brighouse march and hymn tune contest

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    does anyone know the full results.AS THE PLAYING BEEN GOD
  2. Best March - Hepworth (The Wizard)
    2nd Marsden (Honest Toil)
    3rd Pennine Brass (President)

    Best hymn - Hepworth (Cannea spell it so bugger off)

    Best Principle Cornet - Marsden (And well deserved too!)

    Best Sop - IMPS

    Best Street March - Pennine Brass

    Elland Silver won their section, whichever they're in.

    Best Youth - Dobcross Youth

    And that's all I know.
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    Who is top man at Marsden?
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    Elland best 2nd section.

    Huddersfield Brass best 3rd section

    Gawthorpe Brass best 4th section.

    Best Deportment - Lindley

    The overall result as I understand it, A tie for top spot between Hepworth and Marsden, but the result on the march was the decider, and Hepwroth took the honours.

    Also the 4th section was a tie and the same rules were observed, Gawthorpe Brass being the winners.

    A Brilliant day, there was some awesome playing from a number of bands. The sun was out, it was brill!

    Also to correct Llittle Miss. . . . Her results are right for the Overall catogary, Marsden we're the winners of the best stage march, with Hepworth taking best hymn (as she says) creating the tie mentioned above!
  6. yeah.... what he said ^^^
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    Brian Marsden

    Overall first Hepworth brilliant playing once again
    .. 2nd Marsden
    .. 3rd Pennine Brass
    Best March Marsden
    Best Hymn Hepworth
    Best soloist Hepworth Euphonium
    Best Principle cornet Marsden
    Best Soprano Yorkshire Imps
    Best band on march Pennine Brass
    Best 1st Marsden
    Best 2nd Elland
    Best 3rd Huddersfield Brass
    Best 4th Gawthorpe
    Best Youth Dobcross
    A brilliant tribute to the late Brian Evans was well received by the crowd. Les Beevers conducted a scratch band made up of some of Brians former colleagues including Philip McCann who played a rousing and brilliant Post Horn Gallop. Other pieces played were Deep Harmony, Floral Dance and the Brighouse signature tune West Riding and Senator. A totally brilliant end to a totally brilliant day.
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    Totally confused here,

    Hepworth are overall winners, but Marsden won the March! Did the Hymn therefore have greater importance or was it an amalgamation of points for both that placed Hepworth first.

    Does anyone have the points awarded?

    Seems like another brilliant performance by Marsden on Honest Toil to take a number of scalps on the March contest.

    Looks like anything they enter they win (won Diggle on Saturday as well I believe)
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    The announcers said that it was a tie for the best overall band on the day. The award went on the overall marks for the hymn and march so Marsden's and Hepworths overall marks were the same. The overall result went on the band who scored the highest marks on the march down the road at the beginning of each performance.

    Gawthorpe also won the 4th section in this way as they also has a tie for the hymn/march, not sure who they tied with yet
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    They played Myfanwy
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    Twas a great day yesturday and no rain when emley played !! It was the 1st contest at brighouse that i can think of that had any sort of tie let alone 2 !! brighouse were awsome and apparently it is featured yesturday evening on Calender news so keep eyes open this even people of yorkshire !!
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    OK - full top 25 results as follows!!

    1. Hepworth
    2. Marsden
    3. Pennine
    4. Holme Silver
    5. Yorkshire Imps
    6. Wingates
    7. Lindley
    8. Drghlington
    9. Elland Silver
    10. Chapletown
    11. Yorkshire Co-op
    12. Gawthorpe Brass
    13. Emley
    14. Meltham
    15. Royal Buckley
    16. Diggle
    17. Dobcross Youth
    18. Huddersfield Brass
    19. Boarshurst
    20. Friendly
    21. Sellers Youth
    22. Shaw Youth
    23. Gawthorpe 85
    24. Huddersfield Youth Brass
    25. Elland Youth

    well done everyone - especially the organisers - another great day.
  13. 2nd man down

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    What a result!!! Gawthorpe and Emley (4th Section) in 12th and 13th!!! And above the winners of the 3rd section I see!!! Woohoo!!! 'Ave it indeed!!!
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    Excellent result for Gawthorpe and Ourselves, especially as we beat the 3rd section bands and a couple of 2nd section as well :clap:
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    Fantastic result guys and girls. Good Effort in beating the "better" bands. From what I've heard it won't be long before you'll be heading up the sections anyway. Keep it going, or at least try too!!!
  16. 2nd man down

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    Ha ha, you'd better believe it kiddo! :biggrin:
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    It was a great day, & even though I was depping for the 3rd section winners :clap: , Emley did sound pretty awesome!! The 'Ave It brigade are definately on the up.

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    Well done to The Emley Massive - you sounded brilliant!

    Thanks to Chapeltown and well done on 10th place - it was a good solid performance and I thorougly enjoyed helping you out!

    Nice to have a fleeting reunion with HorniKaz in the pub too!

    Rach x
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    Brighouse contest

    Well done to all who took part. The tie break was decided on the march down the strreet Hepworth playing On the quarter deck were three point clear of Marsden so took the title for the fifth year on the trot . The ponts difference in the march and hymn were the same thats why the result was decided on the road march.
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    well done sellers on that ace playing it dod not sound like a youth section band at all, im really pleased with that effort maybe next year we will go for the deportment prize again