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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Seedhouse, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. Seedhouse

    Seedhouse Active Member

    Just a quick question, at the beginning of Brillante, are the Euph solo runs tongued or slurred? I've heard many players play it differently... :?
    Also what kind of things do people do in the cadenza, and how do you/ they learn to make up their own? I just wanted to personalise my own cadenza :lol:
  2. lynchie

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    when Steve did it with YB2k he stuck in pedal notes and chords in the cadenza... i can't really remember it that well at the moment so i'll leave him to describe a bit more!
  3. Railybobs

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    there is a cd out on the Egon label called Brilliante available from which features some of Peter Grahams works. the Cd is all of his works. only one composer if I am making sense.

    Good listening.
  4. carlwoodman

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    I've got this CD in my personal collection because I played on it. Steven Mead himself played Brillante on this occasion. It was recorded in 1997 but I didn't find it on I doubt if there are any left for sale anywhere now.
    Steven recorded the cadenza while the band were having lunch so we didn't hear it until the CD was released. I've just had a listen to remind myself. As always, what Steven did had musical integrity stamped all over it even though it featured extras like super G's, chords and extraordinary pedal range playing.
  5. Seedhouse

    Seedhouse Active Member

    Yup I've got the CD it's amazing, I like Peter Graham's music.
    I think i'll email Steven Mead and ask him for any help on learning/ developing my own cadenza's.
    Anyone know about the aritculation at the beginning- slurred or tongued?
  6. Railybobs

    Railybobs Member

    what ever happened to Egon brass?
  7. Highams

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    The original recording as a duet by the Childs Bros. is slurred, which is how I prefer it as well.
  8. Steve

    Steve Active Member

    Its all slurred, i tongue the 2nd semi in bar 5 (g) and the c on the semi after the 3rd beat gives it a bit of drive. do the same when it repeats up a tone. The cadenza.....cant tell you how to personalise it cos that defeats the object. I check the style of the music that has just gone and what comes after and try and join the styles with the cadenza. This one is follows a quick bit so I whip up to the top D, maybe an fp then cresc into the descending bit with a little break before the top B and keep going another octave down in triplets to a pedal G and stick a chord on it. Cheese the next bit up cos the audience love a jig from a soloist, also I pull back for the silly leaps (B,G,top G,bottom G, top G i think) and put a quick gliss through the last two octaves. Getting slower for the next bit then into the chromatic. Start slow, accel and go from bottom g to g above the top line with the chromatic then a slow gliss to a super G to finish. Try it and you will know what bits you like and which you could change slightly. Just play what you feel like playing, then its your solo and not someone elses. Hope that helps a bit. Dave Thornton is on here somewhere so I am more than a little concerned about revealing my theory on this cadenze, I am sure he could give a completely different view which would wipe the floor with mine. Good Luck.
  9. carlwoodman

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    Egon Publishers Ltd. is a successful printing company owned and managed by John Street. John got into supplying brass band CD's and formed Egon Virtuosi Brass to publicise the new Egon label. The first CD made was of Salvation Army marches most of which had never been recorded on CD up to that point. The band ceased to exist as John sold the Egon label and the CD side of his business to SP&S Limited in the late 1990's.
  10. Seedhouse

    Seedhouse Active Member

    Cheers guys, you've been a great help to me. :wink:
  11. Di B

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    Just a point - if you are going to take someones advice on how to play a cadenza (any cadenza) then it won't be in your personal style will it?

    General listening to any soloist at work will help you appreciate their musical flair, shaping and even 'busking' of solos (which a cadenza is at the end of the day)

    Play the cadenza straight as written so all the basic notes are under your control first.

    My advice is listen to what goes on before/after the cadenza in the shape of musical style. If it is f before and p after you may wish to put a dim in your cadenza for example, same theory wil staccato/legato etc etc etc.....
    Then (to quote a Dirty Dancing line!) feel the music! Where do you feel the music needs shaping? What style do you feel the music should be played in? Do you feel the need to do octave jumps/lip slurs/running around an audience dressed as a pixie or is it something you feel is not important?

    A cadenza in my opinion, is under soloistic licence (unless the conductor advises otherwise!), so as long as you feel it is good and suitable to the composition of the music, and your MD likes it then job done.

    If you want to be the soloist you inspire to be, then don't copy other moves, but appreciate them and maybe include one or two you particularly like into your repetiore. This way your own style will develop.
  12. jamie the euph

    jamie the euph New Member

    I feel that it is best to slur two tongue two and it sounds much better and cleaner in my opinion!
  13. Seedhouse

    Seedhouse Active Member

    True, I just wanted to see how other people developed their cadenza's so that I know how to make a start on mine.
    Thanks for your help on them by they way Di, and nice to see you on Sunday at Leicester.