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    I have an announcement regarding the worst kept secret in Scottish Banding


    On 14th October 2004 the members of Livingston and Broxburn Public Brass Bands held an EGM to discuss and confirm that they will now be joining together under the new banner of "Broxburn & Livingston Brass Band". After months of meetings and discussions between the two bands, we are delighted to bring together one of the oldest names in Scottish banding and a band that has created waves up and down the sections for many years.

    This merger was brought about by a decline in numbers throughout both bands. in the Lothians there has been a steady decline in the number of players coming through the ranks, this has been apparent through many bands in the area and has resulted in more than one band folding in recent years. In looking to the future it was clear that in order to prosper in todays environment, the need to amalganate the bands was the best way forward. In doing this, we have created a band personnel which is both dedicated and enthusiastic about the future and to the music we wish to perform, and in our youth policy we now have a 20+ junior section in which to build the next generation of players from, ably directed by Carolyn Probka.

    NEW MD

    The Broxburn & Livingston Brass Band are also happy to announce that we have engaged the services of Alan Samson to take the band to our first contest, the Whitburn Entertainments in Whitburn Academy on 6th Nov 2004 and through our busy Christmas Calender. Alan is an experienced MD who has an impressive record with the Livingston band, it is hoped that this partnership bears fruit in the weeks and months to come. We hope to have a full profile on Alan on the website in the near future.

    We have a new website adress also, please feel free to browse on

    thanks for your attention.
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    Best of luck, and hope the merger proves successful - I know these things are never carried out without a lot of heart-seeking, and I hope you carry everyone along with you.
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    Good luck to all concerned in the new amalgamated band - see you at Whitburn!

    (Does Brian Trainor still play?)