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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by ilovespheres, Apr 27, 2015.

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    Having just heard, I can't help but feel a little disappointed. I'm sure it will be a great piece, (if Arabian Nights is anything to go by) and the crowds will pour in, but I can't help feel frustrated that we are again having to take music from the past and jazz it up a bit to make a test piece.

    I have nothing against that practise in principal, but when there is so much excellent original, contemporary music on offer from all sorts of composers (Waespi, Doss, Dobson etc.) that should be being utilised and is not and which is in Norway, Switzerland, France etc.

    I applaud the National Championships in choosing Spiriti as the Nationals work for the championship section (an absolute cracker in my opinion) and in doing so will introduce (long overdue I think) the British audience to the kind of music I think we should be using more often.
    I was hoping the British Open would perhaps look at similar music and I think being the contest they are, are the best situated to showcase the best original music we have to offer. I think we may be somewhat still in “ if you can hum a tune, then it’s a good piece” mind frame, but I think we need to take more risks and trust that our audiences are prepared to listen to new things.
    (This is from the point of view as a listener)

    I do realise I may be shooting the piece down without even hearing it (I sincerely hope it’s a good piece), but these are my initial thoughts
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    It might test some of the bands, but it will probably test the audience a lot more.

    Having heard Arabian Nights by the same arranger a couple of times it didn't rock my boat, nor does Spiriti for the Albert Hall. You can listen to Gliss's for only a little while (They are an effect not a tune)

    Not having heard this rendition I can only fear It will be 'Gems of Tchaikovsky' with added Euph. runs,Timp rolls and lots and lots of Xylophone.

    I hope I'm wrong but I doubt it so we wont be making the trip to Birmingham

    Juries out on the Albert Hall still
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    Stephen Roberts is great, but surely it's about time we looked towards some of our new composers. I like to assume that all new things must be good, and all the old stuff is rubbish only fit for the second section. I'm sure thingy Dobson could do a zany take on Tchaikovsky with loads of new effects. Maybe P Love-it Cooper could come up with a more crowdpleasing version of his symphonies with more notes than the original, and all packed into a friendly ten minute format. What about a fusion of the classics and 'funk'? - surely some young thrusting composer inour midst could do that?
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    I almost entirely agree with you (apart from Arabian Nights being a 'great piece'), but there's a contradiction there - Spiriti is based on 'Für deinen Thron tret´ ich hiermit', a Bach chorale. Cracking music, but still 'taking music from the past and jazzing it up', no?

    Of course, there's jazz and there's jazz...
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    Good Luck to both Co-op and Kirkintilloch bands this weekend. Goan yersell, give it laldy( in a singing and musical style of course) and lang may yer lum reek.

    Braveheart ya Bass! :)
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    Should be a great contest this weekend - British bands are in great form at the moment and I can't wait to hear Bürgermusik Luzern. Any predictions?
    I have a feeling it might be Grimethorpe's year:
    Grimethorpe, Black Dyke, Cory, Bürgermusik Luzern, Brighouse, Foden's all in the top 6 for me.
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    I have the same top six in the same order my good man.
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    Great minds think alike!
    But even outside our predicted 'top six' you have the likes of Tredegar, Faireys, Co-op Funeralcare, Carlton Main, Rothwell which could suprise! Can't wait!
  10. midlandman

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    Don't forget Flowers some good signings lately plus there established stars
  11. smaca

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    Tough one to call..........but if pushed, Co-op 1st, Kirkintilloch 2nd.
  12. Im sure it will be a great test piece and i will be down from Scotland to hear all of the bands Saturday
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    Anyone out there played it?


    See/hear you on saturday.
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    Yes, it is ok.
  15. Pauli Walnuts

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    5 out of 6 - well done!
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    I can't help but feel appalled that a day before one of the most important contests in the calendar, there are still "errata" being issued. Who proofs these pieces ? It is an absolute joke that bands pay around £150-£200 for a score and parts that are not correct. I think a case could be made that the music is "not fit for purpose" and purchasers should be refunded the full cost of the music. Maybe a test case is called for ?
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    Haha - thank you - although after all the performances yesterday I had 1. Cory / Brighouse 3. Grimethorpe 4. Foden's 5. Burgermusik Luzern 6. Black Dyke - but what a contest. I think any of the top 3 could of won, I favoured Cory, what a show by them. All in all an amazing day.
  18. ilovespheres

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    Special mention to Desford, Woodfalls and Milnrow as well - really enjoyed their performance. What did everyone think of the piece? When Fairey's played it I was a bit curious - but by the end I loved it. Full of character. Although, only Burgermusik, I felt, played it for a ballet.
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    Yes I agree
    The music was, imho, a real test. It looked well within the capabilities of all the bands but it found a lot of the out.
    For me there was a lot of room for style and interpretation. The contrast between Cory, Grimethorpe and BML all so different yet great to listen too. In the end I thought it was down to adjudicator preference although I did wonder if Cory would suffer from the stop starts.
    Some great playing from so many great players.
  20. What a great day it was .
    For me it was Cory who just tipped the scale by a slight margin over Grimethorpe but id got the 6 bands in the frame.

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