Brian Cleaver - 68 Years of Outstanding Service to the Brass Band Movement

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  1. Mrs Horn

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    North Yorks/East Lancs border
    Brian Cleaver, fourth man down of the Nelson Brass Band, began his playing career at the tender age of 10 years old when he joined Cowling Brass Band on cornet. Since then, he has played with a catalogue of bands all over the UK, mostly Championship section and mainly on the Principal Cornet seat; Butterfield Tank Works Band Shipley, Haworth Brass Band, Rolls Royce Coventry, Langley, Jackfield, Skipton to name a few. Brian also actively involved himself in the running of the bands too as Secretary of Haworth and Skipton Band.

    Brian's "claim to fame" was taking part in the film, "The Railway Children" in 1970, when he was part of the welcoming home band on the platform of Haworth railway station!

    Although Brian is fairly new to Nelson Brass, he is no stranger to quite a few of the members who were also members of the then Championship Section, Skipton Band.

    Brian received the NWABBA Certificate of Honour, the last NWABBA tie in existence (he's open to offers!) and a 60 year long service medal kindly provided by the NWABBA and was presented with them at the band's Christmas concert on Monday 6th December at the Fisher More RC School in Colne, by the Mayor of Nelson, Councillor Tony Beckett.

    After almost 70 years of playing, Brian still has an amazing technique and sound and really is a welcome addition to Nelson Brass. It's only fitting that he finally receives the recognition he deserves for his many years of outstanding contributions, commitment and loyalty to the brass band movement. A "real" brass bander if ever there was one :)

    Well done Brian - hats off to you (or should that be caps?)

    PS - The band have forgiven him for being a Yorkshireman !!!


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  2. towse1972

    towse1972 Active Member

    What a fantastic and professional man Brian is. He never missed a trick when i relied on him. He has an uncanny knack of knowing what you need without you even realising you needed it.
    Well done Brian.
  3. CaroleP

    CaroleP New Member

    Here, here!
    A great Bandsman and a great friend. Congratulations, Brian!
  4. Backrowmike

    Backrowmike Member

    East Lancashire
    Well said Carol, a true Bandsman and gentleman.:clap:
  5. Mattytheshark

    Mattytheshark Member

    Barrow, Lancashire
    Congratulations Brian! All the best!
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