BT Band to become Stockport Brass

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  1. asteria

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    Stockport Brass is Born

    Following loss of sponsorship the BT Band would like to announce it’s rebranding as Stockport Brass.

    The name was decided upon following a vote of members of the band, and reflects a desire to return to local community roots. Although the band are actively seeking a new sponsor there is also a lot of concentration being focused on increasing the number of engagements for 2008.

    The band will retain it’s bass player logo, and as part of the reinvention of the band the website has also undergone an overhaul, which can now be found at

    Despite the set-back of losing sponsorship the band continues to grow in strength and there have also been a number of additions to the band over recent months, including new faces Matt Blunt (Eb Bass), Charlotte Chambers (repiano cornet), Holly Dolman, Tim Hewitt and Charlotte Bradwell (back row cornets) as well as returns to the band for old friends Marcus Jones (Bb Bass) and Matt Jolly (Bass Trombone).

    We would like to thank BT for a successful 20 year partnership, and we now look forward to our future as Stockport Brass.

    Any queries to do with the new look Stockport Brass can be sent to
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  2. davidquinlan

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    New Southgate, London
    Best of luck with the rebrand !
  3. steve holmes

    steve holmes New Member

    best of luck with the new name
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