Brett Baker to appear as guest soloist with Brass Band "De Wâldsang"

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    Brett Baker, solo trombonist with the Black Dyke Band, will be the guest soloist at the traditional New Year's concerts of Brass band 'De Wâldsang' from Buitenpost, The Netherlands. The concerts will be held in Buitenpost on January 14th and in Hattem on January 21st.

    In February 2006, Brett will also record some new solo pieces for trombone, in cooperation with Brass Band 'De Wâldsang' and Lake Music Publications. The CD is scheduled to be released in May 2006. More information can be found on the websites of Brett Baker and Lake Music.


    Ticket details for the two concerts are as follows:

    For the concert on January 14th:
    'De Schakel', Voorstraat 15, 9285 NM Buitenpost (NL)
    20h00 - Tickets € 10,00. ​
    For the concert on January 21st:
    'De Open Poort', Veldhoeve 1, 8052 AB Hattem (NL)
    20h00 - Tickets € 10,00.​
    More information: or

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