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    The Breage And District Silver Bands New Website Is Now Found At The site will be updated weekley with news from the band photos and more to come.. Enjoy our new sites.
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    Breage silver band Online

    Press Release From Breage Band.

    The Breage And District Silver band would like to announce the opening of their New website. The Website can be found at And will be kept up to date with news, photos and much more information about the band.

    The band has built up a strong set of players in the last year and is looking to move forward in the brass banding movement in 2008 under the musical direction of Willoughby King.

    Records show that this is the band 50th year since being reformed and the plans are to have a Reunion Concert later in the year. More News Will follow!

    The Band Are very active and we have a very promising training band that practices on a Wednesday night at Breage village hall At 6.30pm.

    If you would be interested in joining this group of ambitious musicians you can contact the musical director via our website.
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    Yea lol no we have players just not got to Doing that part of the site yet still gathering info

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    Having taught at Breage School before Christmas i had the pleasure of teaching some of the young players and meeting the parents involved in the band.
    It's great to see the band online and i wish them every sucess in the furture. :)
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    Yep the furture looks bright for them atm, And the band keeps me playing without the commitment for the bigger band :p tho i would like to be up on stage thrashing some ass!! but ill do it again soon hows u ??

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