Brighton & Hove City Brass take Nightclub by storm

Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by BrightonHove, Feb 10, 2012.

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    Last Friday evening (3rd Feb) Brighton and Hove City Brass swapped their usual sedate surroundings of bandstand, hall or competition stage for the packed and rocking arena of The Haunt nightclub in Brighton city centre. In an exciting link up with popular Indie group British Sea Power (BSP) party goers were treated to a rich and rewarding musical experience.

    As slightly nervous band members started to gather Musical Director Matthew Hackett said 'this is a really exciting evening for the band and is certainly something different'. He added 'we will be opening the evening with a medley of popular tunes starting with Thunderbirds, then later some of the band will be playing Waving Flags with British Sea Power.’ Trombone player and Chairman of the Band David Hush who has been with the band for 12 years said 'this will be completely different from normal, it will be interesting to gauge the reaction!’

    BSP UK manager Dave Taylor said 'we did this with Brighton Brass some while ago and it went down very well but this time around both bands will be playing together. The people in here tonight will be in for a few surprises.' BSP guitarist Marton Nobel said 'everyone loves a brass band, when our two sounds come together it should be very exciting!'

    The Haunt is an amazing arena for live concerts, its cosy and everyone is really close to the action. By around 8.00pm the place was packed as the Band dressed in blue waistcoats and black bow ties took their place on stage. With a 17 piece on show they looked fantastic. The show started with Thunderbirds, then Sweet Gingerbread Man, The Floral Dance, Calon Lan, good old Sussex by the Sea, The A Team and finished with a BSP request of All Creatures Great and Small. The crowd loved it and were cheering and applauding enthusiastically throughout.

    By 11.30pm band members Jen Ranger, Jen Martin, Amy Richardson, Hilary Lowe, Martin Shelley, John Skinner, Will Lindley and Stefan Sommer, decked out in vivid Red and Gold, were back on stage ready for their big number with BSP. A wonderful rich sound was created as Waving Flags was played. The brass band really added to what is already a great number. The crowd really went wild and everyone was dancing away. It was a magical moment during what was an amazing evening.

    Young Daniel Raphael ( 18 ) of Sussex Uni raved 'that was an amazing sound which could go down in history!’

    Well, we'll have to see!

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    south of watford gap
    This is the kind of innovative stuff I like

    Congrats to all

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    Brighton and Hove City Brass (B&HCB) will once again be supporting top British Indie group British Sea Power (BSP) at The Haunt nightclub in Brighton city centre on Friday 1 June 2012.

    B&HCB will be the first band on at 7.30pm performing a 30 minute set which, if the last performance is anything to go by, will be played to a packed and very excited crowd.

    Musical Director Matthew Hackett said 'we are delighted to be asked
    once again to support this amazing and very popular band. It is really exciting for us and certainly very different'.

    B&HCB will be fielding a band of 18 and the programme consists of some popular items that we hope will go down well with the BSP supporters.

    11.00pm some band members have been asked to accompany BSP again in their popular anthem Waving Flags.
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    The latest performance of the band supporting British Sea Power was held at The Haunt in Brighton on 1 June 2012.

    The band started the night with a set of half an hour that consisted of: Klezmer Karnival, Bandstand Boogie, Carillon, Delilah, Carnaval de Paris (The Vindaloo Football song) and The Stripper.

    And HERE is a snippet of the band accompanying British Sea Power in their final song of the night - Waving Flags.

    Maybe we'll be on their next album!!!! :cool::cool:

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    Bicester, Oxfordshire
    We didn't do anything as exciting when I played there.
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