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    Following several years of high profile fund raising, the members and commitment of Burbage (Buxton) brass band are absolutely overjoyed, and very proud, to have finally completed our new band room and have held our first rehearsals and junior band teaching sessions there. The members have worked tirelessly to complete this ambitious dream, but we do of course acknowledge that it would never have been possible without so many acts of support from the community. The donations and best wishes from so many sources have been over whelming. As such it would be almost impossible to thank each individually personally.

    However, on Sunday 15th June we are throwing the doors of our new facility open for everyone to come and look out. The fund raising and building of this band room here in the heart of Burbage village has been quite high profile and we know there are very many people interested in seeing what we have created. We would like to invite absolutely everyone to come and have a look, including people who have supported us, past players, people from other bands and community organisations, and quite frankly anyone who is interested.

    The event will run from 11am to 4pm, and as well as seeing the new band room with all its memorabilia on display, you can join us in the institute hall for a complimentary drink of tea or coffee, look around a pictorial history of the band room build, find out about our activities, and perhaps try your hand at blowing a brass instrument! We hope everyone will feel welcome to come along.

    Steve Critchlow
    Musical director Burbage band
  2. Having had a sneak preview the other week I must say its a stunning building!
    Forgot to christen the toilet though :wink:

    Will check the diary and try to call in on the big day - no doubt the will be some "cold" drinks available also :D
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