Butlins 2011 test pieces

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    So has anyone played through the test pieces for next year

    We played through the 4th section contrasts last week when it arrived as we do with all new music when we get it.

    And I must say I think it will have to grow on me and I think the band would agree with that. There are some good themes in it but a lot that repeats it self. What are the other sections like?
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    Can you confirm the test piece for the 4th section?

    Also I would love to take the band but have no idea of the contest and costings. Can you give me an idea as to how much the contest is to enter and how much it is for the hire of accomodation?

    Cheers :D
  3. fretty

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    I must say I had to look twice to check that contrasts is actually the 4th section test piece and not a junior band test piece.

    If you look here:


    you will see that all that has been done is that he has taken his junior wind band piece and simply added slightly harder second and last movements.

    This actually shows when playing the piece too. The feeling I got when playing it was that the first three movements are written very basically (there isnt much to challenge bands in there at all), then it is too obvious that the 4th movement has just been added on for the commission.

    Compared to the standard of the 4th section pieces we have had in the last few years (Four noble truths, saint-saens, lydian pictures, roman tryptich etc), this piece is nowhere near what I would class as 4th section contest difficulty (if the standard of the recent pieces chosen is what we are to class as 4th section difficulty).

    We have had it out once, pretty much sight read it and we are mostly there already. I dont think it is a piece that is going to inspire the bands to want to work on it.

    The word lottery comes to mind again lol
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  4. tromwinst

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    That does look very simple???!! Whats going on?

    Still very interested in the contest just as its something new for the band.

    Do you have any idea of the costings for the band staying over at Butlins?

    Many thanks
  5. fretty

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    It is a brilliant weekend for the band, I enjoy it every year.

    It usually costs around £50-£60 per person for basic lodgings etc (depending on the time when you book and discounts etc).

    Check out the website, im not sure if prices are up for that particular contest yet, but check out nearby dates for rough estimates.
  6. Aidan

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    Maybe that's what happens when a single composer has to produce works for every section in a contest.
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    what are the dates?