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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Andy_Euph, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. fartycat

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    Sunny Sunny Bournemouth
    I dunno about that, he loved our Arctic Funk "dancing"
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    I sat through 9 bands yesterday and thoroughly "enjoyed" it. I know its a contest but as bandspeople can we not appreciate the musical performancies without having to crucify. If the playing was so bad, why would anyone go and listen a band that is not in the top-top section? We end up shooting ourselves in the foot all the time then wondering why concerts are harder to find every year for all standards of bands!!!Every one on show have practiced and practiced to get the best performance they could and I thought most bands played at the top of their abilities. So congratulations to all the bands!!! Still it is a contest and I did pick the winners on the day! they ticked all the boxes for me and I thought that the trombone should have won the soloist prize.Pity they didnt do better on saturday!!! Woodfalls although very good didnt really float my boat, [perhaps i'm an old fuddy duddy] but what surprised me was giving them 2nd then the very next band who played a very "traditional" entertainment program was 3rd [which by the way I agreed with] some very good novilty items, one of my favourite was the flowers one, and one or two that were much adoo about nothing [ particlarly the vacuum cleaners]
    I know from discussions with fellow band members in the past it is too close to christmas and to compete would mean forgetting the usual break. Great weekend though and a fantastic result for Pemberton B band who I was supporting this weekend and a fine saturday evening and night was had by all!!!!
  3. bugsy

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    , but Pleasley in 3rd at 50/1?, who saw that coming.

    I did ! The band worked very hard and put in a cracking peformance on the day. They got exactly what they deserved and off the dreaded number one.Alan Fernie wrote in our remarks that we created " a wee bit of magic" and he summed up by simply saying " good band this ! ". Brian Grant taught me as a player that there is no substitute for hard work and I carry my mentors ethos into my conducting. We are work in progress,and we have a long way to go,but this a start. Congratulations to Dronfield,Market Rasen and Banovallum.And especially thank you to everyone for their kind wishes. Including alot of other conductors who came and gave this new kid on the block their support on Saturday.Thank you finally to my band who put up with so much from me and who work so hard. YOU ARE THE BEST !!
  4. trombone-john

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    Didn't remove it from twitter though!

    Redbridge lead the way so far and in some comfort, with GUS second and Desford a way behind in 3rd. Its still up for grabs
  5. BigHorn

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    So did I. 5 points for me in the tmp prediction competition Woo :clap: A bit of inside local knowledge always helps. Pleasley have some good players now and confidence is high. The future looks bright. Also thanks to Dronfield for another easy 5 points :tup
  6. Ste69

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    East Yorkshire
    Sadly, due to being backstage registering during their performance I didn't get to see Zone One play "The Chicken" but I LOVED it and if anyone here can advise as to where the arrangement came from, please PM as I may have to pester our conductor to death to get it.

    It sounded amazing!
  7. Bob Sherunkle

    Bob Sherunkle Active Member


    Well. I enjoy the pithy jottings of Mr Fox. But I also like Basil.

    So who is best. There's only one way to find out.............


    Who will end up with curate's egg on their face?

    But hand on a minute. Mr Fox and Mr Brush. You never see them together do you?

    You don't think they could be...............

    Surely not ?

  8. grausue

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    :clap: Top post :clap:
  9. Ali

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    Leek (Staffs)
    I think that the other main reason for the "Big boys" not attending is that they are all working hard to get programs that include one or two pieces each for the RNCM festival of brass. You also have to concider the amount of work that they/we put in through out the year on the other contests. Yes, by winning Butlins you could well afford to go to the Open for two nights or even London, but it costs, and its easier to do a few jobs that put reputations on the line (im not saying that all of them dont do it because of this reason, but you have to admit that its a huge gamble for a "named" band. Especially if it doesnt come off and I use the Masters as a prime example). That and the majority already compete at BIC.
  10. towse1972

    towse1972 Active Member

  11. iRyan

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    North Yorkshire
    I sorta noticed this before, but I just thought they had some kinda of change of heart, but now that you mention it..
    I just don't understand the massive jump down the ladder for Redbridge, and the reason why they completely slagged off flowers to put them 3rd in entertainment..?
  12. BlowRob

    BlowRob New Member

    I just look forward to reading the retrospectives and in particular their/his comments towards EYMS's entertainments programme. Out-dated, OTT, and uneffective, which clearly affected music he said then, will it be same in retros? or will it be clever, witty, just right, and solid musically? i think the latter
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    near Dublin
    Band just got back to Columbus (although four tubas have not yet).

    Even though it was a short trip, I think the band had a good time. Mr. Lippeat and all the organisers were very helpful, other bandsmen were both very friendly and very helpful as well. Lot's of good music to listen to over the course of the weekend (especially the Blues Bros, entertainment contest and Brighouse).

    It's sometimes easy to look at what didn't go well (especially if you have past years for comparison), but you guys have a great event, and I certainly think it is a huge step up from Pontins (or at least what Pontins was).

    Great to see so many bands and bandsmen together in one spot (You have to also keep in mind that most sections at the contest had more bands than entire North American Championships!)

    The real ale was a nice touch too!
  14. Pauli Walnuts

    Pauli Walnuts Moderator Staff Member

    Except they kept running out!
  15. Ste69

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    East Yorkshire
    Don't forget underwhelming!!!!! and (my personal fave): "A solid musical performance but a less secure entertainment one."
  16. jockinafrock

    jockinafrock Active Member

    Good point 'bout the "big boys" not attending. Another I think is that this is the opportunity for other bands to show their talents and benefit from some sorely needed prize money. Also, I'm sure that if the like of Fodens, Leyland, Fairey et al did enter, and took the prizes, someone would complain that they didn't stand a chance against these bands. It could ultimately impact on bands entering if they felt they didn't have a reasonable chance of being in the prizewinners. :)
  17. budstellabecks

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    Stockport, Manchester
    I heard a rumour that the organisers of Butlins have deliberately put off the big boys from entering so that they don't discourage bands that have supported the event for years from entering. I could be way off the mark though here.
  18. Mallyl

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    We attended Butlins’ last weekend for the first time. I have to say we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the event. The people we sat with were always friendly, humorous, good company and above all, very knowledgeable regarding the performances we watched. Also, no obvious bias was heard in the comments regardless of the bands they were supporting! I personally could have done without the queues to get in the halls, (years of parade work has done nothing for the back), stage smoke, over amplification and Redcoat (shouting) hype between events, totally unnecessary! But, a personal thank you to all involved in the organisation, and to all of you that attended for being so welcoming and friendly and of course ALL the players.
    Needless to say, we have re booked for next year. PS Mr Renton was brilliant! Well done everyone.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2011
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    Did anyone see the wedding????

    There were plently of folk walking around in baby blue DJ's, couldn't see the bride anywhere!!!
  20. Chris Hicks

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    Well it was the first year i've played in this contest, and the first year i've stayed on site at butlins, and to be honest i was pretty impressed with both! The rooms are more then adequete for a couple of nights, and it was so much less hassle then last year when we stayed off site!
    Really enjoyed the contest, due to the obvious reason of winning!
    Had a good laugh in Jacks every night, was good to meet some of you American guys! Also heard your first half on saturday night and was suitibly impressed!
    Only heard two bands in the contest all weekend, which was Redbridge and GUS, both on the saturday.
    Thought the cornet playing of James Fountain for GUS was lovely, and all the soloists at Redbridge played well. After hearing those performances as well as our own performance my mind is still of the same opinion that i really disliked this test piece, bar the 5th movement mainly!

    On a personal note, we as a band were slightly dissapointed on saturday, but what we thought had gone wrong didn't really seem to notice in the box, and our remarks reflected this!

    The only downside i found of the weekend was not being able to play a note in the registration area, it's a shame you can't have a little tinkle whilst the band before you are receiving their applause as this would probably mask it, however this is only a minute detail in what was a very good weekend!

    Congrats to all the prize winners over the weekend!

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