Butlins 2009

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Inspector Gadget, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Will the Sec

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    I agree on that. Didn't like the piece at all.
  2. themusicalrentboy

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    so much for not giving any credence. ;)

    can we stop this petty bickering please - it's like a WI meeting
  3. halsasaurus

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    Well done Les and Eccles Borough. A very special performance and a memorable celebration!
  4. The Wherryman

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    While I agree that there is much unnecessary whining and bickering, the issue needs to be kept in perspective. The ibew website lists in excess of 1000 brass bands. At a conservative estimate, that is over 20,000 bandsmen. Compare that to the handful of tMP members who engage in the aforesaid whining etc. The huge majority of banders just get on with what they love doing - making music.

    Unfortunately, tMP can be seen as a very public face of banding and it would be easy for the casual onlooker to get a very misleading impression of how banding is carried on. Having said that, it might well be that, apart from the occasional ad hoc visitor, the people who visit tMP are predominantly banders anyway, so no real harm is being done to banding per se. What damage might be done is to deter non-contesting bands from entering the fray, because of what they perceive as an ethos of back-biting between contesting bands. If that is the case, aren't the whingers shooting themselves in the foot, after taking careful aim?

    Back on topic, setting aside any question of rigging, which no-one has suggested has occurred, my view is that, if you enter any competition, you agree to be bound by the rules and conditions of the competition and should not, therefore, grizzle and grumble just because you didn't get the result you hoped for, or think you were worth. It's not your opinion, or the audience's opinion that counts, is it? Like it or not, it's the man (woman) in the box who decides - every time.
  5. iancwilx

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  6. steve butler

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    Ah. the Bishop of Norfolk is a wise old sage! But human nature makes me veer Wilkywards ...xxx????
  7. flash harry

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    What a superb post.

    My band came last at Butlins (Thoresby). I still had a great weekend and will be back next year and the year after that.

    I've just read the 4br retrospective and could shoot them; however, in my opinion, they provide a fantastic (free) service to the movement and I enjoy their input - they deserve a pat on the back. Banding is banding, warts and all...

    Roll on the Area!!!
  8. animal.22

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    The problem is that with two separate sets of judges you cannot possibly get a balanced and equal "judging" of all bands in the section!!! THAT dear sir is the problem. :frown:
  9. grausue

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    Objection, your Honour!!!!!

    Any comparison of this thread to the WI is unfounded, unresearched and unfair.

    Butlins in the first section was fine. We didn't play well, but we will next time!! Band bonding was HUGE! I have no complaints. :clap:

    LMAO @ Mr Guinness!
  10. Oh sugar lumps, you might not but i think everyon knows that YORKSHIRE is the best!!! (Not at geography tho)

  11. The Wherryman

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    Sorry, I prefer PG Tips every time ;)
  12. leisa

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    So you had: Location: North West, beecaaaaause???? :biggrin: Is this like the time you lured me to your concert telling me it started at 6......? (typical Emma-ism)
  13. Tam O Shanter

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  14. Euphgit

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    I wish they wouldn't use the 'piece of cake' line for us s:-?
  15. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    Better than a piece of s................omething else though!
  16. Ipswich trom

    Ipswich trom Member

    I am really unsure what you are getting at. Are you suggesting that if the judges had been different for each part of the draw different bands would have got through to the playoff. If so, yes you may be correct but so what. 2 judges judged each section and decided on 3 bands each. All 4 were in the box for the final but there were only 2 sets of comments so, whilst i can't be sure, I would hazard a guess that one judge from each of the 2 groups would have made the notes.

    It's also a pretty safe bet that all 4 had talked together about the piece and their expectations before a note was played.
  17. Yeah, it's wearing a little thin now.

    We've had "Eccles Cherry Cake", "Eccles put the cherry on top of their musical cake" and now "Piece of cake for Eccles"

    A little bit of originality wouldn't go amiss. That said, it's good that we're getting news articles written about us for winning.
  18. I'm not taking that one, i was told it started then! I think!!ha haaa

    Quick question tho, where can i get a recording of pentacle, i'm now on front row and i am full on ******* it! We had a goosies lastnight, and i dont feel 100% about it!! (Understatement of what!lol)

    My mentor doesn't quite know what he's let himself in for!!tut
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  19. Tam O Shanter

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    Try here for the recording: http://www.4barsrest.com/shopping/cd_detail.asp?id=769
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