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  1. Paddy Flower

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    Firstly many congratulations to you and the band on an excellent result Bugsy :clap:

    I was posting from a bookies point of view, your 50/1 tag was not unjustified in view of your form compared to the other runners going into the contest, tMP predictors had been cool in their support as was my league.

    However you've now stuck your head over the trench -so to speak- with this fine result. I had you at 100/1 for the area, expect to see that price tumble somewhat when I get to update it in the next day or two.
  2. bugsy

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    No Problems Paddy,thanks for your congratulations,be interesred to see how it affects the betting.
  3. Red Elvis

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    Good to catch up with Diane and yourself again Pat and enjoyed meeting some of your pals - do hope you enjoyed the experience , travel difficulties aside.

    Had a good weekend , although perhaps there were not quite as many people there as usual - one of the security guys on the door on Sunday said they were down on numbers about 15%.

    Got to hear Ipswich , Becontree and other chums bands on Saturday and all ten on Sunday. Ents contests are a difficult one to call and as noted , it did appear that the programmes were a little more conservative than in previous years. My personal favourites were Matt Baker's / Redbridge's rendition of "Before the Cross" and Desford's last movement of "On the Shoulders of Giants" - best playing I heard all weekend.

    Enjoyed B&R on Sunday night too - bit cheesy but very well played cheese."Let's Go" warmed the cockles of my communist heart although we were debating the copyright implications of the arrangement of the Strauss horn concerto !!

    The real ale was a very welcome addition , although I miscalculated the effect of numerous Hobgoblins on Saturday with LBB and I both taking early retirement. Made up for it Sunday night though !!:) And even found a few bottles of Batemans Combined Harvest in Jacks. The Pernod was a bad move in retrospect though:)

    Thanks to all that put the effort into making it the success that it is.
  4. MRSH

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    My band entered Butlins for the very first time this year and have vowed to make it a compulsory annual event.

    The organisation of the whole weekend was truly fantastic.

    With 15 in our section and not expecting much in the way of success we were absolutely ecstatic with our 7th place. After all the tribulations the band have gone through this year it was a monumental effort just to get there. To come 7th made the evening festivities last until the next morning just in time for us to get up to get the coach home.

    One point - it appears our adjudicator remarks were picked up by another band by mistake as when I got to the lady handing them out ours had already gone. If any band in the 3rd section has our remarks in error (we played 3rd) would they please get in touch. Ta.
  5. Anno Draconis

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    Interesting. Wingates, Heppy, Tong and Milnrow didn't go out of last year's line-up, but you still had Redbridge, Flowers, GUS, Desford - all decent bands on their day. Was it really that much of a drop? I know a lot of people weren't keen on the Saturday testpiece; maybe that had something to do with it.

    Well. It is a good prize (biggest one available I think?), but it costs a top section band around £5K to attend this contest, unless everyone pays for their own accommodation. So unless you're really sure of getting in the upper prizes, you're gonna lose money on the weekend. The prize money doesn't really enter into the consideration.

    I can only speak for Wingates but we decided, as Donna said, that it was a bit close to our area, and that our finances would be better served by putting on a self-promoted concert instead - thus guaranteeing income, rather than going to Butlins and "hoping" for it.

    Agreed about the area, but I did miss it. Although, I have to say I preferred the drinkathon that took place when I played in the 2nd section :biggrin:

    Having to be reasonably sober for a Sunday morning rehearsal came as a bit of a shock last year! I know a lot of our band have missed going to Butlins, and assuming we're invited we could well be back next year.

    There's some truth in that, I suspect.

    Although; we all like having a crack at the better bands. In my experience, prestige is a much bigger draw than prize money, and if the contest offered the opportunity of competing against B&R, Grimey, Faireys, Fodens, etc., you'd find "lesser" bands queueing round the block to get in. But in order to enter, even the best bands would have to choose either the RNCM Festival or Butlins.
  6. Nuke

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    That was the Central Ohio Brass band. Other than sonic the hedghog I didn't see anyone else wearing blue.

    Great weekend for imps, good result and now looking forward to the areas.
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  7. astreet83

    astreet83 Member

    Nevermind lol :biggrin:
  8. leighbaker.co.uk

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    "Enjoyed B&R on Sunday night too - bit cheesy but very well played cheese."Let's Go" warmed the cockles of my communist heart although we were debating the copyright implications of the arrangement of the Strauss horn concerto !!"

    Wo! What do you mean?

    If it was mine that they used (which i'm assuming it was!) it's got full Copyright permission from United Editions-for use by Brighouse.

    Strauss's grandson even listened to a Radio Broadcast Tape to OK it for a CD recording!

    Did it many years ago for the Band and it was one of my first bigger projects.

  9. Hove Edge

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    I can confirm it was your arrangement that William played.
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  10. Ev-entz

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  11. Thirteen Ball

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    No more 'debating' required there then. ;)

    A fine arrangement Mr Baker, which met it's match in the soloist. Mr Rushworth proving once again that the old magic is very much still there....
  12. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    lol astreet83 (I imagine you're taking the mick)...well played

    As a side note...since the band you are referring to (as Nuke already mentioned) is COBB...I might think you'd like to know those weren't baby blue DJ's...but CORNflower blue ;-)
  13. astreet83

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    Cornflower Blue.... makes all the difference lol

    Yes taking the mick :D did any of the players feel over dressed?
  14. Red Elvis

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    Mr Baker , thanks for that clarification and apologies for any imputation of dodgyness on my part.

    We were only debaring it as I was sat with the solo horn from my old band who loves the piece , apparently she had made some enquiries about arranging it herself some years back and was told that there would be a copyright issue.

    Your work got a good airing over the weekend !! :)
  15. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    Didnt feel overdressed on stage...but we didn't really have time (or energy) to sort through our luggage and get polos out to change into for offstage until after the Saturday concert (given the late arrival, late draw, soundcheck and concert)

    (I did have a few people make the wedding comment at the pub as well)
  16. astreet83

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    Was good to have you there.

    Hope you all enjoyed it
  17. BigHorn

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  18. SuperHorn

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    I saw them live in Toronto in 2007 on the opening week with the original members of the Blue Man Group.
  19. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    First chance I've had to sit down and put my thoughts of the weekend down...

    Another great weekend, I had an absolute blast. It was really good to meet up with several tMPers including DMBabe and LBB (who it turns out used to play in the same band as one of our backrow cornet players - small world) and Thirteen Ball, plus many other brief, usually slightly drunken 'hellos' in the various bars. We (Enderby) were slightly disappointed with our final placing (12th) but I guess the old issue of not being especially good or bad is probably the main reason for that. Still, that's contesting and you'll certainly not hear any 'we wuz robbed' comments from me. In any case I was true to my pre-contest prediction that I wouldn't be hearing any of the test pieces this year so I have no measure to gauge our performance with - we might have been rank and lucky to come where we did. As it happens the Sun and Moon had far too much pull for me to bother with listening to more performances of Granite Variations!

    I did hear a couple of the bands in the top section on Sunday (Desford and 7th-10th) and while the playing was largely great some of the entertainment was a bit wide of the mark. Interesting that 4BR have picked up on this, but IMO it seemed that some bands didn't know whether to do an out-and-out entertainment programme or something a little more traditional. In my opinion in the end a few tried both and achieved neither. That said, it was still a top afternoon's entertainment, just perhaps not as consistently high standard wise as in previous years.

    I must just say a big 'well done' to our Youth Band for coming 3rd (with a worryingly good flugel!) and my old bands fledgling Enterprise Band. Great to see our future performing to a high standard and also great to see the contest so well supported audience wise - even with the delights of the championship section contest less than 100 yards away.
  20. Bayerd

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    This question is in no way aimed at you Ian, but more widely. When the adjudicator expects innovation, what does he really mean? (and I ask this as a member of the winning band at Butlins 3 years ago when we were rewarded for a supposedly innovative programme). Amongst our programme was Wicked!, A Little Prayer and the final section of Extreme Makeover. Of the whole programme I think these were the best items, however I'm not sure it was that innovative, maybe just something that hadn't been heard before in an entertainments context (all the pieces had featured regularly on our concert programme before the contest). I suppose the question I'm asking is how does a brass band remain innovative with such a restricive insrument choice?

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