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  1. Desford are proud to be worthy winners of the Butlins Mineworkers Championship 2007. All members of the band gave their best and had a great weekend.
    The reasonable decision to award the prize to the best mining band outside the top four would most likely be to encourage quality colliery bands such as Thoresby to keep coming to the mineworkers contest and is to be applauded. :clap:
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    Well Done Adam

    Hi Adam, well done! I can only imagine how thrilled you are.
    I'm sure all a Friary will be very proud of you.

    "the best trom being the lad from Redbridge Brass and the best sop from Tongwynlais Temperance, but just about everyone else found problems galore"

    Congrats to Gareth our Sop who played a blinder! he floated back to the chalet once people started coming up to him to compliment him.
    Our Bass trom Jeremy also was "Excellent" on the 4BarsRest Podcast which has made his year.

    Playing at Butlins is great as its not often I get to play to such a large audience.

    Adam, will drop in to say hi next time i'm working your way.
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    Hi Richard, tried to find you at butlins in the bar but you must have been under one of the tables after your band played so well...congrats to all in Ton...would be great to see you again...but make sure you have a drink next time...not on the pints of water you were drinking last time you came down...are you going to Yeovil? if you r will see you there. And thanks to Mat the perc form redbridge..was good seeing you too...just like to say thanks to everyone who has commented on my playing of the solo...makes a change for me to play something well....:clap: ,might have to start practicing properly now...damn..thought i could get away with it..:frown:
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    no, thats just cos your a girl and cant handle ur drink\!!!

    (note to slef. must memeet people before calling them girls. and dnot drinking 3 bottles of wine and trying t compose music. happy happy days)
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    Was a pleasure, Adam! Top bloke, and top solo! See you at the areas!
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    Not as much as Paul Applegarth will ... :clap:

    [And I quote (from 4BR): "Egham... also had a quite fantastic bass trombone player who was a credit to his profession and was way better than just about any we heard all weekend."]
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    London & Southern Counties.... Home of the countries best bass trombonists! ;-)

    Becontree also have a fantastic bassbonist, Mr 'Nobby' Styles.
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    We'll be back, doing our own thing next time!! :biggrin: We tried to be 'traditional' and failed!! :rolleyes:

    Thats the last time you'll see us sat down for an entire contest! ;)

    Come on Yeovil!... This you have to see ;)
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    Anybody know if 4bars rest will be publishing all the photos from the awards evening on saturday night in "reds"?
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    Hahaha one of the blessings of the 5 minute edit rule, you can't edit this drunken post now SP!! Classic! :D
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    I'd never been to Butlin's before. Well impressed. We'll have to get Stonesfield competing next year!
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    Hi Gareth, Must just say they might have thought I was the best at the solo in Northern Lights, but I certainly was not the best Bass Trom at butlins by along shot...As for Paul, you can't get much better than him...never met him but have heard him a few times and would love to be able to play 1/2 as well....Gareth, can you give Paul my E-mail as we used to talk when I had work pc but new job, so no pc...would like to hear how he is....and maybe get some lessons????
    See ya soon...OH, well done for Butlins too
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    Well done Adam! I knew you'd do a fantastic job covering my paternity leave (mum, dad and baby tired but fine!) but this?!?

    Let's hope you weren't TOO good (or else I might not be welcome back at band!) ;)

    Thanks for your help and a huge WELL DONE again!
  14. Adamskied

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    Dont you worry, redbridge will welcome you back with open arms....at least I learnt alot of things from Sue & Dave...they were very helpful with the solo...if you had heard it the 1st time i went through it you would have thought OMG what have we done here....lol :confused:

    Congrats on the new baby....

    See you at the areas

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    What a great weekend. I used to go to the old CISWO contest in Blackpool each year, and we Scots loved it. I was gutted when it went down, and slightly sceptical when it went to Butlins, but although it's not and never will be Blackpool, it's pretty special! It might even be better.

    It was great to be in the box with the legend that is Mr Roberts, and I hope we didn't upset too many of you - indeed, although talking to the audience in "Reds" on the Saturday night wouldn't have been appropriate, I'll take this opportunity to say that we thought the general standard in Section 2 was very high!

    Yes, Egham's bass trombonist was terrific, but in the end it's all we could hear!! We also heard some wild percusssioning here and there - Chunky, your band I think was the one with a percussion team "out to lunch" now and then!!?

    There weren't many negatives at all, but I have to agree with Chunky about the beer - nearly three quid for ale you wouldn't wash the car with, especially with all that Bateman's around!

    Highlights for me were - 1) The celebrity band on Friday night, just a great experience for me - thanks Bob (look after yourself, mate). 2) The collective adjudicators booing Frank Renton on to stage in "Reds" on Sat. night. 3) Meeting a tMper or two, esp. Tim and Peter. 4) Brenda and I winning a big teddy after repeatedly thrashing some bandsmen (from Wingates?) on the "Camel Derby"!

    We'll be back!
  16. GJG

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    Perhaps you were sat in the wrong place ...
  17. Alan Fernie

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    Absolutely, Gareth!:wink:
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    I think you're right, do your own thing!

    It seems Polysteel can do no right on the entertainment thing right now so you just need to stick to your guns. There's nothing worse than trying to accomodate the adjudicator and it not panning out your way. Your better off having the courage in your convictions and if they don't like it, stuff 'em.

    I look forward to seeing Polysteel back to what you do best at Yeovil (even if it makes depping with you a nightmare!).

    Good luck, Martin
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    Ah! That explains the following comment from 4br!

    Source - http://www.4barsrest.com/articles/2006/art660b.asp