Brett Baker, Foden's and Boscombe in partnership

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    Boscombe Band of the Salvation Army
    in partnership with
    Foden's Richardson Band
    and guest soloist
    Brett Baker

    This concert will include the first full performance of Ray Steadman-Allen’s
    "Variants on Triumph of Peace"
    and will feature the music of Eric Ball as well as Ray Steadman-Allen

    at The Salvation Army, Palmerston Road, Boscombe
    Saturday February 23rd 2008 - 7.00pm
    Tickets £8 and £6

    In conjunction with this event there will be a workshop for young people (suggested age range 12-20) with the Foden's Band at the same venue from 2.30pm until 4pm.

    Further details about the concert and the workshop from the Band Secretary of Boscombe Band, George McConnell.
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    Programme Details

    The programme will be

    Boscombe Band of the Salvation Army
    March - Star Lake 70 (Bulla)
    Trombone Solo - Sarah (Broughton) soloist: Brett Baker
    Meditation - Sanctuary (Ball)
    Trombone Solo - Faith Encounter (Ray Steadman-Allen) soloist: Brett Baker
    Dance before the Lord (Peter Graham)

    Foden's Richardson Band
    Star Lake (Ball)
    Starmaker (Ray Steadman-Allen)
    Soloists showcase:
    Sheona White - The Depths of his Love (Curnow)
    Glyn Williams - The New Grandfather Clock (A Fernie)
    Mark Wilkinson - Someone Cares (arr Ray Steadman-Allen)
    Song of Courage (Ball)

    Massed Bands
    Where Eagles Sing (Lovatt-Cooper)
    Song - Peace in our time
    Trombone Solo - Oration (Snell) soloist: Brett Baker
    Bible Reading
    Variants on Triumph of Peace (Ray Steadman-Allen)
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    Saw Fodens in Preston on Saturday night and they were fantastic! Thoroughly enjoyed the concert!


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