Broken Pedal Timps!!!

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by IJK, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. IJK

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    Does anyone know of any where to get pedal timps serviced and repaired.
  2. Di

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    There's a few replies which may help here. :)
  3. IJK

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    Thanks to everyone who has PM the details of Ray to me also thanks Di

    can anyone give me any details of where to det a good Timp stool or chair for us to buy?
  4. Di

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    Glad you're getting sorted.

    Howzabout this? Or this? Any good?
  5. That second one looks very good as a timp stool!
  6. tsawyer

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  7. Di

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    Oooh I dunno, ideal for scooting from timps to glock to xylophone. ;)

    Hmm, ok.
  8. Tub Thumper

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  9. tsawyer

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    Unlikely to be tall enough - make sure you check before you buy!

    Having said that, we're using a very cheap no-name drum stool for timps. It's as high as it will go and it's only collapsed once. It does creak alarmingly sometimes though...

  10. Timpking

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    Any good office suppliers will have a selection I'm sure.
  11. samandy

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    We bought our timp stool from Viking Direct Stationary Catalogue. Our timp player loves it. The rest of the band have also been very interested in trying it out too!
  12. Tub Thumper

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    I can vouch that the Gibraltar one is (I've used one for ages with Timps!) as are the Remo ones! Best to go for a screw thread adjustment type probably (and try before you buy!).....
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