Brighouse's Performance of Breath of Souls

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Ash77, Nov 5, 2011.

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    It may well have been but it's against the hall's regulations to film performances in the hall and against our copyright as the recording rights were purchased by ourselves for future commercial release.
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    Oh dear....
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    I know this argument has been had a million times in a million different places, and I understand everybody's point of view perfectly, but I'm still frustrated that I will now probably never get to hear that performance because somebody wants to make money out of it. Unless I can work out how to save the version that's already in my cache that is...
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    There's a significant cost involved in recording all of the performances of the Nationals test pieces (Cheltenham and London), a cost which presumably you feel should be carried by someone else in order for you to be able to listen to them for free.
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    Obviously there's a cost involved in professionally recording all the performances, but all I need "to be able to listen to them for free" is someone in the audience with an iPhone.
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    Try buying a ticket and attend the contest?!
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    Whilst I appreciate the cost involved, I do think that only being allowed to make 5 copies from the original for a piece of History is a bit on the mean side. I have only heard my band's performance at Cheltenham once on a coach, becuase it was put on a CD. I would have thought that it would have been easier and more cost effective to make the recording, upload to a cloud where there is a secure log in, and any bandsperson who played has a chance to purchase the recording as a download. The additional bendift is that you candownload all your competitors recordings and listen to the winning performance. You could still make the CD recording for the fuddy-duddys who don't know their cloud from their cirrus, and have the opportunity to get more revenue.

    Of course you may have already investigated this and found it to be too expensive!
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    You are quite right. And all I need to do to get a free cabbage is to steal one from Tescos. What a great country!
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    I realise the idea of actually paying for legitimate recordings is becoming more and more alien to some people in these days of youtube, sound cloud and file sharing, but you could just buy the CD when it comes out....
  13. Excellent post Mr Sparke.:clap:
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    "somebody wants to make money out of it"

    Who makes money out of it?
    People who've invested time, money & skills to get this music to our ears?
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    With the greatest of respect, and for once I actually mean that, I think you may have to accept that youtube is pretty much ubiquitous these days. Think of any piece of music and there is a fair chance there will be some kind of recording of it available. Rather than try to fight it, for example by peevishly getting videos removed, you may be better thinking of it as good advertising.

    I'm on the record in another thread as having paid 15 quid for a single track, the winning performance of an Open Championship where I was in the audience. So those saying "buy a ticket" are somewhat wide of the mark - if I could have attended I would. Regardless, if I'd had chance to enjoy the winning performance of this year's finals piece online I may be better disposed to buy a professional recording, as there is obviously a world of difference between that and what is typically available on youtube.
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    If you’ve got the copyright THEN MAKE IT AVAILABLE! I innocently looked to find a recording of it after someone gave me the study score a few days ago. Would have happily parted with a few quid to buy it, but only thing available is bootleg. Why? Stick it on iTunes the day after then we can all pay our money and hear it.

    If it were boxing and people said “well you should have gone to Vegas else it will be impossible to see the fight for a couple of months until the copyright owner decides it’s ok for you to see it” it would be ridiculous. I can pay money and see it straight away.

    On a slightly separate point I don’t know why any professional production company could see a handheld video recording of a performance they have rights to a threat. I don’t see Polydor or whoever going after all the people who share iPhone recordings of the latest TakeThat concert. Let it happen in the knowledge that your recording is infinitely better quality and it might actually make more people buy it.

    Of course if all someone has done is uploaded the professional CD recording of something and they don’t have the rights, then they should be banged to rights. But a handheld video camera recording?

    In all seriousness now I’ve heard it and understand what an incredible piece and performance it was I will definitely buy the professional recording. Could you please let me know when it’s available?
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    Ah, so it's you that's teaching all the students to iron their band shirts using a cabbage......
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    I'm not trying to fight YouTube. Posting non-commercial recordings there is perfectly legal and Google do in fact pay a pro-rata royalty for the numbers of views - not much, mind you - I just got 0.28p for 45,000 views of Flowerdale. (!)

    The point is that it's not OK to record performances in the Royal Albert Hall or any other hall or theatre - this was clearly stated at the beginning of the contest. My figures may be out-of-date, but my guess is that it costs well in excess of £30,000 to hire the hall for the National Finals. One way the organisers can get some of this money back is by selling the recording rights. Those who pay for the rights have a right to protect thier investment. It is quite a simple equation that, if SP & S decide it's not worth making the investment because of pirate recordings, then Kapitol may decide it's not worth hiring the hall. Then there will be no performance for anyone to enjoy. This sounds Draconian, I know, but that's the economic equation.
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    Thanks Philip, I couldn't have put it better myself!
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    Thanks for this, there is some helpful stuff here.

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