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  1. organist

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    We now have our own website up and running! Feel free to browse through and contact me with any feedback, comments or questions. :)

    Geraint John
    Webmaster / Cornet
    Corus Concert Band, Port Talbot
  2. jim

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    Excellent to see a band like this still going, One of my good friends and her parants played in this band for many years.

    Read the site and the idea of going around schools atracting kids is deffantly the way forward for any band. And I admire any band that looks to the futer with youth etc

    All the best
  3. Brassb3ll3nd

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    It's nice to see that Corus is sponsoring a Band in the UK, as a member of one of several Bands once sponsored by British Steel, the British Steel Teesside Band, until its demise.
    I am now a member of what used to be our Junior Band and we find ourselves in a very similar situaution as you, struggling mostly for cornet players but surviving thanks to a core of dedicated players.
    Good luck with your endeavours and keep up the good work.

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