Brighouse March & Hymn Tune Contest - 1st July 2012

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  1. Stracathro

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    Who's going? I hear that the organisers have got a full field so should be a great day, assuming the weather picks up!
  2. Clyde Slider

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    For the first time, Ringwood & Burley band from Hampshire will be there, kindly hosted by Clifton & Lightcliffe band. Our MD, Bernard Lawson, has many connections with the area, and has maintained links with his Yorkshire roots. We are making a weekend of it, playing a concert at Wibsey Methodist Church on the Saturday afternoon. "Coals to Newcastle" taking a southern brass band to "Briggus"? Possibly, but we are determined to enjoy ourselves whatever the weather!! See you there!
  3. We Hebden Bridge will be there!. I think, elland youth and silver bands are there, lindley, hammonds?, Drig, Marsden, Friendly, Huddersfield, normally go aswell.
  4. Number1euph

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    Hade Edge and Thurlstone are there too
  5. Matthew

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    Might have to go and watch this year if the weather is nice! :) Haven't played here since days past with Pennine Brass.
  6. Thirteen Ball

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    Does anyone have a full set of results?
  7. agentorange

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    Was just wondering the same. No one I know seems to know..........:confused:
  8. Matthew

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  9. we was 7th or 8th, lindley was 4th, thats all ive heard ellend about 14th i think
  10. Frontman

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    1st Marsden
    2nd Hammonds
    3rd Skelmanthorpe
    4th Lindley
    5th EYMS
    Joint 6th Kirbymoorside & Hade Edge
    8th Hebden Bridge
    Joint 9th. Boarshurst & Drillington

    These are all I have at the moment.
  11. tsawyer

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    Ta. South Yorkshire Police were 11th.

    Anyone got any more, or conductor details?


  12. tuba90

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    I believe that Elland came 12th. I know that Skelmanthorpe B were 14th and Meltham were 15th.

    Matt Hoyle
    Eb Bass
  13. ive sent a message with full results to the brassbandresults page.
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  15. Frontman

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    Final Confirmation of results:-

    1st Marsden
    2nd Hammonds
    3rd Skelmanthorpe
    4th Lindley
    5th EYMS
    Joint 6th Kirbymoorside & Hade Edge
    8th Hebden Bridge
    Joint 9th. Boarshurst Silver & Drighlington
    11th South Yorkshire Police.
    12th Elland Silver
    13th Royal Buckley Town
    14th Skelmanthorpe B
    15th Meltham & Meltham Mills
    16th Clifton & Lightcliffe
    17th Gawthorpe Brass 85
    18th Thurlestone
    19th Dobcross Youth
    20th Clifton & Lightcliffe B
    21st Ringwood & Burley
    22nd The Friendly Band

    Best 1st Section Drighlington
    Best 2nd Section Lyndley
    Best 3rd Section Boarshurst Silver
    Best 4th Section Dobcross Youth

    Best Deportment Kirbymoorside
    Best Unregistered Band Thurlestone
    Best 4th Section Hymn Clifton & Lightcliffe B

    The Youth Section was as follows:-
    1st Sellers Youth
    2nd Elland Youth
    3rd Shirland Welfare Training
    4th Gawthorpe Brass 85 Youth