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  1. lottie4744

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    No..... not as in wind.

    I'm not even sure that's how you spell it. I'm talking about the things you can attach to your cornet next to where th mouthpiece goes, they have more resistance or something and will help me "project my sound" that's what my cornet teacher said anyway, so apparently I have to get one!

    Anyone know where I can get hold of one and around how much for?

  2. Kerwintootle

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    I got one about a month ago and its great. Its spelt BERP. I know I'm a long way from the UK but I can probably get you one. PM if you want one and I'll let you know how much. A friend at my band sells them.
  3. Chris Sanders

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    I had oniony burps all the way through band tonight :rolleyes: my spaghetti was very oniony.... urgh

    Hate belching, rude and dirty, but it always happens when I blow loud after eating spag bol or chilli??

    Anyhoo, if you want me to belch for you Lauren I will do, I can get up to Q before they go into girl burps...

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    I had hiccupps at band last night! :( lol
  5. lottie4744

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    Thanks Christopher, I'll be sure to take you up on that, or not!
  6. Chris Sanders

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  7. lottie4744

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    What can I say? you deserved it!
  8. Chris Sanders

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    Sorry, not allowed to reply now, might get into trouble? :confused: :D
  9. Emb_Enh

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  10. HSB

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    Can't help but think this is a sham. Be wary of anyone who tells you they're great, they probably have a vested interest.

    Anyone care to explain the physics involved? All the adverts I've seen explain little.
  11. Emb_Enh

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    If your chops are working and efficient, it would be correct...one doesnt need this...

    however...if you feel that you have a lack of control over softer dynamics / long phrases, breath control -- the BERP can help...it is not a total cure.

    It would also be true that to improve the above facets of playing, all one would need to do would be to practice them. - BUT - some people find that by using a gadget it can help to break the cycle of a lack of improvement.

    the whole point is -try it - if it works great---try it--if it doesnt work try something else..

    as for the physics...

    because blowing a mpc with no instrument on the end of it is more difficult to control, it causes the player to use more lip to lip compression and corner muscle strength in an effort to gain that control. Thereby [subconsciously] gaining a workout to muscle co-ordination that MAY have been lacking somewhat.

    Some players, quite a few as it happens, have a too open (to be efficient) lip aperture start point and dont realise it. It is mostly characterised by a lack of range, and other things also. [above]

    Using MPC buzzing can help the above.

    Using MPC buzzing using the BERP is better because it is a half way house, the berp adds a little air resistance to 'the blow' in place of the missing instrument.

    Some people use their finger over the end of the MPC as they buzz to create this 'little' more resistance.

    The BERP is better than 'the finger' because it allows you place the BERP into the instrument aswell even though the air-holes within the BERP allow the buzz to still happen.

    Why is this important?

    well ...

    [sorry this all going on so long - i know some will glaze over at this point.--but for those that want to know more..]

    The BERP is better than 'the finger' because it allows you place the BERP into the instrument aswell even though the air-holes within the BERP allow the buzz to still happen because it is VERY important to MPC buzz and PLAY the actual instrument with the same PLAYING angle otherwise buzzing on the MPC alone MAY create a second (different angled) embouchure.

    Some people find gadgets useless - this may mean they are too good and dont need them. This doesnt mean the gadgets are useless. Just not appropriate for them.

    Some people find gadgets useless - this may mean there technique isnt suitable to go along with the gadgets design. This doesnt mean the gadgets are useless. Just not appropriate for them.

    Some gadgets may be totally useless.

    I personally havent found any gadgets useless yet - ususally - they can help someone - not everyone is all.

    I hope some of the above ramble will help someone.

    If anyone has any other Q's - I'll TRY to answer them...


    (i dont get around to seeing pvt messages often)

  12. PeterBale

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    Thanks for that explanation, Roddy, and good to see you posting ;)
  13. Emb_Enh

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    My pleasure Peter : )
  14. brassneck

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    Something else to consider about the BERP is that it is close to the allignment of the instrument's leadpipe, allowing the player to virtually simulate the physical playing conditions of normal production (e.g., gripping the instrument and holding the mouthpiece to the lips with normal use of pressure). As said before, it is a remedial tool and is supposed to help players with problems with breath support. Various other types of tools based on the same principal of resistance are provided for asmatics to help breathing control and the BERP has been developed purely for the brass player.

    post-edit .... I'll add this link to the B.E.R.P. site below so people can see, read and make up their own minds about it's function and use!

  15. andreww

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    i got one from my trumpet teacher lottie (is it dave chatterton by any chance?)

    did loads for improvin my embouchure, specially moving between notes. good cos you can practice pressing valves down and moving ure lips at the same time.
  16. Syrup

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    David King advocates using these.....would you be wary of any other advice he might give you?
  17. lottie4744

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    Exactly, my cornet teacher got one coz Kingy told him to and I'm getting one coz my cornet teacher told me to, Wouldn't doubt anything my cornet teacher said anyway!
  18. Griffin

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    I use 'the Finger' when buzzing, much cheaper.. I'm a poor student type.
    The idea is good though.
    Its an important excersize to do, so might have to invest. :rolleyes:

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