Burbage Buxton on the BBC television

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  1. Brass band fans (of which there may be one or two reading this!) may be interested to know that the Burbage Band of Buxton in Derbyshire will be making an appearance on BBC television next Friday, 2nd November. :clap:

    A TV crew from the popular program Flog It was in town in March this year and filmed the band to make a five minute documentary for insertation into the programme. We haven't seen the final edit, but the recording featured myself giving an interview about the history of the band, and brass bands in general, and talking about how we are preparing for the future by teaching players. It also showed the band in concert playing Doyen and Himes' Amazing Grace.

    Who knows, someone at Television House may like it and recommison Best of brass!:tup Especially if all tMP readers boost the viewing figures.