Brighouse March Contest

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  1. Brass! PR

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    FESTIVAL OF BRASS 2nd to 4th July 2010

    Section 1 Champions of Holland The Spijkerpakkenband, conductor Thijs Oud will have a rewarding weekend of music making on their first trip to Britain, taking part in the 11th Brighouse Festival of Brass.

    Arriving on Friday in West Yorkshire the band will be based in the West Yorkshire town until Monday, when they return home.

    “West Ridings”, home of Brighouse & Rastrick will be their rehearsal room on the Friday evening and this is eagerly looked forward to by the young band from Friesland.

    Saturday evening’s Gala Concert at the Central Methodist Church will have a full house as usual and William Rushworth will be the guest soloist with the band.

    Sunday morning’s Brass in the Park” is a new venture this year at the Memorial Park, Bailiff Bridge, commencing at 10.30am.

    The band will then join the other 26 bands in the March & Hymn Tune Contest beginning at 1pm. with the Youth Section. Results and Prize presentation approximately 6.30pm. Before the results Elland Silver Band, conductor James Shepherd will give a short tribute concert for the late Stephen Thornton and Geoffrey Whitham. Marsden Silver defend their title with strong opposition from Hammonds, Skelmanthorpe and Easington. The “Xeno” Cornet donated by Yamaha Music will be a treasured prize for the best Principal Cornet of the day. Prize money of £2,000 up for grabs.

    The slow melody event sees a big entry in the 11 & Under, 14 & under and
    17 & under sections with Thijs Oud and Derek Renshaw adjudicating. This at the Ebenezer Methodist Church, Bailiff Bridge, Saturday morning beginning at 10am.

    David Horsfield, Brighouse Lions
  2. tuba1974

    tuba1974 Member

    Anybody have a list of bands going, we are hebden bridge
  3. joker66

    joker66 Member

    Had anyone got the full results??
  4. DRG

    DRG Member

    From what I can remember :-

    1st Skelmanthorpe
    2nd Hammonds
    3rd Drighlington

    Best March - Skelmanthorpe
    Best Hymn - Hammonds
    Best Sop - Skelmanthorpe
    Best Principal Cornet - Hebden Bridge

    Best 1st Section - Hammonds
    Best 2nd Section - Diggle
    Best 3rd Section - Elland
    Best 4th Section - Friendly
  5. trombone-john

    trombone-john Member

    wooooo Go Skelmanthorpe! And best sop. I wonder who that was? Woooo!
  6. yorkie19

    yorkie19 Active Member

    Well done mate. My old man thought you played a blinder. (or maybe he said you sound like you played blind?).
  7. Frontman

    Frontman Member

    Boarshurst actually won the 4th Section.
    Friendly won the hymn tune.
  8. Straightmute

    Straightmute Active Member

    Nice one John!
  9. Keith Stanley James Lever

    Keith Stanley James Lever Supporting Member

    Alvaston, Derby, DE24 8PF.
    Presumed you marched up with "Greenbridge" and played "Raby" on the stand.
    Congratulations 'better than coming third ..... eh'
  10. New Member

    South Yorkshire Police came 7th on the contest march (Brilliant-Ord Hume)-pretty good for the company we were in, for a 2nd section band!
    Don't know how we scored in the hymn or our overall finish (as the 2 are adjudicated seperately and the marks combined for full placings).

    Great day out as always and our new road march "On the Beat" with snippets of "Crimewatch", "Police Academy","Johnny Todd" and "Every Step You Take, I'll Be watching you" (by The Police) and featuring our drum corps, went down a treat with the crowds!
  11. critic

    critic Member

    West Yorkshire
    it certaily did leigh very arresting
  12. Billy Blowhard

    Billy Blowhard New Member

    Dont know how all your guys kept their hats on with that wind that kept blasting down the street!

    Well done on the stand though, nice hymn arrangement, great choice of march, (not heard it before), and a real corker from your top man. Excellent stuff from a 2nd section band.

    Now then Leigh, about that parking ticket I picked up yesterday.................:)
  13. Yorkie

    Yorkie Member

    I really enjoyed my first ever Brighouse Hymn and March Contest yesterday playing with the York Railway Institute Band. Nice setting, good weather, friendly folk and great music all in all a perfect day.

    Will the full results be published on here or 4barsrest so we can see how we did?


  14. Frontman

    Frontman Member

    The full results are being posted out today and will no doubt be posted on here tommorrow morning.
  15. sbandsman

    sbandsman Member

    I thought the Dutch contingent played extemly well and certainly showed some bands up when it came to road march "show"
    Do the continental bands actualy ENJOY marching? One of the continental contingent at the recent Whitfriday contests were counter marching as well. You don't see many UK bands doing that AND the MD was actually smiling whilst leading yesterday!
  16. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    Brighouse, Yorkshire
    We saw the same thing in new Zealand. If I remember correctly it could be at least in part due to how the bands came about.

    In New Zealand, we were told that the brass bands there are primarily formed from old garrison bands - or if not formed from them, were full of musicians who had once been part of the garrison band, and that brass band and military band had always been closely linked over there. As such, the display marching etc. has very much always been part of their mode of operation. It's also a compulsory element of their national championships. I'm pretty sure (and I'm sure aidan will be along in a minute to correct me) it's a similar story in Norway. Possibly the dutch bands have been similarly formed/influenced?

    I suppose since British bands primarily were raised by public subscription, or were associated with local industries, pits, mills etc. (and also far outnumbered the established military bands in the country) it's quite probable that's the reason the same connection was never formed over here - so our bands primarily became concert/contest ensembles, somewhat averse to walking and playing at the same time....
  17. Belfast Barman

    Belfast Barman Member

    Belfast, Northern Ireland
    I remember our attempt at marching in NZ very well.......
    "Lets stand to the side and play a selection of tunes, whilst Tim and Les sell cd's!"

    And we did that VERY well !:clap:

  18. Brass! PR

    Brass! PR New Member

    Official Results



    The 11th Brighouse Festival of Brass, organised by the Brighouse Lions provides a weekend of Brass at its best and all for many local charities.

    Saturday morning saw the Brighouse Youth Solo Championships in Bailiff Bridge where a very friendly atmosphere helped to encourage the young people to show their talents. This event sponsored by Kershaw’s Garden Centre of Brighouse and Brigitte Matthews of Holmfirth saw a very good standard in the three classes.

    11 and Under:
    1st Gemma Riley Trombone (Wigan Youth Band)
    2nd Bethany Moore, Cornet (Bare Trees Youth/Elland Youth)
    3rd Sarah Whaites, Cornet (Gawthorpe Brass ’85)
    Youngest player: Nadia Long

    14 and Under:
    1st: Alex Crisp, Tenor Horn (Clifton & Lightcliffe)
    2nd Emma Sutcliffe, Flugel (Gawthorpe Brass ’85)
    3rd Bethany Moore

    17 and Under:
    1st Lewis Bettles, Trombone (Stannington)
    2nd Alex Crisp, Tenor Horn
    3rd Jessica Whaites, Cornet (Gawthorpe Brass ’85)

    Adjudicators: Thijs Oud (Holland) and Derek Renshaw (Sheffield) praised all the competitors for their efforts which were rewarded with Certificates of Merit.

    The Evening Gala Concert in the Central Methodist Church featured the Dutch Champion 1 Band The Spijkerpakkenband under the inspirational leadership of Thijs Oud with a programme of popular music which delighted a full house. One of the highlights of the evening was the premiere of “Fanfare & Anthem”,a special arrangement for the band by Professor Philip Wilby. This work is based around a Friesland folk tune. Guest Soloist for the evening William Rushworth, principal tenorhorn of the Brighouse & Rastrick Band, showed true class and virtuosity with his solo features: “Rondo from Mozart’s Horn Concerto No. 3”, “Queen of the Night’s Aria” and the haunting Goff Richard’s number “Demelza”. His encore “He ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” received rapturous applause from the appreciative audience.
    This concert was rated by many in the audience as the best so far in the eleven year history of the Festival. The Brighouse people took the Dutch band to their hearts and the band provided a really varied and entertaining programme of music including many solo features which showed why they are NBK Champions. Musical Director, Thijs Oud arranged quite a few of the items on show which demonstrated the band’s versatility.
    The band also featured in “Brass in the Park” on Sunday morning in association with the Bailiff Bridge Community Association. Brighouse and District was certainly painted orange from Friday until Monday and when they return home to Friesland they will have made many new friends and supporters in West Yorkshire. They were thrilled to visit the bandroom of Brighouse & Rastrick Band for a rehearsal on Friday evening.

    The 11th March and Hymn Tune spectacular in this West Yorkshire town has developed into one of top brass events in the U.K. and the massive crowd enjoyed a non-stop
    six-hour feast of brass band music in warm sunshine. Winners were Skelmanthorpe, under the fine leadership of John Roberts. They also took the best Soprano Cornet and Best Contest March prizes. The band will now receive an invitation to take part in EuroBrass Drachten next year with additional concerts in addition to the contest. It was great to see and hear the very consistent Hammonds Saltaire Band (Morgan Griffiths) take the runners-up spot and also the Best Hymn Tune. Third prize went to The Drighlington Band under ex Brighouse Principal Cornetist Jim Davies. 2009 Champions The Marsden Silver Band had to be content with 4th = with The Diggle Band, but were awarded the best deportment prize. Hebden Bridge Band principal cornetist Alex Gibson, a student at the RNCM in Manchester took the best principal cornet prize winning the Yamaha “Xeno” Cornet and the Stuart Broadbent Memorial Trophy.
    Fred Etherington, “the voice of Brighouse” as he is affectionately known spoke about Stephen Thornton and Geoffrey Whitham, two local brass musicians who passed away since the last contest. Stephen was one of the Brighouse Lions main helpers and adjudicators at the contest and Geoffrey adjudicated at the contest quite a few times. The Elland Silver Band, musical Director: James Shepherd, reinforced by ex Hammonds and James Shepherd Versatile Brass players gave a short concert before the results in memory of both men. The adjudicators were Darrol Barry, Kevin Wadsworth and Peter Roberts.

    Full results:
    1st Skelmanthorpe Band
    2nd Hammonds Saltaire Band
    3rd The Drighllngton Band
    4th= Marsden Silver and The Diggle Band

    Best Principal Cornet: Alex Gibson (Hebden Bridge)
    (Yamaha “Xeno” Cornet plus the Stuart Broadbent Memorial Trophy)
    Best Contest March: Skelmanthorpe
    Best Hymn Tune: Hammonds
    Best Soloist of the Day: Flugel Horn Spjkerpakkenband
    Best Band Road March: Spijkerpakkenband
    Best Trombone Section Road March: Spijkerpakkenband
    Best Soprano Cornet: Skelmanthorpe
    ­­­­­­­­­­­­­Best Hymn Tune Section 4: The Friendly Band
    Deportment: Marsden Silver
    Best 1st Section Band: Hammonds
    Best 2nd Section Band: Diggle
    Best 3rd Section Band: Elland Silver
    Best 4th Section Band: Boarshurst
    Best Youth Band: Elland Silver Youth
    2nd Youth Band: Dobcross Youth
    3rd Youth Band: Shirland Welfare Training
    Youth Deportment: Dobcross Youth
    Youngest Player: Aaron Kerwin (8 years) Sellers International Youth
    Best Soloist Youth: Jason Varley Cornet Elland Youth

  19. Brass! PR

    Brass! PR New Member

    Believe SYP were 7th overall Leigh.
    believe top 10 were:

    1. Skelmanthorpe
    2. Hammonds
    3. Drighlington
    4. = Marsden / Diggle
    6. Elland
    7. SYP
    8. Yorkshire Co-op
    9= Lindley / York Railway
  20. Robhibberd29

    Robhibberd29 Active Member

    7th over all great! I think that's a fair reflection of the hard work that's been put in by Leigh and the rest of the band :)
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