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    The British Army Brass Band (BABB) has just released their much anticipated first CD recording 'Top Brass’. It was recorded earlier this year and contains a varied selection of old favorites, new compositions and solo items. The CD is available from the Corps of Army Music website ( or from 4 Bars Rest ( at a cost of £11 plus postage and packaging.

      • 1st August 2008 - Listen to the Band – BBC Radio 2
      • 27th September 2008 - National Finals, International Conference Centre, Harrogate
      • 25/26th October 2008 - Pontins, Prestatyn
      • 18th January 2009 - Hawth Theatre, Crawley
    'Top Brass' from the British Army Brass Band: Keighley Moor, Abu Hassan, Demelza, Battle of the Planets, Red Flame, Los Hermanos de Bop, Diversions on a Welsh Hymn, Nativity, Where Eagles Sing, Danse Macabre, Ave Maria, Army of the Nile, Preludium, Peel Park, Birdland.

    WO1 (BM) Justin Matthews

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    I just bought the CD. WOW. Many tracks will make it on the radio station even though all are worthy. A great value a £12!

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    Thanks for the positive feedback. Just to say that 4barsrest don't have it up on the site yet. Easiest way to purchase the CD at the moment is via the Royal Military School of Music Shop. Telephone 020 8744 8632.

    The band will be at Harrogate and Pontins. Tickets are now on sale for the concert at The Hawth in Crawley on 18th January 2009 - we plan to only do 2 or 3 public performances next year so get your tickets early to avoid disappointment.
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    Contact Midland CD. They are my #1 Sponsor and great friends. They are always looking for quality CDs to distribute.

    I got my copy by having a friend of mine order it from the Army then post it to me in the US. The Army's primary purpose is not to sell CDs.

    Beyond that, since we are in the classified section. Every CD I play on the station (179 at the moment!) I have a link to where you can buy it. See My little part in trying to help the bands.

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    Army top brass makes impressive debut​

    Top Brass
    British Army Brass Band
    Director of Music: Captain David Barringer
    Bandmaster: WO1 Chris King
    LSgt. Richard Evans (soprano cornet and trumpet), LCpl. Andrew Porter (euphonium),
    LCpl. Tim Hammond (cornet), Musn. Gareth Lancaster (flugel horn)
    Music House Productions MHP 208
    Available from, World of Brass, 4barsrest, Midland CD.​

    The British Army Brass Band was formed in July 2007 out of a
    desire of many military musicians to revisit their brass band
    roots. The band made its first public appearance at that year’s
    Pontin’s Championships at Prestatyn to great acclaim, and
    this recording, its first, gives the listener a taste of both its
    entertaining repertoire and the high standard of musicianship
    possessed by its players and conductors.

    Australian-born Joe Cook’s march,
    Keighley Moor, gets the
    show on the road and, although taken at a slightly more
    sedate tempo than we have heard in previous recordings from
    Yorkshire Building Society Band for which it was written, it is
    given a tidy and respectful reading.

    Carl Maria von Weber’s short but intricate overture,
    , follows, and it is heard in fine detail throughout.
    LSgt Richard Evans of the Band of HM Coldstream Guards is
    the first soloist on the disc and what a fine one he is. Goff
    Demelza (written under the pseudonym of Hugh
    Nash) is given a reading of some beauty by the soprano
    cornetist, who displays great artistry and an ease of style

    In contrasting style, the next piece is Philip Harper’s
    arrangement of the theme to the television animation series,

    Battle of the Planets​
    , which will undoubtedly bring back a
    few memories for those old enough (or young enough) to
    remember it. LCpl. Andrew Porter is the tasteful euphonium
    soloist in Peter Meechan’s
    Red Flame, a new work inspired
    by an evening out during Queen’s Night in the Netherlands.
    Like the evening itself, a tranquil opening gives way to an
    energetic and colourful adventure later in the work, and the
    soloist handles its numerous challenges with apparent ease.
    Top brass indeed!

    Sandy Smith’s arrangement of Mark Taylor’s
    Los Hermanos
    de Bop
    is a familiar favourite from the days of Grimethorpe
    Colliery’s domination of the Brass in Concert Championships,
    and this performance is illuminated by the flugel horn break
    by Musn. Gareth Lancaster.

    Diversions on a Welsh Hymn Tune, ​
    is a new work by
    Bandmaster Christopher King. Unusually, the theme,

    Immortal, Invisible, ​
    comes at the end of what the programme
    notes call ‘a set of extreme variations’, almost keeping the
    listener in suspense as to the hymn tune’s identity, although
    there are some clues along the way. It is an excellent work
    that deserves further airings and the band performs it with
    great panache.

    With such a fine soprano player in the group, it would always
    be a good idea to play something challenging featuring the
    band’s tightrope walker.
    Nativity from Philip Wilby’s …Dove
    isn’t a soprano solo as such, but it would be remiss
    of me not to mention Richard Evans’ treatment of the delicate
    soprano part, which makes this performance memorable.
    Surely one of the most performed works in the current brass
    band repertoire, Paul Lovatt-Cooper’s
    Where Eagles Sing, is
    next on the programme, followed by John Iveson’s
    tour de
    for cornet, Charivari. This features the accomplished Cpl.
    Tim Hammond of the Minden Band of the Queen’s Division,
    who, although very much at home in
    Granada, which opens
    and closes the work, excels in the central
    Dark Eyes movement.
    David Barringer’s transcription of the familiar
    Danse Macabre

    by Saint-Saëns is followed by Caccini’s ​
    Ave Maria, which
    is given tasteful treatment by flugel horn soloist, Gareth
    Lancaster. Kenneth J. Alford’s
    Army of the Nile allows the
    band to show that it knows exactly how to perform a march
    in traditional British military style, and the prelude to
    Frescobaldi’s toccata in D minor, arranged by Band Sergeant
    Major Lee Clayson under the title,
    Preludium, is given a finelycontrolled

    Peel Park (The Bandstand) ​
    is the final movement of Philip
    Lowry Sketchbook and it caused a myriad of problems
    when it was used as the test-piece for the Regional
    Championships in 1997. Thankfully, the British Army Brass
    Band is up to all the challenges the work presents, and it gives
    an accomplished rendition to end this excellently recorded
    and performed CD.

    Such a fine performance is worthy of an encore, and the
    listener is treated to a high-octane reading of Sandy Smith’s
    arrangement of Joe Zawinul’s
    Birdland, featuring some
    stratospheric trumpet playing from the star of the show,
    Richard Evans.

    This will be the first opportunity that most will have to hear
    the British Army Brass Band, and this listener’s advice is to
    grab it with both hands.

    Kenneth Crookston​

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    I am glad it is in the "hands" of people who sell CDs.

    Again, I own the CD due to a friend of mine buying it from the Army in the UK and sending it to me in the US. It is worth every penny, and since the dollar trades 1/2 of the British Pound it is like me paying double.

    Still worth it! :clap:

    You can hear certain tracks on the radio station.