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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by BariPower, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. BariPower

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    Does anyone know which concerts are being conducted by Dave King on their events listing ?
    Would like to see him in action on the concert stage too!

  2. billysackbutt

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    My hero! A consumate musician and musical director in one.
    I dont beleive he is actually conducting any concerts is he? Im sure on of the lads will be able to confirm this.
  3. sharpnote

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    Dave King will be conducting the Band at all contests this year apart from the Brass in Concert where Richard Evans will be at the helm.

    As for concerts, Manchester's Great Northern Spring Brass Arts Festival on the 9th May, at the Bridgewater Hall, is most likely to be showcasing Dr King and B&R in all their glory. Further concerts and details to be confirmed.
    Tickets can be purchased here:

    Alan Morrison will be guiding the Band in all other concerts throughout the year, the first of which will be at Morley Town Hall this Saturday, 13th Feb.

  4. BariPower

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    May stroll over to the Bridgewater then. Cheers.
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    Where's Masterblaster Jnr when you want him?! I'm sure he'd inform us all!
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    E43 - Shelley College - ICT with Mr Watson ;) But obviously i'm concentrating too much on this website design stuff.....

    Sharpnote's said all there is to say, so i can't really add much more :p
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    :clap: Good.

    Now get back to work, young man! :tongue:
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    Anyone know how to create advertising banners in Adobe Flash? The teacher's busy at the minute...:p
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    I can barely turn a computer on! It's a miracle that I manage to post anything on here to be honest!