Bury Port Sat 1st October

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  1. welshraz

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    Okies......so who's going? Who are the runners and riders? We are going, and it should be a good day (I hope!!)
  2. nickjones

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    Nope we won't be there...shame really would love another expensive trip down south to a competition ;)
  3. welshraz

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    lol It seems funny really that many bands pay a great deal to come down and contest, while our band wont even subsidise a bus for us (well, they are but it did take a months worth of begging to get it!!), and we are less than 2 hours away!
  4. nickjones

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    I know it's slightly off topic but bus prices are massive at the mo ( and not looking to be an option for many bands ) we have had a quote for a bus for the Beaumaris Band tour of Cornwall in 2006 ( june 23 - 26th I think ) and the bus is £1200 for two days...aye caramba!!!!!! we would love to enter more Welsh Competitions but the costs would cripple us. even when there was the Welsh Brewers Challenge in 1993 , 1994 , 1995 no north wales band had an invite :(
  5. welshraz

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    Ouch!! We are just having a 16 seater as many players choose not to come on the bus. Its cost £200 and the 14 of us who are using the bus are paying £10 each, with the band paying the rest. If we didn't pay then we wouldn't have a bus, and that would mean no drinking or socialising after the contest!! And we can't be having that. As it is, we are leaving at 7:30am and then leaving Bury Port at 7pm. Then we are having more drinks and a curry in the bandroom.
  6. nickjones

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    so what is the lineup? BAYV , Tredegar , Cwmamman , burry port , treherbert , tongwynlais , BTM?????? what is the format own choice , set test??
  7. Suz

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    Burry Port

    BTM are not there, I don't think BAYV, Cwmaman or Tredegar are there either, not sure for definite.

    Same reasons for not attending that have been argued many times on this site, not going to be responsible for opening that can of worms again!!

    Solo Trom
    BTM Band
  8. welshraz

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    Jon Pippin conducts our band so I know Tredegar aren't going. Its an own choice test piece.
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  9. tubaturk

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    Why is it that people complain about travelling down West all the time? Don't we (Burry Port Band) have to travel the same distance East to attend the other 2 league contests or is it perhaps something to do with the direction of the earth's spin that makes it easier for us!

    Yes the prizemoney is awful and doesn't in any way cover the costs incurred, but if the South Wales bands all made an effort, at least there would be a worthwhile honour up for grabs at the end of the year. At the very least it would be bragging rights to the winners for a year, and maybe a sponsor could be found to come up with some sizeable money for the end-of-year South Wales League Championship winners and runners-up.

    Anyway, Burry Port is a very pleasant place to visit if you can drag yourselves away from the contest cafe (with delicious faggots & peas) and trade stands to pop down to the harbour. It has recently been given the title of the St Tropez of the North (by its own councillors!) due to the posh new marina and development of the coastal area. This surely beats Ebbw Vale and Treorchy who, well haven't been dubbed the St Tropez of the North!

    Good luck to everyone at the contest at the weekend and good luck Suz and BTM for the RAH trip.
  10. nickjones

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    Cheek everyone knows Bangor is the St Tropez of the North!!!!!! I agree the title Welsh Champions would be great if the league system was fairer to bands all over Wales , or how about some south wales bands entering the North Wales rally in November :)
  11. welshraz

    welshraz Member

    I don't mind the travel. I love contest days. Don't care where they are. There was discusssion of us going to Wychavon again this year, but we are trying to do our "own" contests this year plus Weston. We always try and make the day a social event too so it's not just about the 20 minutes of playing.

    Good luck to everyone who is competing tomorrow.

    CAVBASSMAN New Member

    My Brothers band Tylorstown are definately going as he's offered me a ride on the coach there.
  13. Suz

    Suz Member

    Burry Port

    Travelling is no problem, BTM always enjoy a trip away that involves banding and beer!

    I agree with the points you make Tubaturk about having a worthwhile prize for grabs at the end of the year.

    Best of luck to Burry Port on the weekend,

  14. MAW

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    West Wales BBA Contest- Burryport

    Hsa anyone got any results for the Burryport Contest. please.
  15. tam-tam2

    tam-tam2 Member

    Here are the results from the First Section

    1. Newbridge (Celynen) Paul Holland (Prisms)
    2. Rogerstone (G. O'Connor) (Spectrum)........thought we may have come one higher but never mind!!
    3. Tylorstown (G. Davies?? of Cwmaman..not sure) UnVie de Matelot
    4. Markham (N. Seaman) Brass Metamorphosis)

    Don't know five and six, either RAF St Athan with Belmont Variations or Penclawdd with Tallis Variations.
  16. Deano

    Deano Member

    Here are the full results

    4th Section

    1st Goodwick - 181
    2nd Ebbw Vale - 180
    3rd Glynneath - 179
    4th Upper Rhondda - 178
    Best Soloist - Euph Ebbw Vale

    3rd Section

    1st Llwydcoed - 181
    2nd Radyr - 180
    3rd Pontypool - 179
    4th Crwbin - 178
    5th Oakdale - 177
    6th Aberystwyth - 176
    Best Soloist - Paul James Flugel Llwydcoed

    2nd Section

    1st Ynyshir - 180
    2nd Lewis Merthyr - 178
    3rd Blaenavon - 177
    4th Briton Ferry - 176
    4th Ogmore - 176
    6th GCG -175
    Best Soloist - Derek Andrews Euph Ynyshir

    1st Section

    1st Newbridge - 182
    2nd Rogerstone - 181
    3rd Tylorstown - 179
    4th Markham - 177
    4th RAF - 177
    6th Penclawdd - 176
    Best Soloist - Andrew Smith Cornet Newbridge


    1st Burry Port -195
    2nd Tongwynlais - 194
    3rd Treherbert - 193
    4th Abergavenny - 192
    5th Mid Rhondda - 191
    Best Soloist - Ceri John Euph Burry Port