British Open/ Spring Festival and Relgegation

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by DublinBass, Sep 8, 2005.

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    While I am quite happy that the top 14 bands in 4barsrest poll (out of 18 competing bands) are represented in the British seems there are always a few bands that are a bit past their prime, but still in the contest because, in some ways, it is difficult to get relegated out.

    I was thinking that since in the Senior Trophy 6 bands are down, 3 are up/ Senior Cup 3 up/ 3 down and Grand Shield 3 down/ variable might be nice to add some symmetry to things.

    What is the British Open 6 got relegated...Grand Shield 6 up/ 3 down....Senior Cup 3up/3down...and Seniot Trophy 3 up 6 down?

    It would be much more the British Open wouldn't be as static. Also, the difference of one more band up or down for these exceptions (like this year or next) wouldn't be as big a deal. Plus the British Open is the only one of the contests where you can go down and up in the same year and not skip a beat!

    What do you all think about keeping the top bands more accountable?!

    I don't know that YBS would have gone down under this system over last year's (or perhaps this year's) result...but how cool would that be to see them (or other top bands that slip in the Open) at Blackpool?!
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    I also made a similar point in the comments page of 4BR.

    'With more and more contest organisers (All England Masters / Scottish Open) referring to the World of Brass / 4BR world rankings to invite our top bands to contests, over time will this just ring fence top bands ???? (i.e. remain always in the top twenty).

    If bands continue to get invited to higher level contests and earn ranking points because of the strength of the line up, this will just help bands to maintain their position within what I believe will then become a flawed ranking system. (grey suits - jobs for the boys etc)

    This will surely make the rankings into tiers (similar to the football league) however, with the distinctive lack of promotion / relegation or opportunity other than the regional to have a crack at your top local bands.

    Just a thought'

    The rankings are not a absolute reflection of consistency, if any of the top five wins a major contest they usually move to the top of the rankings.
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    Mr Malpas has a good point there....Still How many bands who compete at the Open are going to agree to 6 down?
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    Although I agree with the comments about the self-perpetuating effect of 4-BR (or similar) ratings - high placed bands get to play against high placed bands and therefore get into the high ratings again - I don't feel that should necessarily affect the rules for the 'Open'.

    The Open always has had less of a 'chance' element to it - you can guarantee a good lineup of ALL (well most) of the best bands because you aren't subjected to the occasional slip-ups at area contests etc that can lead to individual bands which are recognised as being exceptional missing out on National appearances. Part of the reason for this is the stability which only comes from having such an exclusive nature.

    At least there is the possibility of 'earning' your place at the Open through the GS, and things are far, far better now than 10 years ago when the shield itself was by invitation only at the personal whim of one family........

    Raising the number of promo/relegations to & from the open would make it much more difficult for an upcoming band to get a stable foothold at the Open - and I feel that if you've worked hard enough to climb the ladder and earn a place there you should at least have a reasonable chance of staying for a while {and I know from experience that it's NOT difficult to get relegated !}.

    Raising the promo/relegations could potentially cause financial and planning problems for bands since it would result in a lot more bands having to perform BOTH at the Spring Festival AND at the Open - you would have quite a high likelihood that some bands would yo-yo between the two and end up playing at both contests every year (which would be very demanding but on the bright side might push their ratings up?)