Bugle band contest 2008!

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by matt_BBb_bass, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. matt_BBb_bass

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    Bugle band contest in 8days! who is going this year? practices going well?!

  2. tubbytuba

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    Matt my boy it must be going **** for everyone as youve no replies lol !!!!
  3. Liz Courts

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    I'll be there! Marching down with St Agnes in the morning, then watching/drinking for the rest of the day! Fingers crossed for good weather :) . Good luck, and I'll see you there!! :biggrin:
  4. Liz Courts

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    Championship Section:
    Camborne Town
    Kidlington Concert Brass
    St Austell Town
    St Dennis
    St Keverne

    First Section:
    Helston Town
    Lanner & District

    Second Section
    Bugle Silver
    Camborne B
    Heyl Town
    South Molton Town
    Soundhouse Brass

    Third Section:
    Hatherleigh Silver

    Fourth Section:
    Hatherleigh Silver
    Lostwithiel Town
    St Agnes Silver
    St Breward Silver

    Youth Section:
    Mount Charles
    St Dennis

    Courtesy of 4barsrest
  5. Mesmerist

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    I wonder if a beer tent was introduced to the Bugle Contest there might be more entries? It can`t be those rumours of result rigging that has put bands off can it? Not being provocative here but there has always been talk of it...
  6. the fish

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  7. JesTperfect!

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    Wow, I've been going for the last 8 years and not heard any complaints . . . . . maybe I'm talking to the wrong people!
  8. Owen S

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    We'll be there again, after something like three years off. Bugle's always a good contest, especially if the weather holds.

    This is the Met Office's latest outlook for the southwest:
    "Outlook for Friday to Sunday:
    Rain spreading north on Friday. Saturday the rain could temporarily clear away to the south, before returning again on Sunday. Later Sunday heavy and thundery showers may follow.
    Updated: 0930 on Wed 18 Jun 2008"

    I still find it odd though, the way Bugle lets bands play up a section if they want without having to play in their own section. You end up with single bands, or even no bands in one section, if most prefer the higher section's piece. That's happened in this year's third section, and Hatherleigh are playing up too. It also happened to us when we were the only band playing Hinemoa a few years ago.

    Jes, I vaguely know what those accusations revolve around, and that it means one band in particular haven't attended for some time, though I've forgotten most of the details. Ask around a few Cornish band people at the weekend if you're still intrigued.
  9. There is always a conspiracy with a certain band that there always seems to be an announcement that some car keys have been found or come get the last of the pasties just before they play! Im not name dropping though! :p looking forward to this one apart from the choice of Spring as the hymn tune! Love the last movement of Salute to Youth!
  10. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    Hey guys, down there in Cornwall. Me and the Mrs are going on holiday there for a fornight, from 12th July. Appreciate any info on concerts etc, from that date. I most probably bring my mouthpiece with me!!
  11. boagy

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    Ah yes……………. conspiracy theories. True it does only seem to emanate from one band who do not attend the contest on a regular basis. Funny, it is never mentioned when on the occasions they actually win the contest, they are only too happy to accept the result.

    As with ALL contest results, a band will not be happy if they are beaten by there closest rivals. I am looking forward to going along this year for a listen rather than playing, perhaps I will become aware of the ‘conspiracy theory’ but then again probably not as I will probably be in the pub. :eek:

    All the best to the bands playing on the day. :clap:
  12. Owen S

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    We're putting on a concert at the The Ship Inn, in Par, a few miles east of St. Austell, on Sunday, the day after Bugle. That isn't that much use to you, but this is supposedly part of a season of concerts on Wednesdays and Sundays through the summer. They do have a website, but I can't get it to work at all.
  13. jim

    jim Member

    In the pub? good il join your for a pint Graham, im looking forward to going and watching last time I went was in 2006 that was a scorching day.
  14. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    Indeed yes. All three trombones and two euphoniums having prior engagements made mustering a full band rather difficult...
  15. tubbytuba

    tubbytuba Member

    Like JessT ive been going to Bugle for a few years now,playing and watching and ive never heard of probs with adjudications,though i have often heard the saying you need clay on your shoes!!!! Good luck to all on the day,we are playing bit of a scratch band this year in our first outing in the 2nd section,be interesting to see how our young band get on
  16. Liamhorn

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    Good luck to all the bands competing in bugle i'm sure it will be a great idea!
  17. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    Thanks for that Owen S. See you there. If you need an Eb Bass player, if you have a spare instrument, let me know, and I help yopu guys out if you want!
  18. ghost

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    Jes, I vaguely know what those accusations revolve around, and that it means one band in particular haven't attended for some time, though I've forgotten most of the details. Ask around a few Cornish band people at the weekend if you're still intrigued.[/quote]

    Ghost Reply:
    Well, well, well. I have been going to bugle since 1971 and I am obviously a little off the pace when it comes to local gossip.

    Right then, you have got me thinking. I think it is time for a few clues. Firstly, how about telling us whether they are on the list for Saturday. Then, perhaps if they are in the Championship section or first section. I can't believe there would be a fix in the lower sections.

    I remember the year St Austell won under Freddie Roberts in the jubilee year. The line up was awsome. What a band and they shook the whole stage. I won't ever forget it as I had heard them at the Colston hall earlier that year again under Freddie Roberts and they had come second to Stanshawe. They were awsome then too. Fred Roberts had come from Camborne where he had won just about everything in the South West for a couple of decades. He is the guy who taught Derek Garside.

    The South West does produce a great many top notch musicians. Often they do leave and go north - and who can blame them with the prospects of a career in a top 10 band. I think most people would do the same if they had a chance. I have a tip for a real top conductor in the future - I have never spoken to the man but I remember his excellent playing very well. That is Mr John Hitchen. I have heard his band progress through the sections and I would think he has an excellent future as a championship section conductor for a great deal of time to come.

    You know, I don't know what this furore is all about or whether it is true or untrue (though I'd love to know). But Bugle is one of the special days of the band year - on a nice weather day. You play, you listen, you stroll around the field and meet loads of people you haven't seen since last year. What a lovely way to spend a day. Long may it continue. And finally, one year it was my car keys that they announced had been found! So, perhaps this is just another conspiracy theory - and the trouble with conspiracy theories is that the more one may try to deny them, the more the accusers say "your bound to say that aren't you?".

    But, I'd love to know which band everyone is talking about. Also, are this band thinking they are being discriminated against or are they benefitting (alledgedly)?

    Come on - spill!
  19. jim

    jim Member

    Just look through here and see some of the great names comming from cornwall, you will be suprised many of the players who have gone on to play in the country's finest bands:

  20. Well the day has arrived! and luckily for me I am out of the marching so will stay nice and dry sat in the office until 1.30 :D

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