Bromsgrove Brass Band Summer School

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Hilary Mateer, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. Hilary Mateer

    Hilary Mateer Member

    Anyone else going to the Summer School at Bromsgrove?
    I have just been looking at some of the pieces to try to decide which band to choose to play in but can't get hold of all of them
    Maybe someone could advise me.
    I would like them to be interesting and challenging but not impossible.

    The list of pieces is:-

    Band 1
    Hoedown from Rodeo - Coupland
    Firebird - Stavinsky arr. Farr
    Overture Plymouth Hoe - Ansell
    March Brilliant - Ord Hume
    March to the Scaffold - arr. Wilkinson
    Czardas - Strauss arr Snall
    Lord of the Rings - arr. Duncan

    Band 2
    Gymnopodie No 1 - Satie arr. Richards
    Four Scottish Dances - Arnold arr. Farr
    Overture Prince Igor - Borodin
    March Australasian - Rimmer
    Two Pigeons - Messager arr. A Owenson
    Hedwig's Theme - Williams arr. Duncan

    I have just been having a go at March to the Scaffold and am having trouble with the top D's on the first EEb bass part. :( If I decide on that band I'd better play the second part. It only goes up to top C :)
  2. asteria

    asteria Member

    Hi Hilary,

    band 1 definitely - just for firebird and lord of the rings alone, both cracking arrangements! Having said that there's a good selection this year.

    I'll be there just for the reunion thingy, going straight from heathrow airport after getting back from 2 weeks in USA/canada so don't be surprised if i'm asleep/very hungover when you see me!!

    Hope the course is as good as usual

  3. blondie

    blondie Member

    Chingford, London
    A friend of mine told me that a course existed around worcester way. Could someone provide me with some details. Or where to look??
  4. Darth_Tuba

    Darth_Tuba Active Member

    Speaking from the point of the bass parts, neither set is hard. Hoe Down, if its the snell arrangement has never ending top As though as I recall, with a nice top C sharp for good measure at the end. :D
  5. Hilary Mateer

    Hilary Mateer Member

    Thanks for the reply. I think I'll try for band 1 as several people have recommended it. Hope you have a good time in USA/Canada and look forward to seeing you at the reunion. :lol:

    The Bass parts might not be hard for you but I think they probably will be for me. I definitely struggle with anything above a top C :(
    Some tips would be welcome

    The course is advertised on Philip Biggs Brass Festival homepage
    It is a fantastic week and is well worth going to :D (not very good for the liver however :evil: )
  6. Naomi McFadyen

    Naomi McFadyen New Member

    yea, definatly Band 1! :)
    Cracking programme and great arrangements...
    Have a great time!
    I'll have to try get along to one of these summer schools oneday...
  7. blondie

    blondie Member

    Chingford, London
    Thanks Hilary. Much Appreciated.
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