 2011

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Andy_Euph, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. wittig

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    I think Redbridge's effort was funnier and at least at convincingly played.
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    I wasn't meaning to sound critical (apologies if I did). I'm not sure the bands took a deliberate decision to be more conservative this year, in my experience very often the final outcome is something thats evolved (ie what are the bands doing in concerts, how much time do they have to put together the programme etc) rather than a deliberate decision towards the final outcome.

    I agree though that being told to 'entertain' or 'be innovative' is about as much use as being told to 'play it better' or 'do it different'. Its always a difficult balance to strike, especially when trying to do comedy, after all one man's Jimmy Carr is another man's Jimmy Cranky. I remember the programme that Bayerd talks about above and while it lacked cross-dressing horn players, cartwheeling basses and unicycling trombones, it did present a good mix of the best contemporary and older music in a way that was different to the normal 'we're gonna sit here and just play' format and it was superbly played. On the day I had Wingates winning easily.

    Maybe its time for some sort of guideline as to what is actually expected. 4BR noted the other year where the adjudicators called for innovation (that word again), but its not straightforward - guidelines have a habit of stifling the very thing they are trying to define (see below).


    I'm not sure that the restricitions in our instrumentation is the main issue - though it might not help. We have had trumpets, those horrible forward facing American things, oversized post-horns and kitchen sinks in the past, the contest committee seem to be happy with a 'some things go' attitude - ie be sensible, but this year the bands I saw didn't do any of that.

    Maybe we expect too much - especially 4BR who seem to have made it their policy to cane anything that doesn't quite work, I noticed they were once again on form in that respect this year. The best way to stifle innovation is to pick attempts at it apart in microscopic detail. Perhaps thats the reason for the conservatism this year - or maybe I'm giving 4BR too much credit?

    Looking forward to the 2012 contest with or without cartwheeling basses!
  3. MajorMorgan

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    Rayleigh, Essex
    Thank you!

    Co-Principal Drumbone, Redbridge Brass
  4. BigHorn

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    Perhaps the contest rules could be changed so that one or 2 items would not be adjudicated on musical content. That way bands could really push the boat out to please the audience without risking their chances in the overall competition.
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