British Bandsman to celebrate 125 years in style

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    British Bandsman has announced that it is to celebrate its 125th anniversary with a gala concert featuring Black Dyke Band and the Australian multi-instrumentalist, James Morrison. According to BB’s Editor, Kenneth Crookston, the concert, to be held at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall on Sunday 1 July, “will give as many of the magazine’s readers as possible a chance to hear one of the finest bands of today along with a quite remarkable and charismatic musician in James Morrison.”
    He continued: “Anyone who had the pleasure of attending this combination’s previous performances at Bridgewater Hall will know what a thrilling prospect the event is, but we are currently finalising plans for the concert programme and expect to make some further exciting announcements in the weeks ahead.”

    Speaking about the project, Black Dyke Band’s Music Director, Dr. Nicholas Childs, commented: “Black Dyke has a very special bond with James Morrison and our recent tour of Australia reaffirmed to us that he is a special musician indeed. It’s a great honour for Black Dyke to be invited to join in the 125th anniversary celebrations of British Bandsman and we are delighted that this collaboration with the ‘Wizard of Oz’ will give us an opportunity to introduce some of the new repertoire we performed in 2009 to the UK audience.”
    Kenneth Crookston added: “I was privileged to attend BB’s ‘Concert of the Century’ at Manchester’s Free Trade Hall in 1987 and the impression made by the fantastic music and performers that night will live with me forever. We hope that this year’s special anniversary concert will produce its own musical legacy and that as many lovers of brass bands and their music as possible will be able to join us in July.”

    Tickets, priced £22.00, £19.00 and £15.00 are on sale now from the Symphony Hall Box Office on 0121 345 0600 or online at
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    British Bandsman readers are being given the chance to vote on the finale to Black Dyke Band’s programme at the magazine's 125th anniversary concert in Symphony Hall, Birmingham, at 3.00pm on Sunday 1st July.

    Speaking on the initiative, British Bandsman editor, Kenneth Crookston, commented: “Our 125th anniversary concert promises to be a very special occasion in many ways, and by way of a ‘thank you’ to our loyal readership, some of whom have been reading the magazine for many years, we are offering them the opportunity to play a part in choosing the final item in Black Dyke’s programme.”
    He continued: “Simply by visiting our website at and following the link on the banner, readers can enter their details and their three favourite programme ‘finishers’ in order of preference. The final choice will be the one with the most votes, with first choices weighted higher than second, and so on. Those who participate and are lucky enough to nominate the winner among their three choices will have the chance to win one of five pairs of top-priced tickets for the concert, which will also feature the remarkable Australian multi-instrumentalist, James Morrison.”

    Commenting on BB’s latest initiative, Black Dyke’s Music Director, Nicholas Childs added: “We at Black Dyke are delighted to be taking part in British Bandsman’s 125th anniversary celebrations and involving the brass band public in selecting the closing part of our programme promises to add real interest to the event. With an unlimited choice on offer, we are really looking forward to finding out exactly what the audience in Symphony Hall want to hear.”

    Readers wishing to send their choices by post can do so to British Bandsman Anniversary, 66-78 Denington Road, Wellingborough, Northants, NN8 2QH. The closing date for submissions is Monday 16th April and the final choice and winners of the concert tickets will be revealed in the following week’s British Bandsman. Full details are available on the British Bandsman website. The competition is open to anyone, although voters may enter only once. The Editor's decision is final in the event of any dispute.

    Tickets for the event, priced £22.00, £19.00 and £15.00, are available from the Symphony Hall Box Office on 0121 345 0600 or online at
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    Let's all vote for Hootenanny.
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    I vote for Bob and Anno Draconis's new brass band oratorio The Beatification of Phineas Bower. I've got a good feeling about it.
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    British Bandsman’s poll to decide what piece will finish Black Dyke Band’s closing item at the 125th Anniversary Concert, which will take place in Symphony Hall, Birmingham, at 3.00pm on 1 July, has stirred up considerable interest, with votes coming in thick and fast from literally all over the world.

    Editor Kenneth Crookston commented: “We have been almost snowed under by the amount of
    votes that have come in through our website since we announced the poll in last week’s BB. Readers from around the banding world have really been inspired to come up with some very imaginative suggestions, so I’m sure we can look forward to something very exciting when we get to Symphony Hall in July.”
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    Eric Ball's Journey into Freedom, written for the National Brass Band Championships in 1967, has been chosen as the readers' choice to close Black Dyke Band's programme at the British Bandsman 125th Anniversary Gala Concert in Symphony Hall, Birmingham at 3pm on Sunday 1st July.

    Commenting on the choice, British Bandsman's editor, Kenneth Crookston, said; "We had a terrific selection of 'finishers' put forward by our readership and in the event it was a very close run thing between Journey into Freedom, Procession to the Minster, The Pines of the Appian Way and Immortal. However, I am delighted that the great Eric Ball classic has been chosen and I'm sure that everyone present in Birmingham on 1st July will agree that it will form a great finale to what promises to be a memorable occasion".

    The five winners of a pair of tickets for the concert will be announced in British Bandsman issue dated Saturday 28th April.
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    Philip Sparke, one of the most popular brass and wind band composers of recent years, is to write a new work to celebrate British Bandsman's 125th anniversary. The work, entitled A Bandsman's Overture, will receive its world premiere at Symphony Hall, Birmingham on Sunday 1st July performed by the newly-crowned European Champion, Black Dyke Band conducted by Dr Nicholas Childs.

    Revealing the news, BB’s Editor, Kenneth Crookston, commented; "Our anniversary concert already promised to be a memorable event, but the inclusion of a brand new work by arguably the most popular brass band composer of the past 30 years or so is a real coup. Like many of the present-day banding community, I have been a great admirer of Philip's music for most of my career and I am delighted that this new work will open the second half of our concert".

    Speaking about the work, Philip Sparke said; "I was naturally delighted to be asked to write a piece for this historic occasion and to celebrate the anniversary of a magazine which, more than anything else, symbolises the history of our great movement. A premiere by Black Dyke is, of course, a bonus!".

    He added; "The overture is, as befits the event, celebratory in tone and I have tried to make it both forward and backward-looking to capture this sense of history. So it reflects 21st century brass band music as well as paying homage, in terms of form, to our great banding heritage".
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    British Bandsman can release exclusive details about James MacMillan’s much anticipated commission for Black Dyke Band, which will be premièred at its 25th anniversary concert at Symphony Hall, Birmingham on 1 July. Speaking to British Bandsman, Philip Wilby, who was involved in commissioning the work, commented: “In the eyes of many, James MacMillan is the leading British composer of his generation and enjoys a worldwide reputation for his craftsman-like brand of direct and accessible contemporary music.”

    Dr. Nicholas Childs, Music Director of Black Dyke Band, explained: “The commission has been ongoing for nearly five years and although James had initially written Fanfare over 15 years ago and has had many invitations to write for brass band previously, it was following a meeting with Philip Wilby and myself at the BBC in Manchester that he finally accepted his first major commission for brass band.”
    Philip Wilby, who spent some time with the composer at the International Summer School of the Royal School of Church Music, continued: “During our conversations, I asked James about his earlier pieces for brass band and whether he would be interested in writing a major piece for Black Dyke. I realised that many such invitations had been made before, so I was delighted when he accepted.”

    The new piece is a concert work with a Latin title - Canite Tuba, literally meaning ‘Sound the Trumpet’ and draws its texts from two Vesper anitiphons sung during Advent. The composer, James MacMillan CBE, revealed: “The work is based on an Old Testament quote from the book of Joel. I have chosen it for my most substantial brass band work to date as it gives an indication of the broader sonorities and qualities of brass band music. I played cornet in Ayrshire bands as a boy and have never lost my excitement for the band sound.”
    Professor Wilby concluded, “It is music of intense and spectacular display, unrelieved in its impact, that will set pulses racing and ears tingling. James’ family background includes a brass band element, and the music represents a tribute to his grandfather.”

    Tickets for the concert, priced £22.00, £19.00 and £15.00, are available from the Symphony Hall Box Office on 0121 345 0600 or online at
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    Didn't realise the BB was still going - do they still send out a paper to subscribers every week? I do remember before the t'internet it was the only way to find out if one of the Childs Bros. had changed their socks or what Allan Morrison had eaten for breakfast, but with the online stuff like 4br I thought it would have gone by now. It would be interesting to compare their circulation figures from 20 ,50, 75, & 100 years ago as this may tell us a lot about the state of banding, but I suppose the web will distort recent figures if they do an online version.
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    Great concert this afternoon. Amazing to hear a brief pre-concert introduction to Canite Tuba by the composer James MacMillan prior to its world premiere in the second half of the concert. How come, with his background, he's never written a major work for brass band before? Looking forward to hearing Canite Tuba again on the DVD, due for release in October.

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