BSO "Dvorak in a day" Bournemouth 22/1/2012

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  1. Robb

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    Hello again!

    Just to alert TMPers of another music making project by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra on January 22nd at Bournemouth Pavilion. This one will be rehearsing and performing Dvorak's "New World" Symphony (No. 9), with coaching from BSO players and the day concluding with a performance. Find more details here:

    I was delighted to meet a TMP member at the project we did in Portsmouth last year, I know there are plenty of bands in the Bournemouth area so if you fancy dipping your toe in the sea of orchestral music come along! As always parts avoiding those pesky clefs and transpositions should be available, just make sure you notify our admin if that's the case in advance.

  2. WhatSharp?

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    Was a fantastic time doing the Saint Seans, sadly I can't do the 22nd. But really recommend going along!

    Hope it all goes well Robb

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