Brighouse March and Hymn Contest

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  1. critic

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    Has anyone been and knows the results?
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    Critic, I moved your question from the "articles" section to "adjudicators' comments"
  3. Soil Lover

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    Dont know full results;

    Marsden won overall (and several of the other prizes)
    Second Section Prize - Silk Brass:clap:
    Third Section Prize - Elland

    Unfortunately I was not brave enough to go stand out in the rain whilst they gave the results out.

    Great day let down by the British weather at the end
  4. Nuke

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    I think i heard that old silkstone had come 2nd and Driglington 3rd. I played with band 22 Huddersfield brass so missed all of those performances. Silkstone got Best Soprano cause i was talking to one of their players that was holding the trophy on the way out of the pub.

    Well done to Elland who are having some very good results of late and will no doubt be pushing for a top spot at next years areas should they keep it up.

    Shame about the rain at the end but having said that all the bands managed to play with no trouble from the weather so that was good.
  5. 1alexm

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    I missed the results because of the rain, there was only one trouble with the weather when the bands were on, it was too hot!:p (typical british weather, eh?:biggrin:)
  6. barrytone

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    Managed to get to play before the storm started, thought we were going to get rained on. Crowds seemed smaller than recent years although they made plenty of noise cheering and clapping; which was great.

    Always a good atmosphere at Brighouse, well done to all the organisers and supporters. Second to Whit Friday, it has to be one of the greatest free brass band events of the year in the north of England.

    Well Done again!
  7. Nuke

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    Yea we played with no jackets at all and it was still sweltering. I think even though it started to rain though it just made it humid, the temperature never seemed to let up.

    Great day though and good atmosphere well done to all.
  8. gawber

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    Congratulations Kevin.:clap:

    Beautiful sop part in Deep Harmony and well played in Honest Toil.
  9. 2nd man down

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    We (Emley) won the 4th Section!! :biggrin: Woohoo!!! I was absolutely drenched by the time I went up for our prize.

    Only really heard the bands that played after (or immediately before) us, but I don't think I heard one bad performance, everyone sounded good.

    Well done Marsden and indeed all the other prize winners. :clap:
  10. what a mixed day!

    scorching sunshine until the last band on and then tippin it down with rain from then on!

    some good performances, couple of iffy 1s, but overall some good stuff!

    i really enjoyed today so well done to all the bands who turned up and gave it a go, the heat was really bad to play in but overall i really enjoyed the contest.

    hopefully we'll have the full results up soon coz i couldnt make them out properly when the rain came down.

    30 bands aswell, think its a new record number for the contest, great to see it

    lets bring on brighouse 2007 :D
  11. Well done to Eliot Darwin for more success conducting Silkstone.... at least those torturing house with Barry Webb paid off for some!!
  12. Well done The Emley.. Crawf, nice wet shirt! ;) haha.. Well done to Marsden and the other prize winners! I had a great day.. and I even managed to brave the rain for the results and a bit of singing with Marsden! :D
  13. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    It was rather damp wasn't it??
    My only regret of the day was that there wasn't a great boom of thunder right at the end of Lindley Bands performance of the James Bond Collection before the results, a bit of well timed dramatic effect would have looked brilliant there. I noticed the timp played holding his sticks up when the lightening flashed...a death wish or what?!?!? lol. Well done to Lindley for playing well through the quickly worsening conditions.
  14. vonny

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    It was mine and Keely's first time at the Brighouse Hymn and March Contest yesterday and i still can't make up my mind what i thought about it. I got the opportunity to speak to some of my banding buds which is always good and then after i had played i sat on the path and listened to a few bands. Went home relatively early - well before the results as i was shattered, and was greeted by a wonderful storm which lasted for ages.

    Yvonne x

    P.S. Well done to Silk Brass who won the 2nd section - you seem to be getting some good results - keep it up!!!!!
  15. Mark Bousie

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    I think these are correct, if they're not don't complain cos I got soaked listening to them! Great day again apart from the storm!

    1. Marsden (G. Williams)
    2. Old Silkstone (E. Darwin)
    3. Drighlington (S. Foster)

    Best March: Marsden
    Best Hymn: Old Silkstone
    Best Soloist: Drighlington Euphonium
    Best Principal Cornet: Marsden
    Best Soprano Cornet: Old Silkstone
    Deportment: Lindley (N. Jowett)
    Best Band on the March: Lindley
    Best 1st section (not in prizes) - Poynton (A. Lawton)
    2nd Section: Silk Brass (J. Cant)
    3rd Section: Elland Silver (M. Griffiths)
    4th Section: Emley (G. Hallas)
    Youth Section:1. Sellers International Youth (M. Bousie) 2. Shirland Miners Welfare Youth (M. Smith)
    Youth Deportment: Shirland Youth
    Youth Soloist: Elland Youth-Principal Cornet
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  16. Mofman

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    Have heard we (Poynton BS) came 6th overall. If that helps?
  17. Tack7

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    This contest gets better & better. It was scorching to play in but great for the audiences & socialising banders with a cold pint! Ideal! Well done to the prize winners, including Marsden with their one & only grey trousered bass player! lol.

  18. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Do you mind me asking how you heard that?? I've been trying to find out our overall position since the results and having no luck so far.
  19. Mark Bousie

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    Have updated results a bit, forgot about best soprano. Full list of placings would be useful.
  20. Mofman

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    Our drummer text me last night. "6th overall, and best 1st Section Band" it said.