British Open Solo and Quartet Champtionships

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  1. Di B

    Di B Member

    Anyone have any details on results from this contest today?
    Seems to have been off the radar of tmp.

    Checked on facebook, but no updates from any mates as yet!

    All news gratefully received :)
  2. baridis

    baridis Member

    Yes, I was wondering this as well...
  3. Masterblaster jnr

    Masterblaster jnr Active Member

    1. Lode Violet
    2. Michael Cavanagh
    3 Ben Stratford

    Don't know about juniors or quartets
  4. Di B

    Di B Member

    Thanks Masterblaster :)

    Anyone please post the Open results as and when known! If I hear, I'll post too.
  5. euphmag

    euphmag New Member

    open solo

    I know Byron Newton won the euph prize and Daniel Powell won the horn prize.

    Both these went through to the final plus James McCabe (cornet) and Lewis Musson (euph) and 2 others who I can't remember. Sure it will be posted soon.

    Some awsome performances from Martyn Patterson, Matt White, Jonathon Bates (horn). I didn't hear that many though.

    Hope the final goes well!
  6. daveh

    daveh New Member

    In the junior quartets Brass Band Hageland were first and Shirland second.
  7. Di B

    Di B Member

    Jef Vermeiren would go straight through as last years winner, euphmag.

    Well done Shirland too! :-D
  8. basebonetone

    basebonetone Member

    Come on guys-has no-one got the full results!?? Got to say that most of the quartets were not impressed that the results for their section had to wait until after the solo finalswhich are probably still going on as we speak! Very surprised if any stayed for the results-makes the contest less than appealing to re-enter next year after it starting at 9.30 this morning. Quartet section started over an hour late hence the late finish-this will not attract competitors (of whom there has been a marked increase this year) to come in 2011.
  9. critic

    critic Member

    Alate finish again
  10. Masterblaster jnr

    Masterblaster jnr Active Member

    I've just been informed by a relaible Belgian intermediate section winner that the Senior Solos was won by Harmen Vanhoorne who also took Best cornet along with:
    Best Tenor Horn: Daniel powell
    Best Euph/Bari: Byron Newton
    Best Trom: Stephen Lomas
    Best Bass: Jonathan Truscott

    2nd: James McCabe
    3rd: Jef Vermeiren

    And the quartets were won by Exit Brass.
    2nd: Thames Quartet
    3rd: Cosy Brass

    Any British wins this year? :L
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  11. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    Maybe they should rename it the Belgian Open Solo championships :p
  12. Aidan

    Aidan Active Member

    maybe with the influx of 'foreign' superstars coming over for the event, it's about time more of the home-grown superstars started throwing their hat into the ring??
    Too much to lose? :S
  13. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    Courtesy of Tony 'Tuba' Whittingham:

    Results from British Open Senior Quartet Championships:

    1st - Exit Brass
    2nd - Thames Brass
    3rd - Cozy Brass
    4th - Mirum
    5th - Euphony
    6th - Tubaz
    7th - Thoresby
    8th - Brass Elements
    9th - Birmingham Conservatoire
    10th - Brighouse and Rastrick
    11th - Vivo
    12th - Tongwylais
    13th - Hammonds
    14th - Longridge
  14. _si

    _si Member


    Senior Solo Final:
    Adjudicators: Dr Nicholas Childs and James Scott

    1. Harmen Vanhoorne (Brass Band Buizingen) - Bb Cornet
    2. James McCabe (Rothwell Temperance) - Bb Cornet
    3. Jef Vermeiren (Noord-Limburgse) - Bb Cornet

    Bruce Myers (Australia) - Tenor Horn
    Lewis Musson (Wingates) - Euphonium
    Byron Newton (Pelorus Trust Wellington, NZ) - Euphonium
    Daniel Powell (Kibworth) - Tenor Horn
    Daniel Walton (Shirland Welfare) - Bb Cornet

    Individual Instrumental Award:
    Best Soprano/Cornet: Harmen Vanhoorne (Brass Band Buizingen)
    Best Flugel/Eb Horn: Daniel Powell (Kibworth)
    Best Baritone/Euphonium: Byron Newton (Pelorus Trust Wellington, NZ)
    Best Trombone: Stephen Lomas (Desford Colliery)
    Best Bass: Jonathon Truscott (Desford Colliery)

    Intermediate Slowly Melody Final:
    Adjudicators: Phillip Bailey and Katrina Marzella

    1. Lode Violet (Brass Band Willebroek) - Bb Cornet
    2. Michael Cavanagh (Marsden Silver Prize) - Baritone
    3. Ben Stratford (Flowers) - Baritone

    Lewis Bettles (Stannington) - Tenor Trombone
    Amelia Young (Otterbourne Brass) - Flugel Horn
    Nick Walker (Clifton and Lightcliffe) - Bb Cornet

    Junior Slow Melody Final:
    Adjudicators: Phillip Bailey and Katrina Marzella

    1. James Howard (Mossley) - Trombone
    2. Gemma Riley (Wigan Youth) - Trombone
    3. Charlie Bijl (Malvern Chase) - Bb Cornet

    Senior Quartet:
    Adjudicators: Dr Nicholas Childs and James Scott

    1. Exit Brass
    2. Thames Quartet
    3. Cosy Brass

    Junior Quartet:
    Adjudicators: Phillip Bailey and Katrina Marzella

    1. Brass Band Hageland
    2. Shirland
    3. Milnrow Youth

    Courtesy of 4Barsrest :)

    full write up here
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  15. Kath2

    Kath2 Member

    Well Done Mike Cavanagh in the intermediate section. We are all extremely proud of you at Marsden.

    Kath Coton
    Marsden Silver Prize Band
  16. Tony Tuba

    Tony Tuba Member

    Who is this 'Mirum Tuba Quartet' anyway?? I heard they were a bunch of losers!! lol
  17. jockinafrock

    jockinafrock Active Member

    Really enjoyed Sunday's competition - quite a mixed bag in the Adult class especially but some phenomenal playing! Young Daniel Walton was nice surprise in the final line-up, and Jonny Bates gave a great reading. Well done young'uns! :clap:
    Can anyone give me the names of some of the cornet pieces played in the adult class? Only came in half way through so missed a few.
    The Intermediate class was excellent and the finalists were the right ones IMO, and certainly players to look out for in the adult section in years to come.
  18. James Yelland

    James Yelland Active Member

    I am struck by the fact that with all the excited babble about who won what at this event (in which a huge variety of pieces must have been played) there is not a single word about the music.
  19. Bass Trumpet

    Bass Trumpet Active Member

    Nah, nothing to prove! ;)
  20. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    Can't say I've ever heard them play, Tony.... But the bigger chap on Eb Tuba is some shandy-lightweight from the West Midlands with deparately poor taste in football teams... ;)

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