Brighouse & Rastrick and The Co-operative Funeralcare Band, Huddersfield

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  1. cbridge

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    Huddersfield Town Hall, Saturday 24th October 2009

    'Salute to Heroes!'

    A night of rousing and emotional music featuring the massed bands of Brighouse & Rastrick and The Co-operative Funeralcare Band (formerly Scottish Co-op) under the baton of Lt. Col. Chris Davis (Royal Marines retd)

    Tickets £9 to £15

    Email Concert Secretary David Howe or phone 01274 725332 until
    4th September, thereafter Box Office 01484 223200
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  2. winterman

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    Good "grief" literally! Has banding come to the point where a great band (Scottish Co-op) now runs under the name of a Funeral Service?! ;)
  3. on_castors

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    I must admit I took a sharp intake of breath when I saw it!
    What will the audience expect, a discount Funeral with every ticket, or can you book the band at the same time as booking a box?

    In all seriousness, I know money is money, and times are hard, but the aged audiences is what I thought bands were trying to throw off! :-(
  4. Bones

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    To be honest I would have thought it is a good thing that any commercial venture wants to sponsor a band in the first place.

    I suspect that the recent insurgance of cash has rejuvenated the Co.. who have always been a big player North of the Border, and I am pleased that they have the werewithal to survive, with the help of a sponsor.

    Personally, Funeral homes or Anne Summers, does it matter.....
  5. on_castors

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    Yes, unfortunately, image is hard enough to build - when I have said I play in a brass band, in most situations, I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times it HASN'T resulted in a queried look, and the "Ooooh" expression! With an Undertaker to howl about, no doubt they will be rolling the floor - my next door neighbour is an Embalmer, and THAT gets acquaintances rolling around if it occasions a mention in conversation, so believe me, I am well used to it! As it happens I have a close friend involved in a senior position in a Funeral Industry body (which I shall leave nameless) too, and have had loads more of the hilarious quips over that too for the past 10 years or so.

    Even writing this reply, I have had to edit it twice, to remove comments that would rate a titter if I had posted it!
    It's always good to laugh along with someone, it's not good to be laughed AT!
    The brass band "movement" for want of a better word is a big enough laughing stock to many people :-(
    Surely the Co-op name alone (which everyone associates with funerals anyway) would have served the purpose of carrying the name on!

    No doubt the Band are well pleased, as obviously it will secure their immediate well-being, but I can't say the image is something positive to put forward to everyone. No wonder it hasn't been shouted from the rooftops, I would have been trying to keep it quiet too!

    What next? Sponsorship from a cosmetic surgery clinic doing implants or "anatomical extensions perhaps; maybe Rentokil or perhaps Dyno-Rod will come forward, and banding will never have a dull moment or be out of the Public eye again :-(
  6. Bones

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    My belief is that we are insular and our own audience so it prob doesnt really impact.

    Good arguments either side though. Let's not clog up the notification about what sounds like a good concert. Happy to discuss on a separate thread
  7. bassendworld

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    These are always great concerts so who cares...............
  8. tubafran

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    Actually it's probably a very good bit of "product placement" - have you seen the age of many of the brass band audiences?

    Anyone thought of contacting Saga or similar age related groups for some sponsorship?