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    Well, Adam.... 4barsrest never lie! ;) Good on ya fella! :clap:

    "Most struggled with their chance in the spotlight on this occasion – understandably perhaps in the case of the bass trombone, more unfortunately in the case of the soprano players. There were some notable exceptions – the best trom being the lad from Redbridge Brass....."

    From: http://www.4barsrest.com/articles/2006/art660e.asp
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    Two somewhat different views on the Thoresby final item on 4bars rest :

    This in the retrospective

    "by the time they ended with Andrew Duncan's ‘A Manchester Tale' that stretched the band to its stamina limit they'd done more than enough to finish in 3rd place and take the prize for the highest place mining band come the overall results"

    and this in the News Items

    "Musical Director Martin Heartfield is reported as being naturally delighted and is quoted as saying: "Since Sunday we have been swamped with messages of support from people across the country, I am absolutely over the moon that people feel the need to tell us how they feel. It really is testament to the amount of hard work we put in as a band. People have spoken of being moved to tears by our final piece, all I can say is that for our music to affect people to that extent is absolutely fantastic".

    Whilst accepting that the second quote is from the band's PR dept reading the first comment from 4barsrest you'd think they must have decided to have their own box from which not to see the bands performance.
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    Sorry Tubafran, I don't understand what you're getting at with your above post ! The last paragraph ??
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    OK, I've previously posted that I couldn't understand how Thoresby did not get the "most entertaining" band from an adjudicator outside the box. The show they put on with the last piece, Manchester Tale with the visual DVD display and light effects to recreate the air raid element, was gobsmackingly good. Not one word on the retrospective but clearly it had an effect on a lot of people that saw it. Perhaps I'm reading to much into what has not been said but I think maybe there's a view that they have taken an entainment programme in a direction that some people may not like. Just my opinion and clearly no one has actually said this.
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    Well it has certainly been implied. Wasn't the reason that Polysteel performed a 'safe' traditional entertainment program because they thought the two men in the box were traditionalists and their usual highly entertaining program items wouldn't be appreciated. Although they played well, Polysteel's program this year was rather dull I thought. Their winning program last year was excellent, especially that atmospheric daybreak in india piece where the soloists sat cross legged on a carpet in front of a basket like snake charmers.

    I hope Thoresby do not get discouraged by not winning the entertainment prize. The vast majority in that hall who sat through all the programs know who the audience thought was most entertaining. I really do hope other bands take their ideas forward and not resort to the tired old Contest March, couple of big band numbers, overture finisher format.
  6. Albert Fairbrother

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    Sorry Tubafran, did not go back through all posts. I have to agree that the Thoresby entertainment was absolutely superb and innovative. It's about time that brass bands started to push the boundaries in this direction, get away from the 'parade and park' image we have, which will be the ultimate demise of brass bands in this country.

    On a personal note, I think we should all get away from the old fashioned uniform bit, 19th century relics etc. A band in matching shirts/waistcoats looks just as smart, but modern!

    Sorry, I digress.
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    Amen Brother !! Preach on !!!
    Driving up there and seeing all those Batemans pubs ( and even one Hardy and Hanson ) my taste buds were tingling in anticipation . To then spend the entire weekend drinking Tetleys ****ing smooth ****ing flow !!!!!

    Don't know which I was more upset about , coming last in our section or the beer !!!!

    Given both major dissapointments though we had a great weekend and hope to be back next year !
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  8. PeterBale

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    Wasn't bad enough to call for a boycott though, eh Phil ;)
  9. Chunky

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    More annoying was not giving myself enough time to visit the Batemans Brewery at Wainfleet not much more than 10 minutes drive from Skegness.
  10. Red Elvis

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    Cheers Pete!

    One has to make the best of a bad job !!
  11. Owen S

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    I completely agree. Following our experience last year, that's why we went to the Skegness Tescos on the way through on Friday night. Well, that and preparing for a big fry-up on Sunday morning.

  12. Redhorn

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    I'm sure with the money you poured into the pub they can certainly consider their options, whilst sunning themselves on a sunny beach somewhere! ;)
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    I agree..... matching shirts/waistcoats look great.... brighter the colours the better ! Lets jazz ourselves up a bit....
  14. brasspistols

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    Thorsby were great..... well done them. I 'sadly' sat through all entertainment programmes and Thorsby were very good.... however, the audience 'loved' the Virtuosi GUS Band the best..... and it is the audiences reaction that determins where the entertainment prize goes..... the audience were screaming for more when GUS left the stage.... I didn't hear this same reaction with any other band - so fair doo's to GUS!..... just don't be disheartened Thorsby.... you did very well.
  15. brasspistols

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    I also meant to add that I agree with your comments about Polysteel's programme this year - it was a terrible choice of music, really dull and I'm sure they have learnt from this mistake?

    Whilst Jimmy Scott may be old he can still hear!!!!!! He's been around for years and knows very well what this contest is all about.....

    There's always next year.....
  16. jim

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    I think our choice was more after the reaction from a certain Mr Boddice after BIC if only you new the programe we had planned a week prior! and also memorys back to when the band played a set for Jim Scott and he couldnt understand how salsa went!!

    you just carnt win!! them all anyway!
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    even the lager was off, I had to switch to alcopops because the lager was minging

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    Mineworkers Champions

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel that the title of National Mineworkers Champions has been devalued this year by not awarding the trophy to the best placed Colliery band. Surely Desford should have received this prestigeous trophy and take their rightfull place amongst the greats in the history of this competition.
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    Hi Redhorn, Thanks for your comments,I can't believe they thought i was the best Bass Trom...WOW what a compliment...thank you the lads from 4barsrest...you have made my year..well best comment ever had...usually get will you shut up or stop playing so loud, i will go to rehearsal on monday at friary and i will have the mickey taken out of me for this....see ya soon...Adam
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    Adam mate - you were outstanding :clap::clap: