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    Hi there

    Can anyone tell me who is conducting on the Brighouse & Rastrick 1975 recording of Mosaic for Brass? Plenty sleeve notes about the soloist and the music but no mention of the conductor or band.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    It is James Scott and Derek Broadbent I think.
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    Thanks for the info Darrol - looks like we're the only two tmpers over the age of 14!!!!
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    I am sure there was a recording done in the 1980's by B&R conducted by Edward Gregson , am sure it had connotations on it , memory is a bit sketchy but I think it might have had moasaic on it ( might be recorded by Triton)
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    Are you thinking of the CD called Occasion, don't think mosiac is on that one, will check when I get home.
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    It was recorded by Grosvenor (GRS1035) in 1975.

    The list of pieces on the album:
    Provence (Bryan Kelly)
    Chanson de Matin
    Passacaglia from the Concerto for Trombone and Brass Band (Buxton Orr) played by Harold Nash
    Toccata from Suite Gothique
    Mosaic (Elgar Howarth)
    Solem Melody (Walford Davis)
    Farandole from L'Arlesienne

    Plenty of info on the sleeve notes about pieces and Harold Nash but no conductor(s) mentioned.


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