Brighton & Hove City Brass support British Sea Power

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    Top Indie Rock Band

    After members of top rock band British Sea Power attended a concert in St Bartholomew's Church in their home town of Brighton earlier in the year they were quick to ask Brighton & Hove City Brass to support them at the first UK Tour gig at the Brighton Corn Exchange on

    Thursday 2 October 2008

    Asking the band to play ½ an hour of "typical brass band music" Brighton & Hove City Brass will be treating the 900 strong audience to

    Aces High
    El Cumbanchero
    Clog Dance
    Sussex by the Sea
    Armenian Fire Dance

    (and by request - Floral Dance as the encore)

    Ticket information available from the Dome website and a little preview can be seen at the Brighton Argus website

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    Sounds like a fun gig, Matt - best of luck with it!
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    Ah, wish I saw that earlier Matt!!
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    'Tisn't til tomorrow BBM - still time to get your ticket ;)
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    I go to Cornwall on Saturday!! The wife wont be pleased if I went! Drat!
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    Brighton is on the way to Cornwall - in a sort of AA/RAC Route sort of way ;) 24 hours to get over it too..........we're on at 8.30pm and we get to stay for the main event
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    [FONT=&quot]Brighton & Hove City Brass
    [/FONT][FONT=&quot]support the Mercury Music Prize nominees ‘British Sea Power’
    [/FONT][FONT=&quot]at the Dome Corn Exchange in Brighton[/FONT]​

    Back in June 2008 Brighton & Hove City Brass played a concert at St. Bartholomew's in Brighton which led to them being asked to be one of the support acts for a gig being headlined by a local Indie band called British Sea Power. Obviously the band were very excited to be asked to play at such a prestigious venue and were glad to say yes.

    On Thursday night the band arrived at the Corn Exchange not quite knowing what to expect but the Dome backstage crew were extremely helpful and made us feel very welcome.

    Taking the first support act slot, the band set up facing off against the main stage making good use of the raised platform situated directly above the bar. Again, the backstage crew were extremely helpful and even carried some of our equipment up the stairs (note from our drummer, must try and get our own set of roadies!!)

    The space dictated that we couldn't set up in normal band formation, but, as we are always willing to adapt, we managed to squeeze the 21 players (yes, even the basses and drum kit) into the rows of chairs. We did suggest having our MD suspended above the bar so we could all see him but not only was there the matter of health and safety but a small fact that he doesn’t like heights!!

    With the re-organisation of the running schedule and the limited time available to us Matthew Hackett, the band's MD, had to decide which pieces to leave out. At 7.50pm the doors opened, the background music was turned off and we opened our programme with the march Aces High. We weren't sure what to expect from the audience of people who had come to listen to an Indie band and when we finished our last note we waited for the stunned looks and silence, but were pleasantly surprised by the rapturous applause and smiling faces looking up at us. We continued with the cornet solo El Cumbanchero played by our principal cornet Martin Buss which again was met with great applause. Clog Dance and Armenian Fire Dance followed in quick succession and we finished our programme with the band's signature march Sussex by the Sea. At the end of our performance the audience really showed their appreciation with applause and massive cheers.

    At 8.20pm the band played their final note to let the other support group on the main stage take over. A number of the band members then stayed on to experience and enjoy the rest of the great evening.