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  1. Moy

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    Have just heard the sad news that Brian passed away this morning.

    Brian was the driving force behind not only the West Lothian Brass Band but music in that area.

    He will be sadly missed - what a waste someone so young with so much more to offer our world of music.

    My thoughts are with his family at this sad time.
  2. Anglo Music Press

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    Dear Moy,

    Thanks for posting this sad news - I know Brian has not been well for some time.

    I am currently at the MidWest Clinic in Chicago, where Brian was a regular visitor. I'll pass this sad news onto everyone here.

    A huge loss.

  3. Moy

    Moy Active Member

    Will post news as soon as I hear about funeral arrangements.

    He has fought hard over the years Philip.
    Lat time I saw him was at the Yamaha Instrument Teacher of the Award in Hamilton. We were having a great talk about our young banding years. I thought he was looking well then but as usual he was probably just putting on a brave face for us all.

    He will be missed.
  4. cornetcheese

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    I am devastated by the news of Brian`s passing. I knew Brian since I was a school student and he was such a humble and friendly man. He was a real inspiration to so many young musicians in Scotland - personally I am indebted to him for the opportunities he gave me while I was at college with the WLSBB.

    This is a massive loss to the musical community, in particular that of West Lothian where he has done so much to promote brass banding in the area. I am still shocked at hearing this news - I spoke to him at length at the WLC in June and he seemed fine.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to his family at this time.
  5. Scotty

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    I am very sad to hear about the passing of Brian Duguid - i did know he was ill for sometime however.

    As an ex-member of WLSBB (and a member of a west lothian based band) i know first hand the work and effort he put into WLSBB as well as the other area ensembles and the oppurtunities he provided so many young musicians myself included.

    A huge loss to west lothian and music in scotland.
  6. Lewis Music Press

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    This is devastating news.

    Brian Duguid was a man with a clear vision of what musical education in schools could do for children and had the personality to make that vision a reality.

    He worked hard to gain the support of the local council and the result was that the provision of music in West Lothian schools was simply the very best in the country. This is of course reflected in the success of the West Lothian Schools Brass Band and with the close relationship between Brian and Nigel Boddice.

    I currently have the privilege of being the composer in residence for West Lothian Schools and have been supported and encouraged by Brian. Many people far and wide in all areas of music will be devastated by this news.

    I hope that his proud legacy of excellence continues as a tribute to Brian.

    In appreciation of a great man,

    Andy Duncan
  7. Moy

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    Been told the funeral is on Friday 16th December at 1.15pm in Kirk O'Calder in Mid Calder then on to Falkirk crematorium.

    A few of us travelling down from Aberdeen where Brian was born and started his brass playing.

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    JOCKBLAST! Member

    Very sad news.
    Brian was Kirkie's conducter when i joined the band aged 11!!!
    He was always so positive towards all the younger players in
    our band.
    He was a good man.
  9. Les Wood

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    Very sad to hear this news - Brian was the guy who first brought me out to play for Kirkintilloch all of 26 years ago, and also gave me a job as an instrumental teacher for Renfrewshire Schools Brass Band. A great character and great fun, but more importantly someone who was enthusiastic and committed about bands. I have many fond memories of Brian's time at Kirkie, both musically and socially. A real shame to lose him at such an early age.

    Les Wood
    Kirkintilloch Band


    Sad news! A very nice man and very dedicated to his music.

    Mike Fox
  11. Gorgie boy

    Gorgie boy Member

    This has been very sad news to hear. Brian was a driving force behind the well documented success of youth brass playing and teaching in West Lothian and his influence will be sadly missed.

    In more recent years he has fronted the West Lothian Challenge, an innovative and highly attended contest which always provided a good end of season test for my band and others like it.

    Brass bands in Scotland will all lament his passing.

    Paul Drury
    Resident Conductor
    Unison Kinneil Band