BT Broadband Offer - Any takers?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by brassneck, May 5, 2006.

  1. brassneck

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    If you use BT broadband, you may have noticed that they are offering (up to) 8 meg. bandwidth at the current price that you subscribe to. Other offers include merging phone-call costs into the package (... about time too). Now, I went to the secure site and starting filling in all the details to upgrade with the phone billing option (free evening/weekend calls) and when I got to the direct debit options .... :eek: .... they wanted me to pay £65 pm based on my current usage of the phone (that included my present £29.99 pm connection charge). Now, considering that I have the BT Together package (about £53 per quarter) I wondered how they got this figure of £65? Anyone else tried it and got inflated costs? (... I will be phoning them!).
  2. Naomi McFadyen

    Naomi McFadyen New Member

    I'm leaving BT Broadband!!!! Finding the service rubbish and when there's a company offering FREE broadband....... well, need I say anything more!?
  3. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    - hmmmm! :-? Naomi ... what offer is this? (is it a phone contract like Talk Talk with packaged broadband?).

    - here's the BT link I was e-mailed ...

    (and congrats. on the birth of your daughter Laura by the way! :clap: ... who does she most look like?)
  4. Naomi McFadyen

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    It is TalkTalk...!

    I had the info on BT sent to me too..... and I'm not wasting anymore money on them.

    (thanks dude..... she looks like us both... she looks like Laura :) )
  5. brassneck

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    - you both look well in your avatar! :)
  6. bagpuss

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    I've hated bt broadband ever since having the hassle of trying to install their software on a friends pc. I'm with freedom to surf and I've never had any problem with them. Contention ratio's nice and low too. I've got an 'always on' connection to them through a nice wireless router with built in 4 port switch and that works very well thankyou very much!!

  7. Naomi McFadyen

    Naomi McFadyen New Member

    Yea this whole having to "dial up" with BT is rubbish- I complained big style to BT recently because it keeps disconnecting every now and again. They said, and I quote, "BT prides itself in providing quality customer care".................... Hardly! ....

    Looking forward to being "always online" and connected when I get talktalk's BB.... :)
  8. Cornishwomble

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    I've jusrt signed up to Talk Talk as well. I'm leaving BT and it will work out that I'll be going from £46 a month to £20.99 for line rental, inclusive of calls 24 hours a day and of course broadband which will get increased to 8mb at the end of the year
  9. I'm still trying to persuade my parents to switch to broadband as we're still on snailband! Haven't a clue which the best ones are, as some do download limits and I wouldn't know how much I'd need!
  10. NeilW

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    Plustalk ( are pretty good. They too are offering "up to 8Mb" at the moment (depends on what your particular line will support) - and 0.5Mb upload, which is also useful. The package also includes free SIP broadband phone minutes evening/weekend (and also seems to work OK - I've tried it a few times...) Like many other ISPs they are getting into the local loop ("the phone line") business soon too.
    They DO "profile" file sharing usage to limit its impact on other customers, but don't limit ordinary browsing/email and for my usage are great. Technical support are technical - which is a pleasant differentiator!

    Click "NeilW's Plusnet referral"
    if you're interrested!

    (just a happy customer - no commercial interest, though I do get a "bonus" for a successful referral, and it costs you nothing...)
  11. brassneck

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    The BT free phone calls in evenings/weekends requires plugging another phone into the router and a new telephone number!
  12. bagpuss

    bagpuss Active Member

    If you're looking to compare broadband providers, got to , there you can compare various ISP's based on price, customer service, reliability, speed etc.etc. It may sound obvious but how much download limit you'll need very much depends on how much you use the internet and what for. Bear in mind that when you get broadband, you're likely to use it more than dial-up because it's faster, you're also more likely to download larger files because it takes generally less time than narrow band. What a lot of people forget is that when looking at a download limit you have to take into account EVERY page that you view as each page has to be 'downloaded' to appear on your pc screen!! So take tMP for example, each time you go to a different thread and back and forward a page etc, that counts against your download limit. I'm not sure how big each page of tMP is on average (I'm sure someone will know) but it soon mounts up. If it gives you some idea of a limit, I use my pc regularly for the internet. I don't download movies or music but I do download software etc. I also build computers in my spare time and so I'm doing updates regularly from Microsoft etc. My download per month has never exceeded 3GB. Also look for an ISP that doesn't meter your downloads between 1am and 6am. That way, if you're burning the midnight oil like I am and using the net at these times, you can download as much as you want between those hours without it counting against your download limit.

    Hope it helps

  13. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    - the thing that's bugging me about all this is that since BT control the landlines they have only quoted a max. of 6 meg as an upgrade. Would this mean that if I subscribed to another ISP the same restriction would apply? :confused:
  14. NeilW

    NeilW Member

    Yes, its (usually) a physical thing of your particular line and is related to how far you are from the exchange over what sort of lines and how noisy they are.

    Your router/modem may give you an indication of the line capacity or the noise level it can see (mine says up to 10Mb/s is possible...)

  15. JohnnyEuph

    JohnnyEuph Member

    I work for BT. First of all, BT is expensive at the moment, and yes they could easily reduce their prices - if OFCOM would let them. They will be changing their prices from August (when ofcom relax some of their monopoly regs), and i imagine that their changes make them at least as competitive as TalkTalk- and others.

    Those of you who are paying £30 upfront for an 18 month contract with talktalk and then £21 p/m (that'll take you up to the end of 2007 if you sign up now), might not feel so clever in a few months when everyone will be able to get the same and not be tied to an 18 month term FOR YOUR LINE, CALLS AND BB! If you want to cancel within this term they can charge you the remainder of your contract AND a cancellation fee! So, for instance in 6 months when companies are offering 16mb services cheaply you're going to be pretty miffed as you'll have 10 months left.
    Oh and by the way, once you've paid your £30, if you change your mind they can charge you administration charges so you might not get it back. Talk-talk about being got by the short and curlies;) ?

    By the way Cornishwomble If your exchange is not unbundled(1) they can also charge you an additional £10 p/m as well. Is your exchange going to be 'unbundled' later this year???

    by the way brassneck...
    Sounds like you have
    BT together option 2 £17.99 mth
    BT Broadband opt 4 £29.99 mth?
    = £47.98 p/m inc vat

    you probably pay by direct debit and have a fixed monthly payment but get a quarterly statement?? paying £65 per month leaves you with about £17 ppm to to cover any chargeable calls you make - and maybe to clear any debit you may have on your account (if any) you should definitely call BT. Might want also want to check just how much of that 40GB usage guideline you're actually using - you could regrade to a cheaper BB option.
    The BB talk option that they are offering you (evening and weekend calls), its essentially the same as your BTTogether 2 package - except you plug a phone into your BB router and make calls via your BB connection using an 05 number they provide you with (the same as vonage or skype etc).

    **You could then downgrade your line rental to BTT1 and save the conventional line for emergency/incoming calls (people can also ring you on your BB talk number btw) essentially giving you an additional line for no extra rental

    (1)'Unbundled Exchange' Where another operator installs its own equipment in a BT exchange and wires a customers line directly to it (also known as lineshare as the copper pairs are seperated with one of the pairs providing BB and the other providing telephony).

    Brassneck - the speed of 6mb that BT are offering you is probable the maximum stable rate for your line. Hence the term 'up to 8MB'

    BTW i am not a salesman, just hope some of what i've said helps. I'm not jumping on the talktalk bandwagon just yet - their terms and conditions look shady and although they might look attractive now, they won't in a few months!
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  16. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    - thanks for that useful advice ... BUT ... when it came to the option of the direct debit and that figure, I stopped at that point but it didn't stop BT emailing me to say that the upgrade is going ahead next friday and the £30 pm will be added to my next bill. With communication having changed so much in recent years (mobiles, MSN etc.) my use of the landline is becoming less needed (£4 total calls over a quarter in a £52 BTtogether package? logic?) I will have to rethink my priorities as the new package includes using the broadband pipe for an extra phoneline in the evenings. I didn't like the way BT were quick to authorise my upgrade without me agreeing to it in a final sense (... I did get rid off the window when questioning their billing estimate). I will give them a phone (... hopefully customer services will sort it out quickly) and see where that leads me!
  17. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    :wooline upgraded to 8 (not 6 as instructed) meg this morning and just surviving my modem until I get my new router later today ... yeh!
  18. rutty

    rutty Active Member

    You'll be lucky to get 8MB down there. The further away from the exchange you are the slower it will get. That's the nature of having copper wires into your house - I'm waiting for FTTH - Fibre to the home.

    I was going to sign up with Talk Talk but I've been reading some appalling tales of bad customer service and delays. I checked to see how long it would take and their site said that my broadband would be enabled by the end of August! I don't think so.

    I'm going to stick with NTL for the time being and extend the package to include a basic cable TV package and telephone calls. The whole thing will be much cheaper than having separate NTL/BT broadband/telephone AND I get the TV chucked in too.

    I think BT will become cheaper but they're going to lose this customer for the time being.
  19. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    ADSL Speed (DS/US)8096/448 Kbps
  20. rutty

    rutty Active Member

    Yes, that's the theoretical maximum. You'll only actually get that if you live within about 100 yards of the exchange. The resistance in the cables reduces the maximum possible speed of your own connection, and it'll be slower the more cable there is between you and the exchange