Brighouse and Rastrick Band feature award winning young soloist

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    Brighouse and Rastrick Band had a very special guest soloist at their annual Christmas concert in Brighouse last weekend, 10 year old trombonist Peter Moore. Peter is son of solo cornet player Grenville and brother of 17 year old Flugel player David.

    Peter was born in Northern Ireland on Jan 1st 1996 to musical parents; Dad Grenville and Mum Jane were both members of the French Horn section of the Ulster Orchestra. His parents discovered that he had perfect pitch (the ability to name any note heard from memory) at the age of two. He started to play the Baritone when he was five but had already decided that the trombone was the instrument for him.

    He became Northern Ireland Primary Musician of the year on Baritone at age seven but had already started to play the alto trombone, a smaller version of the more common tenor trombone. As soon as he could reach at least fifth position he graduated to a full size tenor and quickly joined a local band, becoming solo trombone at the age of seven.

    With the family's move back to England in 2004, Peter went to an old friend of his Dad's, Andrew Berryman of the Halle Orchestra for trombone lessons.
    He is now a pupil at Chethams School of Music in Manchester where he continues with Andy as a teacher. He has won numerous solo competitions over the past two years including the title of British Open Solo Junior Champion for two years running. He has just taken his grade eight exam and is also a talented pianist.

    Peter now plays solo trombone with Wingates Band in Bolton where he enjoys the many opportunities for solos and contesting.

    He has played solos with several bands but particularly enjoyed the chance to play with Brighouse & Rastrick and renew his relationship with Musical Director Alan Morrison who he first met at a youth band project organised by his father in Northern Ireland.

    Alan commented: ‘In recent months Peter has made a memorable impression on the members of Brighouse & Rastrick Band and me in particular. Very rarely do you come across such natural talent on a musical instrument, and at such a young age, Peter has unlimited potential. It is hard to describe the impact he has made on the band yet easy to foresee a wonderful future for this gifted young musician.

    Peter takes everything in his stride. He is a natural performer and loves everything about being on stage and exhibiting his unique skill. If he can wow Brighouse Band he can wow anybody and I challenge anybody to say they have heard a better talent in a 10 year old.

    We invited him to be Guest Soloist at our Christmas concert and he stole the show. He showed maturity in his playing far beyond his years, performing pieces any trombone player would find demanding.’

    Peter played Peter Kneale’s ‘Blue John’, ‘The Supervisor’ by Arthur Pryor, arranged Andrew Berryman and ‘Blessed Assurance’ arranged by Simon Wood.

    After enjoying Christmas with his family Peter is next appearing as a soloist when he performs a concerto with the symphony orchestra at Chethams.

    John Ingman
    Press Officer
    Brighouse and Rastrick Band
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    If this is the same player I've heard (and I presume it must be, there can't be that many pre-teen trombone prodigies in the North West) he is going to be a very, very special player indeed. His ability at the age of 10 is already jaw-dropping. If you get the chance over the next 5 years or so, go and hear him, because after that he'll be playing concertos with the LSO, Vienna Phil, etc. and tickets will cost an arm and a leg!
  3. If its the same soloist I heard at Bridgewater hall in september, then he is one very fine player indeed:clap:
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    It is indeed the same soloist, I sit in the same section as him at Wingates, he is one phenominal talent, and to echo a comment from earlier in the thread, I've never heard another 10 year old play anything like that on an instrument. I'm wondering how long we'll keep him before he moves to a top band!
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    I was lucky to enough to dep on top trom with B&R that day, and I quite happily would have left him to it for the entire concert. No problem.

    One thing that struck me with Peter's playing was not the technical ability which he has in spades, and which to be fair you do sometimes see in other child prodigies, but it was the maturity of the tone he had. Each note was very carefully executed and his phrasing and style were class. Not to forget his brother David who is a superb flugellist as well. I glanced over to the front row during both the Moore Brothers solo items and the look of absolute joy from their father, Grenville was quite obvious. One very proud Dad indeed.....

    So soloing with B&R at the age of 10. I reckon by 13 minimum he will have a solo chair in a top 5 band (Wingates clearly are enjoying his talents at the mo and rightly so). I think we have another Ian Bousfield in the making.

    Go and see him now, you won't be disappointed.

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    Peter clearly is a special talent, but more importantly than that is a very nice young man who seems to get on with everyone. My daughter was lucky enough to be in the same section as Peter at this year's National Children's Brass Band of Great Britain course and they were ALL delighted when they were awarded the section prize - that much was obvious in the audience.

    It's fair to say that Peter was far and away the most outstanding player in the section (and imho the band) but the whole of the trombone section seemed to gel together really well and the course (and Peter) did so much to inspire my little 9 year old trombonist - she practised every day when she came home (well, for about a week anyway!)

    Well done Peter, great to hear you are doing so well!