Brighton & Hove City Brass - Cycle to Victory - Saturday 30th August

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    Cycle to Victory

    Brighton & Hove City Brass Band earlier this year qualified to represent London & Southern Counties at the National Brass Band finals in Harrogate in September. They have been busy preparing the music for the trip which is quickly looming, but have also been trying to raise the much needed funds to attend.

    Jenny Ireland, as well as being the solo horn player and an active member of the band committee is preparing with a small team to complete a sponsored bike ride to raise funds to help the band with the costs of travel and accommodation.

    On Saturday 30th August, Jenny, Jonnie (percussion & band compare) and Peter (Eb Bass) will be setting off from Angmering station heading along the coastal path past Worthing, Lancing, Shoreham, Hove and along to Brighton Pier then up to Preston Park hoping to arrive at the Park around 3pm. The target they are aiming for is 26miles.
    When they arrive the band will be there to greet them and perform in the park.

    Everyone is invited come along and listen to the band and offer support for the upcoming contest. Sponsorship for the riders or donations towards our assault on the National Finals would be gratefully received, you can contact the band through their website on or by PM.
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    Good luck with the fund raising - I will not be there at Preston Park due to more pressing matters at The Boleyn!
    I just wonder how much in donations from tMp memers it would take to get MrsH on his bike too!
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    Would somebody please explain to me why this thread has been moved from 'Bandroom News' to 'The Auditorium'?

    We're not advertising a concert we are trying to bring to people's attention a sponsored bike ride that we are hoping will raise funds for our forthcoming trip to the National Finals.

    'The Auditorium' is the last place this thread should be buried in??

    Any takers for an explanation please mods?

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    If you read the heading at the top of the Auditorium forum, it specifies that it is for "concerts and important events", and we would normally expect specific one-off events to be announced there.
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    You are correct - it does say that, and I did notice that - but your explanation is very ambiguous when you consider some of the items left under 'Bandroom News' are simply concert announcements or reviews of concerts. When the article I submitted has got nothing at all to do with the auditorium or a concert.

    Perhaps a better clarification of what goes where is needed together with better communication when you decide to move something that was posted in the correct forum in the first place :confused:

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    hand... feed... bite... :rolleyes:

    Good Luck to Jen and the guys tomorrow - I hope the weather holds for you!
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    ok, let me start the ball rolling on this one - a £10 into the pot if MrsH cycles all the way as well - come on chaps/chapesses, lets make it worth his while!
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    No chance - unless somebody donates £1500 for the cost of the coach :eek:
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    well, 150 tMper's at a £10 a time and thats job done!
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    Hmmm......I'm not going to get in to that sort of discussion.

    Thanks for your good luck. I think the cyclists are rather looking forward to it. The weather is reported to be bright'n sunny ( :tup ) all day tomorrow so we're looking forward to the BBQ afterwards too.