Brighouse March and Hymn Contest

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  1. boourns

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    I know the overall results are up on BrassBandResults, but does anyone have the full breakdown of points/placings for both the march and hymn please? I'm hoping to clear up something that has been puzzling me for the last couple of days...

    I wasn't running at full mental capacity by the time the results were announced, but if I recall correctly the hymn contest was won by Skelmanthorpe, with Northop winning the march. I'm therefore left wondering how Marsden managed to come out on top overall?

    Let me stress I have no axe to grind here - I didn't hear Marsden, and I'm sure they were well worthy of the title. I'm just curious as to how it came about. I'm presuming they maybe came, say, 2nd in both the march and the hymn, leaving them with the best aggregate placing. Or maybe a similar situation but with points instead of just placings. And is there any weighting given to the march over the hymn, or vice versa? Also, does the street march and/or deportment prize play a part in the overall result?

    Again, no slight on Marsden, I'd just be interested to see the full breakdown to satisfy my curiosity.
  2. whitewitch

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    I know Marsden won the street march, I don't know if these points were included too. Also best basses, which I presume wasn't included.
  3. Marsden Silver

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    As far as we are aware the overall prize is presented to the band that has the highest score over the Hymn and the March combined, this means that a band that doesn't necessarily win the disciplines can win overall. If there is a draw the result from the road march are taken into consideration.
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    The best person to contact isDavid Horsfield, he is listed as the contact for the Brighouse Lions Club who organise the event. They do not seem to publish any results on their own website. I agree with Boourns a full breakdown would clarify a lot of points and give bands further down the list some indication of their overall position, because these events are not just about the winners. (Kirklees Music),
    609 Bradford Road,
    Bailiff Bridge,
    HD6 4DN,
    Tel: 01484 722855
    Mobile: 07710 208340
  5. Stracathro

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    I went along on Sunday and heard about 18 of the 26 bands. It was, as usual, a very well run and enjoyable afternoon with lots of quality banding on show. Northop's contest march was excellent (road march needed work though. . . front row 10 yds ahead of rest of band by end!) as was Skelmanthorpe's Hymn but Marsden played both disciplines well and were, I thought, deserved winners.

    My only quibble would be the location of the 'stand'. It is quite difficult to get a decent, front-on view of the bands with all of the tents/caravan in the way. Not a major issue but could perhaps do with a rethink.
  6. casanova

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    From our breakdown it was only the hymn and march on stand that were taken into account - i cant remember the specific scores but Marsden won with the highest total of those two scores (both out of 100)

    we were given a full list of what everybody scored on each discipline, so i expect everyone else got one too.
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  7. hellraiser

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    Thanks & you're right about the road march.

    Full results here courtesy of 4barsrest, including points awarded for hymn and march separately


    March + Hymn = Total

    1. Marsden Silver (Glyn Williams): 94/98 = 192
    2. Northop Silver (Thomas Wyss): 96/95 = 191
    3. Yorkshire Imperial Urquhart (David Nesbitt): 93/96 = 189
    4= Skelmanthorpe (John Roberts): 87/99 = 186
    4= Wingates (Paul Andrews): 95/91 = 186
    6. Kirbymoorside (John Woodward): 91/93 = 184
    7. Drighlington (Jim Davies): 92/90 = 182
    8. Hebden Bridge (Alan Hobbins): 86/94 = 180
    9. Knottingley Silver (Owen Wedgewood): 89/88 = 177
    10. Elland Silver (Danny Brooks): 90/86 = 176
    11. Hade Edge (Simon Wood): 83/92 = 175
    12. South Yorkshire Police (Leigh Baker): 84/89 = 173
    13. Lindley (Chris Lewis): 88/83 = 171
    14. Thurlstone (Graham Bates): 81/87 = 168
    15. Whitworth Vale & Healey (John Binns): 82/85 = 167
    16= Boarshurst Silver (David Ashworth): 85/78 = 163
    16= Clifton & Lightcliffe (John Clay): 79/84 = 163
    18. Gawthorpe Brass 85 (John Edward): 80/81 = 161
    19. Royal Buckley Town (Scott Lloyd): 76/82 = 158
    20= Huddersfield & Ripponden (Michael Cox): 78/76 = 154
    20= Clifton & Lightcliffe B (John Clay): 75/79 = 154

    Best Principal Cornet: Wingates
    Best Contest March: Northop Silver
    Best Hymn Tune: Skelmanthorpe
    Best Soloist of the Day: Euphonium (Northop Silver)

    Best Band Road March: Marsden Silver
    Best Bass Section: Marsden Silver
    Best Trombone Section: Skelmanthorpe
    Best Soprano Cornet: Northop Silver

    Best Hymn Tune in Fourth Section: Gawthorpe Brass ‘85
    Deportment: Wingates

    Best First Section Band: Drighlington
    Best Second Section Band: Elland Silver
    Best Third Section Band: Boarshurst Silver
    Best Fourth Section Band: Gawthorpe Brass ‘85

    Best Youth Band: Elland Silver Youth: 185/184
    Runner –Up: Shirland Training: 178/180
    Youth Deportment: Elland Silver Youth
    Best Soloist Youth: Cornet Elland Youth

    Best Unregistered Band: Thurlstone

    Youngest Player: Ainslee Farrar (Elland Youth) aged 9
    Geneva Symphony Cornet Prize: Knottingley Silver Band
  8. Daniel Sheard

    Daniel Sheard Member

    Well done hellraiser, stop being modest!

    Congratulations to Marsden on the overall win.
  9. boourns

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    Thanks. It's interesting they choose to use combined points, rather than placings, for the overall result, as this is likely to introduce a natural weighting towards either the march or hymn, depending on the preferred marking scheme of individual adjudicators.

    That said, the results seem fair enough, and it was a very enjoyable and well run contest. I'd agree, though, that the 'stand' could be more audience friendly.
  10. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    And if anyone wants a copy of the top-scored hymn tune, watch this space.....
  11. tojo

    tojo Member

    wasnt that myfanwy ?
  12. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    Nope. Firstly because it's not really a hymn, (though why it should have to be a 'hymn' i don't know, surely any slow melody is OK) and secondly if you look in fourth place, you'll see a band with 99 points on the hymn....
  13. tojo

    tojo Member

    my apologies , i was given the wrong information , i was told the band that won the hymn tune had played , myfanwy , which i found rather odd at the time , but ha ho , they didnt lol
  14. tat

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    That's funny as you list it on your website as being a hymn.
    Whitworth were one band that played it, hope we didn't get marked down because of it ?? lol
  15. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    If you mean Pennine music's website that's Gavin Somerset's website. If you mean Kirklees music, that's Graham Horsfield's.

    I personally don't have a website up and running... yet... but It's not really a hymn IMHO. It's an air, with no religious content in the words at all ( On the other hand I've never known a band be marked down for playing it - and in fairness I don't see why they should be. It takes exactly the same skills to play it as it does a hymn.

    In NZ contests they have a 'sacred item' rather than a hymn, which opens it up a bit and allows Maori items such as Hine e Hine to be included.

    If a band wanted to play the Londonderry Air, All in the April Evening, All through the night etc. to me, they'd be demonstrating the exact same set of skills as hymn playing. Though whether an adjudicator would see it that way is another matter.....
  16. tat

    tat Member

    Only pulling your leg Andi, we had the same discussion in rehearsal when we decided to play it.
    We are interested in your new Hymn arrangements, any idea when they'll be available?
  17. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    No worries. Essentially, we're agreeing on the point anyway! ;)

    I promised a period of exclusivity to the bands in question - but it should be within a few weeks, depending on how busy the publishers are preparing for the winter concert season. :)
  18. Christmas, the joy!
  19. Thirteen Ball

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