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  1. fartycat

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    Aside from the two pieces listed below does anyone know any arrangements of Benjamin Britten for band? We're already playing Fanfare for St Edmundsbury.

    SPIDER AND THE FLY (Brass Band) - Britten - Barry, Darrol
    RUSSIAN FUNERAL MUSIC - Parts & Score, LIGHT CONCERT MUSIC - Benjamin Britten - Ray Farr


  2. James Yelland

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    I can't think of a single one, unfortunately. There is an arrangement for orchestral brass of the Simple Symphony, which in my opinion, is not very effective (muted brass isn't really a substitute for pizzicato strings), and I even have a recording of a truncated version of the Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, for brass and percussion only, which seems a bit pointless! Maybe your best bet lies in two pastiche works - Simon Dobson's Four Sketches (which uses material from Les Illuminations), and the recent Diversions after Benjamin Britten, a collaborative work by Simon Dobson, Lucy Pankhurst, Gavin Higgins and Paul McGhee. Both are really excellent works. You can hear the latter work here: and Four Sketches is recorded on Leyland's CD The Alchymist's Journal.
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  3. Laserbeam bass

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    I had a scour around and found The Wallace Collection, A Simple Symphony Britten. TBH No idea what/who the Wallace Collection is but is was on Listen to Band Jul 1 2010
  4. James Yelland

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    This was the recording I was referring to (above). TWC was a group convened by John Wallace after Equale Brass folded. The CD is long out of print but I recall someone on this forum located a copy in the USA, on sale for about 40 quid!
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    Missed the bit about the simple symphony. Been a long week :oops:
  6. Nigel Hall

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    My arrangement of The Courtly Dances from Gloriana is available from Studio Music.
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    Thanks Nigel, I've bought that! James I love both pieces (Four Sketches and Diversions) but I'm thinking about something playable by 3rd section bands.