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  1. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    [IMGLEFT][/IMGLEFT]Results from the British Open

    Fresh hot-off-the-press from Birmingham, here are the results of the British Open Brass Band Championships 2005...

    1 - Black Dyke
    2 - Buy as you View
    3 - YBS
    4 - Fairey
    5 - Rothwell
    6 - Fodens

    Hope these meet with your approval...
  2. Di

    Di Active Member

    Yup, I think they just about got it right. ;):clap: Was a bit surprised as some of the lower placings though.
  3. Seedhouse

    Seedhouse Active Member

    Really good day, and a rather nice piece (although I still think the endings a bit weird!)
    Agreed with the placings but really thought BAYV deserved to clinch the title! Big congrats to Black Dyke though as they were my 2nd placed! :clap:
  4. BigHorn

    BigHorn Active Member

    Yes I have to agree. I think Grimethorpe were better than their placing, but I didn't have them in the top 6. Dyke were certainly value for money - although I didn't like the way they milked the audience for applause after finishing.
  5. Brian Kelly

    Brian Kelly Active Member

    Bolton, Lancs, England
    Big congratulations to Black Dyke on an excellent performance. For me it was between Black Dyke and YBS for the number one spot.

    Also a big congratulations to Fairey on their 4th place. Apparently they weren't expecting to do that well beforehand, so they should be well-pleased.

    I agree about milking applause ( I don't like it) but Black Dyke weren't the only ones and it has been going on since Belle Vue, though it does seem to be getting worse.

    Was it just me or were bands taking a very long time to set up this year? Didn't there used to be a time limit?
  6. Straightmute

    Straightmute Active Member

    Big commiserations to Grimethorpe. I really though that this might be their day. Quality perfomances from Grimey, YBS, Rothwell and Dyke (so sorry, I missed Cory).

  7. L J

    L J Member

    Vancouver, BC - Canada
    British Open

    Hurray for Black Dyke.
    'Way to go Band! & Dr Nick Childs
    Really proud of you!

    L J
  8. Roger Thorne

    Roger Thorne Active Member

    Wem, Shropshire UK
    Who do you blame - the band or the audience? In my opinion the audience had been waiting all day for a performance of this quality and rightly applauded it. It was stunning! I would argue that any MD who had just conducted this bands performance would not have wanted to soak up that atmoshpere. Being sat close to the stage, and being able to see the expressions on the faces of the MD and players, it was obvious they knew they had just created a 'special' musical performance. I'm sure the players and many people in the audience appreciated it.
    From an MD's point of view (and I hope someone will back me up on this!) the end of a performance does have to be considered carefully. Most MD's will usually acknowledge the soloist in order of performance and maybe other individuals/sections that have been featured. It's all part of the 'presentation' and adds to the professionalism of the overall performance. At this level I don't think it does any harm at all and adds to enjoyment of the day, but what is annoying is the bands that 'milk' it that think they've played well and long after the applause has died down!

    I believe the time limit was in place, but due to the huge amount of percussion involved I would say the organisers would have had a mutiny on their hands if they had tried to endorse it. If you actually read the list of percussion required for this piece and taking into consideration that not all bands where using a 'set' layout, I think all the bands did very well in setting up their kit in the shortest time possible.

    Overall I thought the contest was a 'good un' although the test piece did take a bit of getting into. I also thought that a lot of bands seemed to have run out of rehearsal time! Most were playing the notes, (just) but for me, many bands didn't seem to get beyond the notes and find the music within, those that did were rewarded accordingly.

    And now to the controversial bit! - It was insteresting to see the amount of bands that decided to alter and change parts. :eek: But when you're sat in the audience in full view of the bands with a score on your lap its easy to spot!

    Can - Worms - Open!

  9. Di

    Di Active Member

    We only heard about 8 bands, 4 of which were in the frame. At the end of Dykes performance, we both said "wow, that section had a real touch of humour to it". It was the first time we'd really heard it and it stood out. Hats of to Dyke and Nick Childs, absolutely stunning. I thought it was a very close run thing between them and BAYV, especially between the two soloists. Well done to both Davids as well. :clap:

    And yes, I agree with you Roger, if you know you've pulled off a stunner, go for it! :biggrin: If you're getting the kind of applause and appreciation Dyke were getting yesterday, milk it. ;)
  10. Chris Hicks

    Chris Hicks Member

    I thought that BAYV were going to win but it was very close between them and Dyke! I thought that the top three would be:
    BAYV/ Dyke
    Also thought that soloist prize was going to go to David Childs.
    Was a very enjoyable day can't wait for next year!
  11. wynettamylovely

    wynettamylovely New Member

    I can't believe the ommision of Grimethorpe from very high up the prize list.To have their performance pipped by a band from later in the draw could be understandable but to have them below the two bands which immediately preceded them in the draw - Whitburn and Hepworth - is totally outrageous.

    The judges should be ashamed of themselves.
  12. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    ... in your opinion wynettamylovely. Strong first post I might add...:sup
  13. jim

    jim Member

    yeh good dayes contesting, first time iv gone as a listener this year (played the last few years) although I was in good company as I had Melvin White behind me, Garath Pritchard in front and David King a couple of seats to my left!
    was odd getting used to sitting there with no nerves or tension u get when your playing grimy were superb Im sure this is the start of a new era for them but unlucky yesterday.
  14. cornetgirl

    cornetgirl Active Member

    An enjoyable day - my first time at the Open and I really enjoyed it.

    We're really pleased with the result - the band's worked very hard and on an early draw it's always hard to make an impression.

    Regarding set-up time, from a percussionist's viewpoint this piece is a nightmare to set up for. Anyone watching will have seen a lot of sprinting between instruments in places where you have 7 very quick quavers to stop a triangle, pick up the clash cymbals and go for it! It takes a long time to work out where you want things and you can always lay bets that the band before had everything the opposite way round!!!

    Rach x
  15. Roger Thorne

    Roger Thorne Active Member

    Wem, Shropshire UK
    Our Roving Adjudicator Ian Perks spent all day at the Open yesterday and listened to every band (and there ain't many who did that!) Here are Ian's own views and opinions on each band's performance.

    He was sitting in seat 15, Row A, Right Terrace (facing cornet section)

    Ian's positions are in Italic and the official ones are in Bold.

    Brisk clear start in general and sensible tempo set.
    I-J nice playing here.
    Good Baritone before P
    Tranquillo P. Nice sounding cornet in solo passage the 3/8 bar could have been a lot clearer.
    Q Horn ok in general and some goodish accpumts here.
    Adagio Nice Euph, more Bb wanted 2 bars before T
    T Expressive Euph but could do with a touch more Baritone here.
    4 before V not always in cornet section also a bit insecure, slight blemish before 5/4 colla parte cornets.
    Y-Z ok
    AA-BB ok most of time
    BB Euph and basses ok.
    Nice build towards the end.
    (13 - 16)

    Dynamics seem a bit loud for opening 20 bars.
    D-E-F-G Not controlled and unclear in detail.
    I-J Good try cornets
    L-M More detail needed
    O Nice ensemble
    P Nice solo cornet here
    4 before Q not clear cornets
    Q Solo ok in general but more warmth wanted from ensemble
    R Trombs ok
    S 1 st bar??
    Eb 3 before T clips a odd note confident Euph
    T-U Fair
    U Cornet slips a liitle
    V More expressive playing wanted in general
    4 before W upper register notes are strained a little
    X-AA Fair but detail is lost
    BB+ 13 bars clipped note from Euph
    Fair Ending
    (16 - 8)

    Clear opening in general
    Good detail shown at F
    I-J ok most of time
    M Neat Euphs here
    Nice Baritone before P, and continues from P onwards solo cornet nice sound as well
    Q a bit to loud in pick up solo horn for pp Cresc not really shown
    Sop before R a few uncomforable moments
    S-T ok
    T Sop??
    1 bar before U Baritone lost a little
    V-W Euph 1 before W not 100%
    Why the RALL on the 2/4 bar??
    AA-BB fair in general a bit more detail
    Slight blemish after BB Euph
    10 after BB seems unsure &a few clipped notes are heard from euph.
    Fair Performance
    (12 - 11)

    Clear Opening made
    A nice bass sound here 1st to be heard today
    Ensemble flows into C
    82 Neat
    82-123 all flows well
    127-169 V Good playing here all parts herad yet again for 1st time today!!
    180-220 Great
    233 Super cornet here
    241-245 Cheeky and clever
    245-254 Good clear style shown by band
    Q-R Fine
    278-329 Just top playing along this section
    329-346 V Good
    349 Zips along well
    350+ flows well all round ensemble not much wrong here
    404-End Fine Playing
    (5 - 12)

    Opening-38 fair more detail wanted
    66 rushed a little
    127 onwards better and neater accumpts wanted - cornet duet more conviction needed as well
    207 not neat
    207-223 more control wanted
    233-241 ok in general
    Bar 250 untidy cornets
    257 Horn a touch uneasy
    260-262 likewise sop
    278-282 not 100% from Euph
    282 more warmth from Basses
    289 Baritones a touch to loud
    305-307 not clear by sop
    325 sop same as before
    326 Euph slighty uncomfortable moments in higher notes
    340+ more detail wanted from ensemble
    409 more warmth from soloists and band in general
    More style and impact in closing 3 bars
    (14 - 18)

    Fair start.
    57-60 did not seem neat enough in general by cornets
    I-J ok
    198 more euph needed here please
    Nice lead into P
    245-254 niceley done
    1 before R sop??
    278 Slight blemish by Euph in early bars and afew bars later to
    289 Nice sounds from Baritones
    305 nice sop& Cornet here accumpts as well
    325 Sop only just
    326 Unclear pick up by Euph to begin
    360-380 Flows nice in general
    385 Could have been cleaner cornets
    409 A bit more feeling wanted
    420 -End Fair
    To many slips in general with this performance
    (9 - 7)

    23 a touch to loud for pp in lower end
    65 impact is lost on ffz
    101-125 Fair
    127-174 in general not bad all lines fit well
    207 a touch untidy
    234 Nice cornet also Baritone as well, music flows nice along this passage.
    253 Clear horn playing & accumtps in general ggod
    R Good change of tempo
    278 Good euph here
    282-287 Links nice in general
    304-325 last few notes just get there for sop but ok along here in general
    326 Slight blemish by euph (Shame)
    360-385 Ok here
    409-end some nice playing here
    (6 - 14)

    Opening-46 ok in general
    50-70 Flows nice
    127 good dynamic by cornets music flows well along this passage
    Good change of style into O
    P a touch more cornet needed in solo passage
    246 nicely done here
    Nice sop 258-263
    278 Slight blemish by Euph but good sound
    287 Tentative Tromb
    303-316 Nice playing
    326 Euph slighty stuggles in upper notes and last note fades out
    360 ok rhythm and style
    404 Sop just a touch to much spoils effect and build up created.
    409 More feeling from Euph wanted a few unsure moments bty Trombs 413-416.
    Ending passage could have been a lot better played with more warth in inner parts
    (11 - 13)

    39 not clear Eb Bass
    59-65 unclear in general
    I needs more style and conviction in cornet duet under parts are fine though
    Some not to convincing playing before N
    230 nice Baritone sound here
    234 Sweet cornet playing here
    P Flows nice in ensemble and in general is good
    254-R good
    S Nice effect shown
    279 Eb bass(283) not quite here, nice euph
    292-303 Nice playing
    V Top cornets not always clear (309-310)
    320-325 looses style here and the odd note at 325 does not speak clear
    338 Untidy
    348 Why Slow up?
    385-386 could have been neater
    404 More cresc needed a better warmer sound wanted
    409 Nice Euph
    409 More feeling wanted from band better expressive playing.
    (8 - 4)

    39 More conviction wanted by Basses
    59 3's not neat
    88 not always clear ensemble
    123-I Detail is not clear
    I More style needed here along this section
    150 Sounds a bit untuneful Flugel &Baritone
    K detail is lost along here in many lines
    P Nice Cornet
    241 Dynamics are overdone
    254 Nice Horn but 257-260 better band playing needed more
    281 Fair
    282 + basses adequate most of time
    289 Fair but more wanted from Baritones
    298-329 more feeling wanted from ensemble more expression as well
    327-329 Euph just gets through here
    360-380 Fair
    409+more warmth wanted and style, &shape is lacking a touch here
    425 Euphs Not together
    (18 - 17)

    Clear Start.
    Detail is lost after opening bars
    83 more delicate style needed
    88-103 more detail wanted
    103- not clear
    I Cornets do not come across clear in this passage more style is needed
    Bar before O is loose and not together
    233 more Baritone wanted here please
    P Cornet nice sound but more expression would be better in band
    244 cornets not together
    249-254 more attention to detail wanted
    Q Horn clips the odd note around here
    271 Cleaner shape from cornets wanted
    S not always 100% Euph&Bass
    286 Bb Bass faded out to sson on low note
    298 To much Baritone sound spolis main line on Euphs
    303+ not allwell along this passage in inner parts
    music lost flow along here in this section
    343 Untidy Cornets
    385+More shape wanted
    409 Dynamics Euph&Flug dont match here +intonation creeps in a little .
    Ending rather rushed in last 2 bars
    (17 - 15)

    Looses shape and style at 39
    65-75 Fair
    75 To much percussion here on cresc
    88 Style is lost around this section more conviction needed
    I Reasonable ensemble but not alawys convincing
    199 Good Euphs
    208-223 loose playing in odd bars
    234 nice cornet and band in general
    244 not clear cornets into 245
    245-249 more life wanted please
    278 Sop almost overdoes it here
    282 ok in general
    287 Euph more expression wanted here
    298 Nice
    301-320 Not convincing along this passage
    326 Euph just gets by in this section
    343 Very Untidy
    385+ could have been neater in seniquavers
    404+ more feeling &warmth wanted towards the end
    (15 - 5)

    Brilliant start Super Detail shown
    82 Music flows with so much style
    I Just so simple and played well
    L Brilliant Sop here
    M Great Euphs and style as well
    213 So precise and well played
    234 Top Cornet playing here the best of the day
    241-245 Briiant ensemble
    250 so much time given here
    253 Super horn/sop just outstanding
    R Great tempo change by conductor
    278-282 V Good
    282 nothing to moan at all about
    289 Brillaint Baritones here good solid sound, Euph just Heaven here
    298 Super warm sound here
    303-329 Just Magic
    W-AA Top Fine playing here
    404 What a sound here
    409-End all the way home from now on so well controlled by band
    A Cracking Performance
    (1 - 1)

    Very good start all parts fit well
    I Flows nice and into K
    215-223 Nice style here
    233-241 Fine Cornet and band
    253 Stlylish horn playing
    263 Good change of tempo
    279-281 Euph slighty suspect here
    282-287 ok
    289-329 Very good playing shown in most cases
    360-390 Fine in General
    404 - end some fine playing all round throughout piece
    (4 - 3)

    The start what went wrong here???
    65+ not clear in detail ensemble
    I-K in general flows well
    184 not clear sop
    220-O Fine in general
    232-P Nice cornet here but odd blemish crept in
    Q Neat
    253 Nice solo horn & Sop as well
    R Good Trombs here
    278 Slight blemish by euph
    282-287 ok in general
    288 Another Euph blemish again in this passage, good Baritones
    298 Nice effect created
    303-329 some nice moments here
    360-400 ok most of time
    404 warmer sound wanted here from band in general
    Goodish Finish but warmer sound wanted
    Conductor What went wrong at Start??
    (10 - 10)

    Brilliant Start & Good Style
    84 Flows Great
    199 Top Euphs here
    N-O So neat and clear
    224 So precise and clear
    234 Top sound from Cornet all parts fit well
    253 Horn Great playing here Sop Just spot on as well nothing to fault here at all
    278-S Great
    282 Euph ? Seems a slight hesitation on Fb note but a super sound shown
    298 Flows well
    some fine band playing in this section soloists are outstanding
    326 Bravo Euph playing
    361-363 just a fraction to much Tromb
    Good build up into 404
    404-End Some great playing indeed throughout the piece
    (3 - 2)

    Goodish start
    57-65 Nice Euphs
    I-K Ok in general, the odd bar before k not always clear (Baritone)
    Nice lead into 233
    234 Cornet sweetly played
    241 a little overdone
    253 Nice Horn sound
    R Good contrast to follow
    279 Euph slight blemish to start
    282 Eb Bass ? to begin
    286 Slight hesitation by Flugel
    287-292 could have worked a little neater with Baritones
    304-324 Ok in general
    325 Cornet just hangs on , like wise Euph at 329
    360 Pick up not heard Horns & Baritones
    404 Nice
    409 Euph nice but a touch to much for p
    Nice ending
    (7 - 9)

    Fine start all parts fit well here
    I-K Works well
    229 Nice
    Good lead into 233
    P(234) fine cornet playing here well done
    253 Nice solo horn and great sop as well
    279 Slight blemishes by Euph
    285 Bb Bass entry just about heard a touch more wanted
    292-324 fine playing along here
    326-329 Nice Euph here
    329-380 Works well and lots of detail shown
    404 Great
    409-415 just top playing along this passage
    415 -End Just a solid sound from all round the band so nice to hear
    (2 - 6)

    Many thanks to Ian for getting these to us in record time

  16. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    West Midlands
    Yes for sure the BLACK DYKE performance was just mind blowing and it was justified by the long applause by the audience.:clap: :clap: :clap:
    All the soloists were just stunning and the way and the manor in which it was done was a CREDIT to the Conductor NICK CHILDS.;)
    The Band knew they had played well and stood there to take what was rightly given to them after by the audience.
    You could not single out any one in the band as they all gave 100% each and played for each other and there conductor.:clap:
  17. cornetgirl

    cornetgirl Active Member

    Did anyone else think it was a bit rough that you couldn't go in to hear the results unless you'd bought a ticket?

    By the time we'd played the tickets had all sold out and it did create a rather amusing moment when everyone waited for the best soloist (who didn't seem to have bought a ticket) to collect his prize....

    It's the only contest I've been to that doesn't have bandsmens tickets and for me it spoilt the day a bit, the results being announced to a hall that had a handful of the competing bands in. Makes you wonder (IMHO) who the contest was really for...

    Rach x
  18. IYOUNG

    IYOUNG Member

    The deep south
    Excellent dat yesterday

    Can I just say, I don't know anybody from the Rothwell Band but what a super performance from one of the less fancied runners and thoroughly deserving.

    Congratulations and a huge well done to you all

  19. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    near Dublin
    Really? That is rough. Last year they played the results on the Teles outside the hall. They didn't do that this year?
  20. Di

    Di Active Member

    I do believe they did, but its not quite the same is it. :(
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